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Growing boys up

I had another one of those Wishing-I-Could-Freeze-Time moments this morning. I was dropping Ethan off at his daycare after taking Ryley and Grace to preschool. Ethan’s daycare provider, Ronnie, took care of Ryley and Grace when they were younger. She watches five boys under the age of 5 now (with help!!!). I constantly tell her I don’t know how she does it. Boys are just so DIFFERENT! This morning, I was actually envious of her time with those boys. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my daughter, and love her with all my heart. I am so blessed to have a girlie-girl. It makes my prissy heart happy to know I will have someone to get mani-pedi’s with, go shopping with, bash boys with, lunch with, buy a prom dress for, plan a wedding for………I never thought in a million years I would so love having sons. They might play in the mud and bring it all inside on my newly cleaned floors, they might color on the walls/chairs/tables/comforters/appliances, they might not be able to speak below rock concert volume, but oh how I am so in love with my boys!

Anyways, I was dropping Ethan off at Ronnie’s. I was walking out the door and looked back at Ethan sitting on Ronnie’s lap getting his good morning squeeze, and he was looking off at the other boys who were already there (she has two Ethan’s, two Aidan’s, and a Bradley), the sunlight was coming in the window onto his blond hair, and his blue eyes were just so blue today with his blue outfit on……He looked like a little angel. I could see the dirty and crooked halo, but he looked like an angel nonetheless. I wanted to freeze the moment. I thankfully can still picture it in my head. He is growing up so fast. I put him in a romper this morning, baby blue with cars on it. I realized when I had that moment that it’s really a baby boy outfit, and doesn’t quite go for him anymore. Time to retire that cute little outfit to the donation pile. Just have to tell you something on the side…..Ethan is learning to talk. He’s not very good at it, which makes it even cuter. He can’t say much, but specifically can’t say cat or any version of kitty. And he LOVES cats. He has taken to calling them “babadee”, and follows them around saying “baaa” like a sheep, instead of meow. I don’t know where any of this came from. He has two cat books….as soon as he sees them, “babadee”. I love to hear his little voice! Okay, done with that. Thanks for listening. I just find it so cute that I had to share!

I have never been a team-playing athletic person. I love sports, watch baseball, football and hockey religiously, did gymnastics, swimming and cheerleading in high school, but just not athletic as far as playing those field sports. But since having boys, and realizing that our lives are going to involve soccer, baseball, basketball, and whatever else they might choose to play, I have made an effort to play more. My husband and I joined a group of our friends in forming a coed softball team. You want to hear the worst parts? A) I am UTTERLY TERRIFIED of the ball (I mean, really afraid of the ball……I flinch at feathers if they fly at my head or near my face!) and I really HATE playing softball…..it’s dirty, there are bugs all over the field, etc. Why am I doing this, besides my boys? A) My best friend is the coach and I do enjoy spending time with our friends and my husband goaded me into it by telling Jennifer in front of me that I wouldn’t do it because I was afraid of the ball! I let my own pride be my downfall. Last night, I struck out……TWICE! I am not proud of this, and thank goodness the game was late so we left the kids at home and they weren’t there to see their mother’s softball demise. I dread Monday nights now, and can’t wait until the next 12 weeks are over. I wanted my kids to see Mom trying something she normally wouldn’t do, something that maybe I’m not the best at but am willing to do my best. I want them to have active lives, so we lead physically active lives as an example. Ugh….I really hate playing softball!

7 thoughts on “Growing boys up

  1. Donna? IS that you??? Who hijacked my friend Donna and started playing boy-sports while in her body??? Whoever you are… get out… we want Donna back. Ok, seriously… I am proud of you. Since you may never join again and your kids may not remember this… take lots of pictures and put it in their scrapbooks!!! They will someday look and think how you stepped out of your comfort zone to make them proud. By the way… I wish I could still put Aleks (probably even Gavin) is those adorable little boy rompers. Ahhh…. these boys keep growing….

  2. Oh how I sympathize with you…..I don’t have boys, but I definitely have a girl-boy. Leighton is into all things boy….trucks, dirt, baseball and football, etc. And while I did play all sports in highschool, and religiously watch ESPN and all things sports now (except racing which I hate!), I, too, tried to play softball after a 14 year hiatus, and I suck!! I walked out there thinking I owned the place, and was petrified. I kept telling myself it was my eyesight (whatever)…but I really sucked. So don’t feel bad. Just view this as another experience you can one day share with your kids. I plan on letting daddy play sports with them. I’ll go back to my cheerleader days and just route them on from the sidelines (far away from the ball!) Denise

  3. Oh Donna…what we do for our kids….Darcy has bugs in her kitchen…you are making your way through 12 more weeks of co-ed softball. Whew! Will wonders never cease? This has nothing to do with being a PoP and everything to do with being a really great mom. I love that picture…an angel boy with a dirty, crooked halo. Oh! That is perfect. I can see your sweet little rascal now. Boys *are* fun, there is no doubt about that…and I love being a mom to boys too. But I would not trade my Callie for anything….she is such a sweetie pie! (however, half the trip back yesterday….she was calling to the boys….”Donovan…wake up….Ben…Benjamin! Wake up!” because they were asleep and she was bored. Little princess! Hugs! You do an awsome job! I love to hear all about it! Melissa

  4. Donna! Not too worry I am sending Benjamin right over to show you how to hit the ball…..after all he is a T-ball Professional!!!! But I think it is great that you are out there doing your thing!!! And I would have you on my team anytime! But what you show your children is an amazing example of courage, spunk, not giving up and that you will hit that ball soon!!!! Way to go Mom!!! Perhaps we can have some SHARE Mommy Cheerleaders on the side at your next game!!!! And I guarantee you that everyone will not even see you miss the ball because they will be too busy watching us get it together on the side lines!!! LOL! Big hugs to you!!! Can’t wait to hear about your HOMERUN!!! Brenda

  5. Thanks to all of you for your replies and your softball encouragement. We’ll have to get some action shots to update the next blog! Thank goodness we don’t have a game this Monday, but Jennifer is talking about practice over the weekend. YUCK!!!! HUGS!

  6. OHH Donna! You crack me up!! May I make a suggestion. Try coaching the boys in their upcoming sporting events!! That scores major points!!!! I coached Ian’s soccer team 2 years ago. I’ve never played, but grew up with 2 brothers that played, so I felt like I had enough knowledge of the game to handle it. It was fun, and its alot less dirty, and buggy!! As for Ethan, I’m sure he is your little devil walking around in disguise!! He has fine tuned his approach. Batting his big blue eyes, as Grace screeches about her cereal being all over the floor!! I know, because I have one in my house the only difference is his eye color!! NO blue eyed babies for me. He’s a stinker, but I LOVE him to pieces!! He’s the only one I have a hard time keeping a straight face while putting into time out!! Real effective, I know. I guess that’s why everyone wishes they were the baby of the family. HUGS

  7. Thanks for the advice Karri…..I think I may try that approach. It has to be better than actually playing! You’re right about Ethan. He’s already figured out how to get Ryley and Grace into trouble, the little stinker!!! You swear you’re not going to treat the youngest any different, but somehow it just doesn’t work out that way!!! HUGS!

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