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Girls’ day out

We are realizing the importance of one-on-one time with each of the kids. When you have three of them, it’s necessary, but you have to work at it. We don’t do it as often as I would like. Another one of those things you know you need to do, and try to do it, but it’s so difficult to fit everything in. It really makes a difference in their behavior, especially Ryley and Grace. Ethan’s a little young for it to have an affect, but we’re still trying to get it in place.

Grace and I had a Girls’ Day Out with two other moms on Saturday afternoon. She looked so sweet in her little outfit she’d picked out to go to the movies and shopping!!!! We went to see “The Perfect Man.” It was really cute and I’d recommend it, definitely! Grace was great the entire time, and really paid attention to the movie. Her favorite part was the end when Hillary Duff came out in her red prom dress. As I was watching this movie about mothers and daughters and other relationships, it really brought tears to my eyes. You dream about having children one day, then you work on having children, get pregnant, and give birth to this precious little, tiny being. Then they grow up. I can hardly imagine the day when Grace walks down the stairs in her prom dress, has her first boyfriend, and struggles with all the teenage dramas, and then one day realizes that her mom is a person too, who has made mistakes and regrets them, struggles over every decision and how to be the best parent, and loves her children so much it hurts.

She’s just growing up so fast. She’ll be four in just a couple of months. Seems like yesterday she was just moving around inside of me. She’s not my preemie, but if Ryley hadn’t come when he did, I wouldn’t have Grace, and she is just as much a miracle and blessing as he is.

It was fun to have a girls’ day with Grace. I look forward to all the “girl” things we’ll get to do together. I’m her mom, but I also want to be her shopping/make-up/movie/spa day buddy with her too.

9 thoughts on “Girls’ day out

  1. Donna- What a treat for you and for Grace! It is so nice to get to spend some alone time with all of your children…it is especially important for our children that are not preemies, it is easy for them to feel left out at times. I loved your post, I have an amazing daughter (she is the easiest baby I never had to have, she is actually my step daughter…Thank God for her Mom!)…there is something so special about spending alone time, going shopping, lunch and just watching her grow up! Enjoy all of your miracles, you are truly blessed. Hugs

  2. I have two daughters, and as they get older, those girl’s day/night out get more and more precious. I’ll bet that was a day that will live on as one of Grace’s favorite memories, too!

  3. Thanks, Page. I hope she has lots of good memories to look back on as she grows up. I don’t have alot of that with my mom, and I just hope and pray that I will continue to have a good relationship with all my children!

  4. It is difficult to share the wealth among the kids, especially between the preemie, and the two non-preemies. For us, the preemie came first, but the repercussions still affect Grace and Ethan. We try to make up for it with them in other ways. Thanks for your thoughts. It’s nice to know we’re “normal” parents!

  5. Donna, There is something special about a momma teaching her daughter how to be a girl. Grace will come to cherish this extra time spent with her momma…and you are building GREAT memories for your mental scrapbook. Ah! These are the moments! Hugs, Melissa

  6. I just wanted to freeze time. I held her on my lap throughout the movie (she couldn’t see when she was sitting in her own seat – military theatre w/o stadium seating!!!), and she would giggle, ask for more popcorn, and ask questions about what was happening. I wanted to hang onto that with all my heart. And as we walked through the mall, her little hand in mine, I just started to pray that she will still like me when she’s 15!

  7. Donna, I think that was a great Mom and Daughter Day! And it’s nice to have a one on one here and there. But I agree with you that our children grow too fast…..and I have that same thought in my mind about Benjamin….I look at him and he is no longer my baby….he’s my big baby!!! And not too worry Grace will have the greatest memories of a wonderful mother!!! Hugs,

  8. Your posted reminded me of when I was a little girl, hanging out one-on-one with my mom. I still treasure those memories without the invasion of siblings or friends. What a great idea! I should try this with my boys (minus the prom dresses and such!! !).

  9. The couple I used to babysit for when I was in high school had “dates” with each of their 3 boys about twice a month, one-on-one. That’s pretty much where the idea came from. I just thought it was so awesome that I held onto it all this time. They had great relationships with their kids and it really affected me.

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