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We’re back safe and sound from our cruise. It was an amazing vacation. I went into it looking for fun with friends, some quality time with my husband, and some good food and wine thrown in for good measure. I got so much more out of it. The Caribbean is beautiful beyond belief. It brought peace to my heart just to look at the water.

Life is strange. I have been evaluating friendships and what they mean for the past few months. I have exactly two friends from high school that I still keep in touch with. None, zero, zip from college (unless you count my sister!), a handful from my first job out of college. Friends have become more meaningful, more important to me as I have grown older (hah…I sound like I’m 90!). The friends I have now, I definitely have stronger bonds with. I care about them more, I know them better inside and out. This past week was spent with friends. The laughter was the best kind of laughter….the kind that sends tears streaming down your face and leaves your sides aching for days. The conversation was great. The memories are cherished. I love creating history with friends…..the times shared, the little catch phrases from those times shared………The friendships I have developed here on SHARE are the same, albeit via the computer screen. The wonderful thing is that when you meet SHARE friends face to face, that history is there, those catch phrases are there, the thread continues in person.

When we first moved to San Diego, I was miserable. I had left my friends, my job, my church, my family behind. I was terrified of finding a new job, and that I would never find anyone that I would connect with. I met Jennifer when we bought our house. She lives across the street from me. As our houses were being built, we’d run into each other when we’d come to check on the progress. Two months after we moved in, we had a party. Jennifer and her husband came. We have been inseparable ever since. We were pregnant at the same time with our youngest children who are exactly three months apart. We scrapbook together, shop together, inspected preschools together, play bunco, hang out and let the kids play, commiserate, complain and whine together. She is one of my best friends ever. Through her, I have met many other friends, and she has given me the courage to seek out other friendships. She is, to say the least, awesome.

Life is strange. You think the friends you make when you are younger are going to be with you for life. Sometimes they are. I have become more selective about my friends as I’ve grown up. My friends now mean more to me than I can express. They build me up, they share my life with all it’s blessings, joys and sorrows, we share a history and a bond. And I thank God for them everyday.

7 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Wow, that’s an amazing post. I, too, have friends like that. I’ve often said “I dont’ know what people do without those friends.” I have a best friend I’ve had since I was 5 (She’s in some of my blogs, Leighton was named after her.) I don’t know how I’d funciton without her. I’ve always said “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves…” That statement says it all. Glad you had a great vacation. And glad you’re back!

  2. Denise, You have it exactly right in that friends are the family we choose……That’s how I’ve felt but never had the words before. Glad to be back, thanks! Now I need to go catch up on your blog! HUGS!

  3. Donna, You sound so refreshed & relaxed. I am glad that you had some amazing experiences with TRUE FRIENDS!! There is no better friend than a true friend, one who is with you through all your ups & downs & loves you anyways!! Glad you are back. I love what Denise said about friends & family!! That is soooo true!! My best friend & I have known each other since birth (or so we are told), we grew up together, buried fathers together, teenage years, marriages, kids, losing kids, it’s been a friendship like no other of mine, she is a sister of mine!! Welcome back!! Now get reading, you got lots to catch up on!!

  4. Donna, What a beautiful blog. I think that sometimes we outgrow our friends…sometimes life just happens and we find new friends….but every person who touches our lives, has been put into our path for a reason. The dear friends…the ones we call when life deals the hardest blows…the ones who will cheer us on no matter what…the ones who will hurt our feelings only because they love us, and then they will cry because it hurt…these are the ones that make life *so* worth living each day…such an important part of our story. You have become a part of my story…as have many of the friends I’ve met on SHARE. My community of friends has grown so *huge* and I can truly say…on or off the computer screen…I care about each and every one of you! Life is about changes. Nothing can stay the same forever. But what a gift to know that when things do change, there will be good friends available to move through those changes with us. Your friends are very lucky to have you in their lives. I’m glad you had *such* a wonderful vacation. Hugs! Melissa

  5. Donna, What a wonderful tribute to Jennifer. I’m sure she’s as incredible as you have described, if she’s friends with you. You are both very lucky to have one another!! So happy to hear you all had a great time together!! HUGS!

  6. Donna!!! Welcome Back! Friendships are very special and each friend takes us on a journey and brings out the good (and sometimes the not so good) in us! Friends are definitely an extension of our families and such a priceless gift. I am very grateful for the friends I have had over the years and I am so very happy for the wonderful friendships I have been given through SHARE and our special children! I know that hurting tummy laugh you are talking about when you are with some really good friends and just talking the night away! It leaves your heart with a great big smile!!! Big hugs to Jennifer for being such a great friend!!! And big Hugs to you for the gift of friendship you have given me!!!! Hugs,

  7. Donna! Missed you! I love your post today! I’m glad you were able to enjoy your vacation so completely! Hugs,

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