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From the caribbean

I just had to jump on the computer quickly and see what’s going on at SHARE this week. You never know how addicted you are until you have to be away from SHARE for a few days. It’s so hard and I miss you all so much!

We’re in St. Maarten today. Sailed on the Stars & Stripes Americas Cup winning sailboat today…..WE WON!!!! It was amazing. I have never sailed before, and actually was worried about the amount of work we were going to have to do. It ended up being one of my top vacation moments…the wind blowing through our hair, the boat tipped slightly as we tacked, the competitive juices flowing (the cute crew members didn’t hur the experience either! LOL!). It’s just so beautiful down here! It’s been a great time with friends. More importantly, it’s been a great time for Michael and I to reconnect and re-bond, be just a couple instead of parents and everything else that entails.

Pictures will be posted next week. Hope you all are well. You’ve continued in my thoughts and prayers (in between swimming, snorkeling, sailing, shopping and sipping!!).

Hugs to you all!!


4 thoughts on “From the caribbean

  1. Donna, Your trip sounds amazing! Wow! Good for you and hubby…I am *so* glad you have this incredible time to reconnect with each other…and enjoy life. Have so much fun you can’t stand it! Hugs! Melissa

  2. We miss you! But don’t hurry back on our account. Cruises are wonderful – enjoy every moment. Take pics, can’t wait to see them when we’re all together for PAD! Darcy

  3. I am so glad that you & your husband are able to spend some time as a couple!! How refreshing!! Sounds like you are having a grand time. As Darcy said, we miss you, but enjoy your vacation & we’ll hear all about it when you return!! Hugs

  4. Donna,
    Sounds like you are having a blast. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and time with you hubby. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Susan

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