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The potty training dance

It has officially been nearly a month since the Lake Las Vegas trip with the kids, and the start of what I hope is a turn around the final potty training corner for Ryley. He’s had one accident in nearly four weeks. Dare I even say it out loud, or put it in print? We’ve been on this road for two years on the dot. I haven’t even begun to think about nighttime training. I just want to make sure this time it’s going to last. I think I’m still holding my breath, waiting for him to backslide again. Is that a bad thing? Unfortunately, Grace has seemed to take over for Ryley. She’s had two accidents in the last week, which is extremely out of character for her. Heaven help me, are we EVER going to be out of pull-ups, or ever not going to have to worry about accidents every hour of the day? Yesterday when I went in to pick them up at preschool, Grace was the one with the dreaded grocery bag of pee’d upon clothes. I’m already working up my anxiety about potty training Ethan, and he’s only 16 months old!!!!! My other concern is that we have decided I will try going back to work full time in a couple of weeks. Last time my schedule, and subsequently the kids’ schedule changed, is when Ryley started really having ALOT of accidents again. He would consistently wet his pants five or six times a day. I’m afraid this schedule change will throw him backwards again. He takes after his mother…he doesn’t handle change very well!!

I am so proud of him for making it this long. The one accident he did have was right after he cut two of his fingers on tree thorns. Everyday at the end of the day, the first thing he wants to tell me is that he didn’t pee his pants today! He’s proud of himself. We still make a big deal out it because it feels right to. We haven’t had a battle to get him to go to the bathroom in a couple of weeks, and he mostly takes himself now without even telling us. The other morning, he came inside from playing. I thought he was going upstairs to get something. Then I heard the toilet flush. Michael and I looked at each other over the kitchen counter and just started smiling. Our preemie may have finally reached the milestone of being potty trained!

Here’s a pic of the Schweitzer Herd in the bathtub at the hotel we stayed at in June. No, we don’t normally bathe them all together anymore, but it was a late night after a long drive, and I just had to capture this moment on film!

kid pics 001

5 thoughts on “The potty training dance

  1. Donna, Your kids are *so* cute! All 3…how precious! Potty training *is* such a scary thing to contemplate… and is a really big deal when there is finally success! That is a HUGE milestone. Congratulations…and I certainly hope it holds this time! (LOL no pun intended!) Congratulations on your decision to go back to work full time. Us moms have such a hard time making these kinds of decisions… myself included… we have so much to weigh…so much to agonize over…there really are no easy answers. I commend you for doing what you feel is best for yourself and your lovely family. Hugs, Melissa

  2. Thanks, Melissa. As always, your thoughts and words are appreciated. I love my little munchkins. They bring such joy to my heart!

  3. Donna, I love the picture!! I can almost “hear” the excitement in your voice as you tell of Ryley and his potty success!! You and I have had many of conversations about this topic. I think potty training has such a stigma attached to it, that when we can finally say our child/children are trained, we’ve hit some sort of right of passage!! Welcome to the world of public toilets!! LOL Congratulations to you Ryley and to you. I know this has caused much stress for you!! Have faith in his abilities. I feel that his potty issues are in the passed (I’m the eternal optimist). Congratulations to you on your decision with work. I don’t think there is a wrong choice. You will make it work, either way you go. I imagine you feel so much better now that the decision is made. HUGS!

  4. Karri, Thanks! It has been a long and often overwhelmingly frustrating journey to reach the point of “potty trained”. I will have optimism that we are there, without any backslides! I do feel better now that the decision has been made. And if it doesn’t work, then I move on. No harm, no foul!
    Hugs back!

  5. OMGoodness they are cute. I think bathrub shots are one of the easiest places to take pics of my 3 because they can’t run away! I’ll have to remember that for Christmas pictures. Cute one! BIG HUGE congrats to Ryley. Another milestone! Darcy

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