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The baby of the family

Well, you know about my preemie Ryley, and I’ve shared some stories about my Princess Grace. Here’s my tale of Ethan.

Ethan is my youngest. What a joy he has been. I had always wanted three children. After our experience with Ryley, I was pretty much done after one. Then God wisely gave us Grace, 12 1/2 months after Ryley’s arrival. Since I had an uneventful, full-term pregnancy with Grace, and was starting to heal from the NICU adventure, I started to realize that I really wasn’t done. Everytime I would see another pregnant woman or newborn baby, my heart would just fill, wanting to be that mom. When we moved to San Diego, we bought a house big enough for one more baby, and for the kids to grow up in. I DID NOT WANT TO MOVE AGAIN!!!!!!!! Because I had been diagnosed with endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome, we knew a third pregnancy could be a challenge. But I had a GREAT OB. After two rounds of clomid/estrodial/progesterone, I got pregnant with Ethan. After the awful morning sickness (why they call it “morning sickness” when it lasts all day and night is beyond me!), I was just so happy and excited to be pregnant again, looking forward to our last addition. We told my dad that if we had a boy, he would finally get his namesake, 17 grandchildren later. On November 11, u/s showed a boy. My dad was the first person I called. He cried when he heard the news…Ethan Edward was on the way! I was induced the day after my due date, having had contractions and dialating to 3 three weeks earlier, but not getting any further than that. We thought that baby #3, after a quick labor with both Ryley and Grace, would come quickly. E had other plans, apparently. I was induced at 9am. By 5pm, at 5 cms and not progressing, the dr broke the water. Two hours later, still not progressing, E started to decel with every contraction. I was sure we were going into a c-section, but the nurse worked and got Ethan shifted to a better position, and Ethan entered the world at 10:01pm on March 25, 2004, the biggest baby I’d had at 7 lbs, 15 ozs, nearly triple Ryley’s birth weight! The cord had been wrapped around Ethan’s neck, causing the decels. He was having some breathing troubles not long after birth, tired, and not wanting to eat. They took him to the nursery where he spent the first night. I was afraid we were going back to a NICU, but they finally cleared his airway, and brought him back to me at 4am. He was thankfully just fine after that.

Ethan has by far been my easiest baby. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m better at it, more relaxed with it, or just his temperament. He was the best baby, hardly cried, nursed like a champ, always happy and smiling. He did everything way sooner than Ryley and Grace had, rolling over at 2 1/2 mos, scooting at 5 1/2 mos, crawling at 6 mos, 8 teeth by 9 mos, walking at 10 mos. He turned one this past March. I was depressed for a month. I wasn’t ready to say I was completely done having babies, but four? Michael was NOT going for it, and got “fixed” in May.

So Ethan’s the baby of the family. He is an absolute joy. He listens alot better than Ryley and Grace did at this age, plays very independently, still smiles and laughs all the time and hardly cries. He’s just not a good napper, but oh well. What can you do?

Here’s my Ethan challenge…He’s a CLIMBER!! If you walk into my house, you will laugh. The counter stools are up on the counter (the counter is his favorite place to sit and get into whatever’s up there), the kitchen chairs are pushed as close as they can get to the table, the doors and cabinets all have latches on them, and the drawers are getting latched because he has learned how to pull them out and use them as steps. I have not dealt with this level of climbing before. Any suggestions?

Ethan talks to Papa

kid pics 075

kid pics 132

8 thoughts on “The baby of the family

  1. Oh my, is he ever cute! I totally get the climbing thing… Logan climbs too. My older two never did anything like L does… countertops, back of the couch, kitchen table… Logan even “surfs” on the rocking chair! When you figure a solution, let me know!! Nice to finally “see” him.

  2. Thanks. He is an angel, except for the climbing, his fascination with the computer, anything liquid, anything he can throw, anything he can take apart and try to put back together, etc, etc, etc. He’s all boy!

  3. Ethan is too cute! My son was not a climber, but my nephew is…he uses whatever he can find to help him get to his destination. His mom did the same thing…latched all the cabinets…even the freezer, yes the freezer. He would climb up on the counter to help himself to a popsicle (or the whole box)! Good luck…aren’t boys a whole different species than girls?! Hugs

  4. What a cutie pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jessica said it right, boys are sooooo different! Even with Luke’s trouble with his legs, he still manages to climb on and jump (fall, really) OFF, about everything you could imagine! It seldom ends well for him, but apparently, it’s worth it because he keeps doing it!

  5. You’d think that with my oldest being a boy, I would have been somewhat prepared for this. But Ryley was never this physically daring! He was/is a mess in his own right, but SO DIFFERENT from Ethan! And E does it all with such a smile on his face, no matter how many times I drag him back down off the table, move stuff out of his reach, etc. Today, he threw a measuring tape (big contractor type) into the fish tank!! Poor fish didn’t know what hit them!

  6. Donna, Ryley is absolutely and positively a cutie pie! Oh! Just a doll! Jumping is something I understand.. .and OH! climbing… you probably should NOT get me started. I sometimes wonder what force is possessing the minds of my two boys. The higher it is… the more enticing it is… falling is not a problem… fear is not an obstacle.. .they are like little super heros in preemie boy bodies… AND they have so far failed to notice they do NOT have on bullet proof vests! Thanks for the great blog! Hugs,

  7. Donna, Ooooooh, AAHhhhhhhhhhh! Toooooo CUTE!!! And same goes for Grandpa too! Those pictures are a story all by themselves!!! Sounds like the house is in “super duper” child proof stage! But wait until they become a power ranger, spiderman or Ninja Turtle…..the broom becomes a ninja turtle weapon, Mommy’s cell phone becomes a power ranger special walkie talkie communicator and the sofa and chairs become great take off and landings for spiderman!!!! Happy days ahead!!! Thanks for sharing such great pics! Tell Grandpa he is a cool looking grandpa!!! Brenda

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