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Ugly brown chair

Okay, ladies. What piece of furniture (if it can be called that) did your husband bring into your relationship? We have an ugly brown chair that has been the bane of my existence since Michael and I started co-habitating eight years ago. It is the ugliest brown chair I have ever seen. No matter that it is also extrememly comfortable. Every time we have moved, I have tried to convince Michael that it was time for the ugly brown chair to go. When we would have people over, it would either get covered with a very large blanket, or get relegated to the playroom or garage. We bought a new recliner last summer, and yet the ugly brown chair lived on. It’s been in the garage since March. Today, it is leaving the Schweitzer household permanently. I actually find myself a little sad.

This is the chair that I sat in with Ryley and rocked him when he wouldn’t go to sleep anywhere else. This is the chair Ryley and I napped in once he was finally able to come home from the NICU. This is the only chair I could comfortably sit in later in my pregnancies with Grace and Ethan, and the chair that I nursed Grace and Ethan in during those early days. It is the chair each of the kids learned to pull themselves to standing on, and learned to spin each other around in. I never thought I would be sad to see it go. It’s become a part of my memories of my children’s infanthood, toddler-hood and early childhood.

Thank goodness the ugly brown chair serves as background in pictures with each of the three children. That way, even though it’s no longer detracting from the decor of the house (haha……..furniture does not have a healthy life with three kids aroung!), I’ll still have it around to bring back those special moments of my childrens’ lives.

Goodbye Ugly Brown Chair!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Ugly brown chair

  1. I weep for the departure of the ugly brown chair. So long fair friend, member of the family, and well loved confidant. Donna, ugly brown chair is gone, but not forgotten. HUGS

  2. Fare thee well, good friend. May you bring another family some joy and not be an eye sore! HA! Congrats and good riddance. So where is it going?? Darcy

  3. Donna, Pass the tissues please. I bow my head in silence to pay tribute to the “ugly brown chair” and for it’s maternal contribution to raising the Schweitzer children. Thank goodness for “Kodak Moments”……it will be forever in the family album. Brenda

  4. Thanks, girls!!! The ugly brown chair is finding a new home at the Escondido Dump. Your moments of silence are appreciated! LOL! Donna

  5. If we are all so lucky as to have an ugly brown chair. What a humerous and sentimental story! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Melissa

  6. Hi Donna, They are absolutely precious! I am so happy to hear that Ryley has conquered the Potty 101 class and I send him a big hug! Just don’t ask him a question while he is in mid stream…..it’s like a waterhose out of control!!! And Ethan will have a wonderful teacher when it’s his turn to conquer the Potty! Big hugs to those cuties! Brenda

  7. Thanks, Brenda. We’ve had a bit of a backslide on the pottying, again. Five accidents in two days last week, one yesterday. I just give up. I don’t even want to pay attention anymore! Ethan has been early on all the physical milestones since day one, so hopefully potty training will be one of them. I don’t think I could take another one like we’ve been through with Ryley! We’ve had the stream across the wall happen. YUCK! The boys share a bathroom, and when they’re old enough, they will be cleaning it up. I REFUSE! HUGS back at ya!

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