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Tiny dancer and a walk on the beach

It seems it has been a busy and eventful weekend for everyone. We are no exception!! Saturday morning started with a bang at 5:50am when Ethan decided his morning milk was in order. UGH! Doesn’t he realize it’s SATURDAY! But then my alarm went off and I remembered……Grace and I were headed off to her first ballet class! YAY!! I was anxious for her, but she didn’t have a care in the world, other than how soon could she please put her leotard and tights on?!!!!!! AT 7:45, we were headed out the door. My baby girl, my Princess Grace is going to ballet!! I had dreamed of this moment from the day we found out we were having a baby girl. I had taken dance when I was little, just as my mother had before me. I just wanted her to have fun, and I hoped she would like it enough to at least wear out the dancewear we bought last week!!! So we got to the studio. There were two other little girls there, dressed exactly like Grace in the pink leotard, pink tights, pink skirt, and pink ballet slippers. At first, Grace wouldn’t even put in her shoes, much less get out on the floor without me. So we just sat there for a few minutes, watching as Bebe and Bella began to go through the moves with the two instructors. Within minutes, there was a tug on my arm, “I’m ready to put my ballet shoes on, Mama”, so we did. She still wouldn’t get out there. Finally, I picked her up and carried her out, plunked her down on the floor in the circle, and walked away. She’s just sitting there! What is she doing? Is she going to participate? My heart beat faster. I was deathly shy as a child, and my biggest heartbreak with Grace is that she seems to have inherited some of that. So she sits for a few minutes watching. I went to get my coffee out of my car. When I came back, is that fingers I see moving? Oh, there goes her hands, and then, her feet begin to move like her instructors’ feet. Before I know it, Grace is going full swing. She had a great time, and was asking how many days until ballet again. They were all so cute, covered in pink from head to toe, seven little girls all in a row!! I just couldn’t stop smiling. I can’t wait for recital time to see this little class of tiny little ballerinas!!! They are adorable!

Today, we went to the beach. It was NOT a beautiful San Diego morning. The sun actually didn’t come out until 3 this afternoon, but it was warm, the beach was covered in umbrellas, blankets, and kids running around. Ours had a great time playing in the sand and water with the other two families we went with. Later in the day, my friend Mary and I took most of the kids on a walk. Mary and the girls went ahead. I was carrying Ethan and walking with Ryley. I realized the difference between going on a walk with Grace, and going on walk with Ryley. I looked back the way we had come after a few minutes. There were constant tracks going from side to side, stops to dig in the sand, a circle where Ryley had drawn in the sand. A walk with a boy on the beach, or anywhere, is not about getting there, it’s about the process, and everything to discover and do along the way. That walk, of less than half a mile each direction, took almost an hour with all the detours, the “look at this Mama’s”, the stopping to talk to other kids he doesn’t even know (Ryley got NONE of my shyness!!), wandering into the water, stopping to watch the helicopter fly overhead, stop to watch a guy fly a kite, more digging, shoving shells into his pocket so he could run and dig some more. A boys’ path is not a straight one. It gets very frustrating for me sometime, being a girl and not understanding, but when I look at his face at the end of the walk, and hear him say “Thanks Mama…that was a fun walk with you!” I’m happy to have taken the road more winding!!!

Here’s Gracie in her ballet clothes. I forgot to take pictures during class! You all will just have to wait til next week!


6 thoughts on “Tiny dancer and a walk on the beach

  1. Oh Donna, Grace is just beautiful in her leotard!! Sounds like she’s going to love it!! I’m jealous, I wish I could go to the beach!! It sounds like you had a fabulous day with your family and friends!!! What a way to end the summer!! Hugs for you and the kiddos!! Only 10 more days!!!!

  2. Donna,
    Grace looks adorable in her ballet outfit. I bet she had so much fun and looks so cute dancing with the other girls. Can’t wait to see more ballet pictures. I totally relate to taking walks with boys. Everything is interesting and needs attention. When me and William walk he is very interested in everything that crawls, any water that might be in the creek, airplanes and cars on the road. When we walk (on Fridays) to pick Rachel up from school, I make sure that we leave in plenty of time so that we can really enjoy our selves. I too grew up very shy. My children all are shy to a degree. Josh, 14, is the shyest and William, almost 3, is not really that shy. The girls are there in the middle of really shy and not shy. Heres to more ballet and walks on the beach. Susan

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! She really does look like a princess! I love the idea of 7 little girls, all in pink, lined up to… jete~ jete~ 1st position, 2nd position… LOL. (Strange ballet flashbacks for me!) Can’t wait for a pic of her in action. What a pretty girl she is. Wanna be my future in-law? I got a really handsome boy about her age…. Ha! -D

  4. Donna! What a cutie pie…or as Callie would say…a pretty pretty princess! Awwwwwwwww – and she dances too! Little blond curls….Awwwwww. I am so glad Gracie has found something she enjoys doing…AND she gets to dress up really pretty too. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Hugs! Melissa

  5. Thanks for the kind responses. Gracie is my princess, and she knows it! She loves being the only girl among the boys, and the special time with Mom that allows. HUGS!
    Donna PS…..You should have seen her blond curls before Ryley got hold of the scissors and her hair! UGH! Darcy, I’m keeping my girl under wraps for now, but I’ll keep your handsome guy in mind! That would be fun to be in-laws!!!

  6. Donna,
    Gracie is adorable – she does look like a princess. I am glad she finally got out on the dance floor, I loved watching my daughter do ballet – it was so cute!! Enjoy those moments, I too love the blond curls – darn those brothers for cutting her hair!! Hugs – you & Darcy need to let boys & girls be little & they can decide if you can be in-laws later in life – silly PoPs with wild imaginations!!!!

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