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It never fails

I have spent the past few blogs praising my adorable children, talking about how much I love them, and how much they mean to me. It never fails….everytime I do that, they do something that reminds me why they drive me nuts sometimes!!!!

I don’t know what’s going on….Since his birthday three weeks ago, Ryley has been whining like crazy. Drive-you-over-the-edge whining. I can’t take it!!! I keep reminding him to speak in his big-boy voice, but to no avail. And he’s crying at the drop of a hat…..Grace says something to him and he comes running, tears streaming down his face, to tell me what she’s done. Everything is the end of the world to him right now. The other night, we took Grace out to dinner for her birthday. The older two got balloons. Ryley’s popped in the car, and both he and Grace completely lost it. Then Ethan lost the balloon he’d been playing with and he was crying too. At one point, I just started laughing. It was so ridiculous….they were all three crying in the backseat!

Grace seems to have lost her hearing and her ability to pay attention recently. How do you get kids to do something without repeating yourself 10 times? Does anyone have the secret? Care to share? And it takes her FOREVER to do anything right now….she lollygags, gets distracted, until I’m so completely exasperated that I start yelling. Mom of the year once again. I wish I had more patience!!!!! But it makes me nuts to stand there with the car door open, waiting for her to process the fact that her seat has been unbuckled and to get out of her seat and out of the car. UGH!!!!

Ethan is getting to the age of “getting into things” and “making big messes”. He lives for it. Yesterday was the dog food, this morning it was a whole bag of wipes. And he usually does this right when we’re getting ready to leave. And the food-throwing when he either doesn’t like what you given him or when he’s done eating has continued, so I had peas and chicken all over his chair and all over the floor after dinner last night. He likes to hide what he finds as well, so I’ve lost a remote and a roll of film from our cruise in recent days.

Thanks for letting me vent. Everytime this happens, I swear to myself that I’m never again going to brag about how wonderful my children are. But then motherly amnesia sets in, and once again, they remind me that they are children, and they are not perfect. I only wish I were (perfect, that is), and that I were better at this motherhood thing.

8 thoughts on “It never fails

  1. Motherhood! It is so rewarding & frustrating all in the same day!! I understand completely Donna! And I thought your children were perfect angels for a while, thanks for letting on that they are children like the rest of ours!! I thought you got lucky with three wonderful, adoring, doting children!! Is there such a thing? The whining, oh I know it SO well – girls do whine more than boys, and Taylor is 10 & still whines!! We are continually trying to get past this whining phase! I ask her how old she is…I know, mother of the year, right? She says she knows she’s not 2 & she has to stop whining! Sometimes I make her a deal, if you can go a whole day without whining, I’ll let you ….stay up until 8:45pm, but if you whine, even once, you have to go to bed at 8pm (bedtime is 8:30pm)…it usually works! What’s next, oh yes, the selective hearing!! Mine has that too!! She will sit & ignore me until I am like you & yell it at her (funny how she hears me then)…so again I make mother of the year…it goes around & around here at Share, doesn’t it? Grace is a typical girl, as Taylor, lollygagging, getting distracted….how do you take care of it? I made it known to Taylor when it started happening, if I have to ask you more than once to do something, you are losing something you enjoy…for however many times I have to ask, that’s how many days you lose it, like TV or video game or friend priveleges, for example, whatever she is really enjoying that phase in her life!! Once she learned I was serious, I didn’t have that problem anymore. Once in a while she tries it again & I’ll walk right in front of her & count (5….4…3…)…I’ve never made it to 2 yet!! *smirking with pride*…. Ethan…he’s so typical for his age…don’t know what to tell you there…Taylor is WAY out of that stage…now getting her to pick up after herself is like pulling teeth!! Threats work for her! You have to know what they enjoy & use it against them to get them to act like behaved children & not *dare I say it*….kids!! LOL!! Sorry it’s so long, I know this subject SO WELL – that’s probably why I laughed when I read your blog!! Hits home like a homerun!! Oooohhh…sorry for that pun!! At least it’s not Monday!! LOL!! Good luck Donna!! Hugs & cookies sent to you as you prepare to *man your troops*!!

  2. Donna, You are a great mom, and don’t let yourself believe otherwise. My Katelyn (4) is into the throwing a fit stage everytime she doesn’t get her way. This past week was a little crazy for me and I lost my cool with her verbally. Things came out of my mouth that shouldn’t have and when all was sad and done, I look down to these huge teary blue eyes looking up at me. Ugh, I lost it, I cried, she cried.. we both cried and I felt horrible. Sometimes as moms we just lose ourselves.. we forget that we are actual human beings of our own and not just mommies. Your children are normal and you are doing great! I giggled a bit too reading your blog because the stories are all so familiar! hang in there. Soon, they’ll be teenagers… (oops sorry didn’t mean to remind you!)

  3. Thanks you guys!! It does make me feel better to know I’m not the only “mother of the year” out there! Grace and I got into it this morning because she asked me to get her clothes, but then wouldn’t wear what I put out. So I told her to get her clothes herself. She ended up on the floor screaming. At one point, I think I said “then go to school naked, I really don’t care anymore!!” Yep, Mom of the year! HUGS!

  4. WOW! I have that conversation with Taylor almost on a daily basis! I finally said if you don’t like what I pick out then YOU can do it the night before so I can look it over first (she is 10 & sometimes try to *show* too much). She said “nevermind, whatever you pick is fine”…anything to not have to pick her own out – afraid she’s not very style coordinated yet & puts some awful things together & I just say “if you want to wear that to school, that’s up to you, but it doesn’t match” – she usually cries & says “I’m not as good as you at this!!”..DUH!! I’m 32, you’re 10!! MOM OF THE YEAR PASSED BACK AROUND!! Hugs to endless battles!! Have some cookies & chocolate milk!! That’ll cure any stress!! Sharlene

  5. Oh, I’m so glad it isn’t just at my house! My mom actually asked me the other day if maybe Leighton was hard of hearing. I told her it was “selective hearing”. So mom asked her to do something, and she didn’t budge. I said “watch this”…and said “Leighton, do you want a cookie?” I said it in the softest voice. She bounced right up. So I said “see mom, selective hearing!”
    Kids, they are too dang smart!

  6. Awww Donna, thank you for reminding me why although raising a newborn is tough, it could be tougher! Three kids… I don’t know that I can do more than one. You sound like you’ve got this motherhood thing down to me. Take care and try to maintain your sanity!

  7. Donna, Your house sounds exactly like mine! I felt like you were looking into my windows and writing about my family! The whining…..OH, the whining………! Hang in there! WE all know that you are a GREAT mom! Hugs and more hugs!

  8. Oh Donna! You giggle at your kids when they cry in the back seat too?! LOL Glad I’m not the *only* one who does that! Ha! I was doing it just this afternoon. You’re so right…better to laugh than cry….though sometimes I’ll admit…I laugh *so* hard that I *do* cry…I probably should stop, since they are getting older…and they may think I am making fun of them…On the other hand, they should appreciate that I’m not yelling, and that I *can* find something to laugh about…Your kids should appreciate the *same* thing about you! LOL Hugs! You know we love you…and anyone on SHARE cannot *help* but know what a wonderful and loving momma you are to your kids! Melissa

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