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Softball update

Warning!!! This blog is neither thought provoking nor philosophical in the least!!!

Another Monday night, another softball game. You all who know me know that I dread Monday nights this Fall. Yucky softball. Strike-out queen. Dirt…….YECK!!!!! An hour of torture every Monday night. I’ve escaped the past few weeks with the cruise and then a toe injury (hee, hee, hee!!! That pain was worth missing a week of softball!), but I had no excuses this week. DARN and DRAT!!! So at 6:16 last night, we took the field. I had been relegated to right field early in the season. Not much action out there, which is good, since my fear of the ball has not lessened at all over the past two months of playing.

It was a busy night on my innings in right field (I trade off with one other girl during the game). I actually had to field four balls hit to right. Thank goodness they weren’t fly balls!!!! I can field like a champ…held the runners to first every time. Yay!!!! Then it was time to bat. Double DRAT! I hate this part worse than anything else. First time up…..strike out. As usual. I swung at a ball that was way outside, but I had psyched myself out, and was back on the bench again. Going into our last ups, we were down by 4 runs. One out, and it was my turn to hit. At least I couldn’t make the last out!!! I WALKED!!! YAY!! My first time on base when I wasn’t just running for someone else!! YAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I ended up scoring on a hit by one of the guys. We went up by one run, and had to hold them in the bottom of the inning in order to win.

Our team consistently loses in the last inning of the game. We’ll even get two outs, and then give up 16 runs in the last inning. It’s awful. It’s humiliating. It’s like watching the Bad News Bears only worse. So, we were up by one and the other team got their last ups, being the home team. One out down……guy hits a double. Then our pitcher walked a girl. Runners on first and second. Uh-oh…..Here we go again. Pop up to the pitcher, only one out to go to victory. Grounder to short (my hubby who actually broke a finger playing last night!) who steps on second, game over. WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I stilll hate softball. Only 5 more weeks of tortuous Monday nights to go. I’ll never play again!

8 thoughts on “Softball update

  1. Oh Donna…I soooo wished you’d learn to love softball! I loved it so much in highschool, and would play now if we had a league here. Charlie won’t play with me, so co-ed softball is out! But hey, look on the bright side…only 5 weeks left!

  2. CONGRATS!! I feel exactly the same way you do about softball, I am so scared of the ball but enjoy playing (as long as I don’t have to catch a fly or I don’t strike out)…but you walked, that is great!! And you guys one, what a victory!! I know it is an elated feeling!! Love the warning in the beginning!! You are so funny!! Thanks for the warning, although I loved the blog, I felt like you were living in MY shoes…lol!! 5 more weeks, that’s not too bad!!! Good luck!! Sorry your hubby broke his finger, but at least you won from it, right? Hugs!!

  3. Yep, at least we won!! Our first win, and we are no longer in the cellar!!!!!!! We were jumping up and down, screaming and hugging each other like we’d just won the World Series or something!!!! Then we laughed at ourselves for being so silly. That was the best part of the whole night!

  4. ahahahhehhehahahah *clutches stomach laughing* You crack me up!! Your softball antics are hilarious. I bet Michael is so proud of his girly-girl at bat and running bases. The mental picture you paint just makes me laugh out loud. I hope at the end of the day, it ends up providing great memories! Thanks for sharing…

  5. Donna, I am laughing *so* hard my sides hurt….thanks for the mental picture, and the wonderful giggle! Glad you finally won a game. That *has* to feel good…I mean GREAT! Only 5 more weeks…and hey, you won…hubby has a broken finger…who is the woman this week?! LOL Thanks for writing …. sharing…and making me laugh! Melissa

  6. Donna, I REALLY needed this blog today!! You CRACK me up…. I’m crying, I’m laughing so hard!! Glad to hear that you guys one, one!!! WAHOOO!!!
    Sorry to hear about Michael’s finger!! If he’s like most men, he’ll be milking this one for at least a little while… LOL Thanks again for the laughs… its just what the doctor ordered!! I’ll be sad in 5 weeks when the season is over. What’s next on the agenda?

  7. UGH!!!!! No more team sports for me! I’M DONE!! I will gladly watch and cheer from the sidelines/bleachers/whatever, but I’m not playing anything anymore! (Don’t quote me on that in six months!)……. I was up with Michael whining about his finger twice last night, and all morning this morning. Men are babies!!!

  8. Donna!!! Way to GO!!!! It took me a while to respond to your blog cause I’m sitting here cracking up while the video plays in my head!!!! LOL! I think we should have a SHARE vs MOD HQ Softball game!!!! We could have blue and pink mits and cute stuff like that……maybe that will motivate you to like softball just a weeeee bit more!!!! Oh, poooooooooor Michael with his broken finger!!!! Men truly are such drama kings LOL!!! Congrats on your WIN……next time take some pics!!!! A Cheering Fan!!!

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