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Ryley’s five year old check-up

I still have a hard time processing the fact that my 26 weeker, my baby that entered this world at 2 lbs, is now five years old. He constantly reminds me, everyday, multiple times a day, that he is five. He is extremely proud of this fact. Heck, I am too, I just can’t imagine that the boy I am looking at now is that same tiny baby boy.

We had some Mommy and Ryley time this morning after dropping off Grace and Ethan and before his appointment. We went to Starbucks for breakfast. He must have said a dozen times if not more that he really likes time with just me and him. I realize I need to do this more. He is getting old enough to understand the value of one on one time with each parent. It means something to him. It means something to me. I really enjoyed our quiet hour together, just talking, just looking at him in amazement, just playing our air instruments to the music playing in Starbucks. What a gift I have been given in all my children, what a miracle in my son.

Then off to the doctor’s office we went. Ryley is the one I am most particular about which doctor he sees. There are five in the group. He only sees two of them because of his history, and most recently his diagnosis with Reactive Airway Disease. All reports came back good. Who knew that a five year old exam would take an hour? He had it all……eyes, ears, mouth, nose, tummy, heart, height, weight, hearing, vision, and his most favorite…..pee’ing in a cup! This is so much more fun and easier for boys!!! He weighs 39 1/2 pounds (40th percentile) and is 43 3/4 inches tall (74th percentile). So in spite of eating like a machine everyday all day, I have a tall, skinny boy on my hands. Takes after his tall, skinny Daddy! and definitely does not get his height from my side of the family!!!!!!!! Hearing and vision are great. Even the doctor said he can’t get away with pretending not to hear me when I give directions because his hearing is excellent. I did ask about the noise sensitivity. The dr just said it’s just the way Ryley is. I still think it might have something to do with prematurity as most preemie parents have said their preemie has the same issue. Interesting. Everything else is good. Ryley got four shots, tb test, and finger prick. He is not a fan, but got 5 stickers for all that.

On the kindergarten side, the doctor highly approved of our decision to hold Ryley out this year. I feel so much better with our decision these days. He will definitely be ready next year. He is just so not there yet this year. I was informed (as if I didn’t know already!) that Ryley has a “quick mind” and that he will need to be challenged so that he doesn’t get bored. HAH! Challenges and a low frustration level don’t always go well together!

This time five years ago, I could never even begin to imagine what this day would be like…the day I took my son in for his five year old check-up. Five years ago, we were begging God for his life. Today, we are praising God for a healthy, challenging, amazing little boy.

Just a few pictures below. First is Ryley being King of Sand Mountain at the beach last month. Second is Ryley on one of his birthday presents. Third is the birthday party group in the backyard near the giant spiderweb Michael made.




8 thoughts on “Ryley’s five year old check-up

  1. You sound so refreshed!! Hmmmm….must’ve been a great vacation!! Ryley is such a cute boy!! I am glad that all of the reports came back good & that you got some one-on-one time with Ryley, that is so much fun for both of you!! What an amazing 5 years it has been & amazing how far he has come!! Way to go Mom!! Pat YOURSELF on the back for being his “#1 supporter”!!! Love the pictures, especially the HUGE spider web, I am sure that was the hit of the party!! What a great dad he is for doing that!!! monkey hugs & angel kisses,

  2. What a dollbaby! He’s going to be such a lady killer mom, you do realize that right? Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics. You are right about the alone time. I try to take my four year old out for just mom and me time at least once a month, but it should really be more frequently. Amy

  3. What a great way to spend the day, five years later. I can imagine the way you stared at him in awe, praying for his life in 2000. Today you sit and stare at him in awe once again, praising God for the miracle before you. Congratulations on such an enormous and emotional milestone!! Glad to hear the check up went well!! He’s on the chart!! Oh boy!! Give him an extra hug and kiss from me tonight when you tuck him into bed!! Take care,

  4. Hey! He looks like you a lot in the skateboard picture! What a sweet boy. I have a hard time believing my first baby turned 5, too. He was a huge infant (8lb 7oz) and I still found myself reeling when he turned five. I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when my preemie turns 5. You describe it well… one moment you’re hoping he’ll live, the next, he’s peeing in a cup at his 5 yr well-child check. Amazing! Aleks had those same masks for his party, too! Toys-R-Us! The spiderweb is SOO super cool! Darcy

  5. Oh, Donna!!!!!!!!!!! What a great day the two of you had!! I am so happy for you!! and hey…isn’t that the beach where the sun sets in the water??? WOW!! hehe!!! Hugs!

  6. That one on one time is so precious! Ryley is such a handsom boy! The birthday party looks like it was a blast! I’m glad his checkup went well! It’s just amazing how the time flies! Hugs!

  7. Such a handsome boy! Gosh, Donna….it looks like he brings fun with him everywhere he goes…he looks so healthy….so much like any other 5 year old…this gives us PoPs a little further behind you so much *Hope*! Thanks for sharing the pictures and your beautiful words. Melissa

  8. Thank you all for your replies. I am pretty proud of my five year old!! I’m still getting used to saying “I have a five year old’!!!!!! We have come so far in five years. It just amazes me everyday. I appreciate him more now than ever. You all have allowed me to see my son in a different light over the past year. Looking into myself helps me see him with different eyes – eyes that see beyond the hair cutting, beyond the mud-mess-making, beyond the frustrating/non-listening/defiant behavior into the heart of my precious son! Hugs!

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