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So I just picked up the kids at daycare on my way home from work. I’m afraid to even say it for what will likely happen if I do, but Ryley got through day six without any potty accidents. To some that might not seem like a big deal, but Ryley is almost 5 years old, and we’ve been potty training for two years now. This has been by far the most frustrating struggle with him. On this particular developmental milestone, it has been one step forward, ten steps back. I have cried, ranted, raved, yelled, and walked away fuming. I have been at a complete loss for longer than I ever cared to be. This is my MAIN reason Ryley is not starting kindergarten this year.

So I gave him a high five when I picked them up to celebrate another dry day. He asked me if it had hurt. I told him no, so he wanted to do it again, stronger this time. I told him he could do that with Daddy, that Mommy wanted hugs and kisses instead of high fives that hurt. He quickly provided both, and my heart overflowed. There is so much love in this little man. How did kids know to love their parents? Is it the overwhelming love we give them? Is it inherent? Is it because we provide for them? Is it because we give them safe haven, clothes, food, activities, toys, education, vacations? There is probably some psychological reason that I am unaware of. How do these little people know to love?

Here’s a “then and now” look at Ryley. The second is my favorite picture ever, even though you can’t see any faces, and is the main photo on Ryley’s birth day scrapbook page.

Ryleys birth day


kid pics 142

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Donna, What wonderful pictures. Ryley is so handsome! And I know Grace and Ethan are so happy to have him as a big brother! You bring so much inspiration to parents, Donna. By sharing your feelings, struggles, and triumphs…we are able to connect with these same feelings, struggles, and triumphs within ourselves. That is what SHARE is all about! Your children love you because you hold their hands when they are sick, wipe their tears when they cry, dance with them when they are happy, and laugh with them when they feel silly. Because you are a Pop, you know what it feels like to have a very sick child…because of Ryley’s struggles you have learned so many new and important things. Being a mom is what you do best! keep sharing these great moments with us…PLEASE! Hugs, Melissa

  2. Melissa, You always know the words to say to fill my heart and remind me why I wanted to be a mom in the first place. D

  3. I love love love those pictures, Donna. They are precious. Ryley is stud… what a handsome prince he is! Look forward to reading more!

  4. Donna, you are truely blessed (I know I don’t have to tell you that)! He is just beautiful! I love the picture of just your hands. It speaks volumes to my heart (I’m crying now thank you very much). You’re an amazing Mom, with that special touch that makes Ryley (and Grace and Ethan too) love you with the deepest part of his soul! Hugs!

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