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The dreaded softball

Yesterday was Monday, again. Normally, I don’t dread Mondays in the Fall. In fact, I usually really look forward to them. A new week, Monday Night Football and such. This year is a different story. Monday night is coed softball night. I’ve blogged about this before, but my loathing just keeps getting more intense.

Our game was at 8:45 (PM!!!!) yesterday. I was ready to head up to bed when it was time to head out of my house to the game. Worse, my husband wasn’t going to be there because of a work meeting. I know I need to get a better attitude about this thing, but it’s a losing battle.

We had a moral victory last night… WE TIED!!!!! We scored 9 runs in the bottom of the 5th to come back and tie it up. Then our runner at first got caught off the bag and tagged for the third out. YIPPEE!! I was supposed to be up next. I didn’t want to be up next. I had already struck out…..twice……LOOKING! I am the WORST hitter on the team. Fielding, great. I have no problem. I can’t swing my way out of a paper bag. It’s the most awful feeling. I made the last out of the inning…..twice…….looking. I was the only hitter that pitcher could throw strikes at. It was embarassing and humiliating. My teammates are telling me, “make him pitch to you…..just walk…..he’s been throwing nothing but balls all night….” except for to me.

So the end of the game was bittersweet. We tied, so I was excited about that (we had been getting completely wrecked in the last two games we’d played!), but I was cranky about striking out…..twice….looking; I had dirt in my mouth, I was exhausted, and we have NINE more games! Thank goodness for vacation….I’ll get to miss one game for that. And I have already been excused from playing when the Raiders play on Monday Night Football.

I tried the injury thing out, as suggested. I actually, insult to injury, pulled a hamstring, last night. Great. Maybe I can get out of at least one more game from that. I’ll happily ride the bench while I “heal”!!!

4 thoughts on “The dreaded softball

  1. You are so funny. I know how you feel, I am good catcher & field player but I too stink at batting. My team actually named me “Most Improved Player” one year cuz I finally learned how to not strike out…=) Hope your hamstring keeps you on the bench where you can catch some ZZZZ’s…just think of all the exercise you’re getting…..=) Good luck in batting practice….Go Raiders!!! Hugs for the hamstring & the long evenings on the field!!

  2. OH! Donna…Donna…Donna…I’ll special order you some pink cleats…and hopefully your Tuesday is working out oh-so-much-better! Girl! I told you last night….you should have accepted the phone call on the field and then you never would have *had* to run the bases! Hope you feel better soon. You know….there is wine stomping and wine tasting at you-know-whos party! Hugs! Melissa

  3. You crack me up!! See I told you injury was the way to go!! I hope you feel better soon, but remember to milk it for as long as you can!! I have an idea. Where I come from, NO adult softball game is ever played with out beer being involved. I bet you could win them over by being in charge of the beer tent!! Start it now, while you’re injured, and then maybe when you’re healed up, they will want you to stay with the beer gig! Its worth a try!!

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