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One of "those" weekends

Well, it was one of “those” weekends with the kids. Some of those days when nothing is going right, and the patience/tolerance level is just not there.

Friday was one of those days when my skills as a mother were questionable. It was hot, I was tired, plans did not work out. Ryley couldn’t seem to behave for longer than five seconds if his life had depended on it. I really hate days like those. I had no patience whatsoever. All that I know about parenting and discipline went right out the window when Ryley kicked Ethan in the chest (no damage done, thankfully), was spinning in circles laying on the floor just to keep his feet in Ethan’s path so E would fall down, was throwing things down the stairs and over the railing at the top of the stairs, completely undid my made bed, and threw clean laundry ALL OVER my bedroom. The yelling match and battle of wills began. Have I said before that Ryley is stubborn? I’ll never forget my joy when half an hour after Ryley was born, the neo came into my room and told me that Ryley was a feisty fighter, already trying to pull the vent tubes out, and that it was a good thing for a preemie to be. Fast forward nearly five years and that same fiestiness can become the bane of my existence some days. Time out after time out, I finally sent him to his room. He knows when I say “YOU’RE DONE” that he had better make himself scarce, quickly.

When you spend 93 days in the NICU, your child battling for life, you swear you will treasure every minute of their life, you will never take one minute for granted. I still treasure his life, don’t take a minute for granted, but there are times he challenges me so much, and in my eyes, I fail miserably. I struggle so much with my belief in myself as a mother. Then I come here. I am reminded that I was chosen by God to be Ryley’s mother, to be the mother of a preemie. It’s still hard, but I am somehow restored.

Ryley started coughing again yesterday. After the first five months of this year, and finally being diagnosed with reactive airway disease, I go on high alert whenever I see his nose start to get stuffy and runny. He got a dose of albuterol this morning, and off to school he went with his inhaler. My phone rang while I was at lunch, and I was sure it was his preschool calling to come pick him up due to his cough being out of control once again. Thankfully, it wasn’t school. So now I’ll hold my breath for a couple of days, and pray this cough doesn’t get worse, for the fifth time this year.

And on an ending good note, day number 9 without an accident (Grace on the other hand has had two in the past two days, which is extremely out of character for her!). So YAHOO for Ryley! Pray that we have finally turned the last corner on his potty training.

7 thoughts on “One of "those" weekends

  1. Oh, I know THOSE days! Unfortunaltely, as much as we marvel over the wonders of our preemies, they are after all, still kids and we are still human. Ryley sounds like my oldest child, who in turn, reminds me of my oldest brother. Maybe it has something to do with birth-order? I like to think it does! LOL! That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! Congrats on the potty training, and I’ll keep you both in my prayers! Warmly,

  2. Thanks, Page. I think you’re right. For Ryley, it’s a combination of oldest child, stubborn/fiesty preemie, and family traits which make him who he is and in turn, makes me occasionally CRAZY!

  3. I love reading your unfolding, daily story, Donna. All these new blogs are amazing. Not only are y’all incredible parents, but great writers as well!

  4. Thanks for giving us the outlet! Nearly five years later, I have found a place which has provided more healing than occurred before.

  5. Oh! THOSE days! Those macaroni up the nose, gum in the hair, hanging from the fan blade, “can you give me a break ALREADY” days! Yep, I know those kinds of days too! You ARE a GREAT mom, Donna…but you are human….and even the GREATEST humans…still sometimes feel like fleeing to the closet and hiding beneath the coats. I’ll let you borrow my white flag…well…I would…except Benjamin gnawed a hole in it…Donovan splattered it with chocolate milk…and Callie used it to dry the neighbors dog! Seriously, You are a GREAT person…A GREAT mother…and thank you for making the rest of us feel a little bit more normal! Melissa

  6. Donna, I am sure this is exactly the reaction you weren’t looking for: spontaneous giggling. Your post made me laugh out loud. Not because you’re struggling, not because you’re frustrated.. but because for a moment I thought that perhaps my children had invaded your house! I have had so many days like that… my neatly made bed turns into a fort across the entire upstairs… legos strewn all over and of course I step on one and howl in pain while the kids laugh hysterically at my suffering! Aleks, yesterday, threw up and (of course!) did so at the top of the stairs, spreading his vile mess to as many places as possible. So I had to clean vomit off of nearly 8 stairs, and as soon as I had finished he went and puked *under* my bed. Ever clean puke from under a big, heavy bed??? In the mean time, Logan got a bloody nose which made Gavin cry hysterically, it stained Aleks’ bed & sheets which is also the guest room… so now I have to order new comforter and sheets. The city ripped up our lawn to install a sidewalk, never replaced the grass seed then had the audacity to call and complain about the weeds around the sidewalk!!!!! *ugh* And all this happened before 10am. So, can I identify with “one of those days”??? You betcha!!! You’re a great mom. You’re so lucky to have little ones that you love so much that can get under your skin. One day, Ryley will be back visiting from college (potty trained and all!) and you will laugh while reminiscing these crazy day with 3 kids under 5!!!!!!!!!! Darcy

  7. Do we somehow share kids? Were they somehow separated at birth and shipped to us respectively? I know that God is somehow sitting up there having a good laugh! Don’t know about you, but I was such a girly-girl, and am still proudly a priss. God gave me two boys to break me out of my prissiness, and learn to deal with a house of complete chaos! What a day for you! Vomit under the bed…YUCK!!

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