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That phone call

It happened again. That phone call. The dreaded phone call from preschool letting me know that Ryley is coughing again. Being the wonderful mom that I am, I had forgotten to take his “puffer” to school with us this morning. So, hang up the phone, and dash out the door to the truck, speed home, grab the puffer, and head to school. Ryley’s painting away. Thankfully, they have experience with asthma kids, and Ms. Shari has kept Ryley inside to play quietly instead of sending him out to the playground with the rest of the kids. He’s getting really good at breathing the right way, and keeping his mouth on the aerochamber while we count to ten. Sometimes, I get really frustrated. Why do we have to go through this? Why does my son have to deal with this? Why can’t he just get a cold and have it be “just a cold”? Why can’t he play like all the other kids and not sit in a classroom by himself coloring and painting while screams and yells of joy and play drift in through the door from the rest of the kids outside? Then I look around me. If this is all we have to deal with as a result of his prematurity, praise God. It could have been so much worse. A 26 week, 2 lb “wimpy white boy” started out with all the odds stacked against him. Today, he takes the puffer and all that it entails in stride. It’s just part of his life now.

So now I’ll spend the next week or so, giving him the inhaler every four hours, sleeping unpeacefully at night as I listen for the cough that means he needs more meds, and praying we don’t end up back in x-ray to rule out pneumonia as we did three times last year.

On a good note….It was harvest weekend at my in-laws’ house. They have a vineyard and two sections were ready for picking on Saturday. Grace and I were late and missed all the actual picking while we were at her ballet class, but got there in time for a late breakfast and tasting of wine from two seasons ago. They sell their grapes to vintners who in turn make the wine. Three of the vintners have won awards on the wines they made with the grapes from my in-laws. It’s pretty fun to have that in the family, and there are some great pictures of Ryley helping pick, and Ethan eating grapes that fell onto the ground. It’s always a good time with the family on harvest weekend, and the kids are taking part in their heritage. Sorry, no new pics from harvest…my f-i-l hasn’t emailed them to me yet!!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

8 thoughts on “That phone call

  1. I’m so sorry for you and Ryley. And while I know how you feel (if this is all we have to deal with, praise God!), but I’ve felt the same way. When other co-workers had babies, they brought them to the office to show off. I’ve never gotten to do that. When friends had their babies, everyone got to go to the hospital and see the babies “in their rooms”…I never got to do that. I never brought a baby home with me when I was discharged. Why I never got to have a baby shower “BEFORE” the baby was born! And while I feel guilty for being upset about those things, when my girls are relatively “healthy” now, my mother in law always says “it’s all relative”. So I understand why it’s upsetting to you, and why you wish it were different for Ryley. Take small comfort in the fact that Ryley doesn’t know any different, and from what you say, he takes it all in stride. That, I’m certain, comes from his wonderful mommy!!
    So here’s a hope for the winter: No bad colds for Ryley, no checking to see if it’s pneumonia. I’ll add that to my prayer list at night! Hugs to you both! Denise

  2. Thanks, Denise. The prayers and understanding are so appreciated!! And even after having two full-termers, I know exactly how you feel. I still feel cheated out of a full pregnancy with Ryley, a baby shower *before* he was born, visits with the baby in my room in the hospital, etc. It is all relative…. Hugs!

  3. Donna, I am so sorry that you & Ryley are having to go through this still…that he can’t be a *normal* kid with a cold running & squealing outside with the other kids. These secondary losses are hard, even knowing it could be worse, the things you both miss out on are hard & *not fair*. I am glad that your children are experiencing their heritage & that you get to share this with them. Can’t wait to see the harvest pictures, I am sure fun was had by all your little bundles!! Hugs to you & some chocolate kisses to ease the hurt!!

  4. Donna, Believe me, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that it’s all relative! We may all experience similar yet different things, but in the end, it’s what is going on in your life that makes it “real”.
    I forgot to mention how great I think the grape picking would have been! What fun for kids and adults alike!!

  5. Donna, How awful that Ryley is not feeling well…I know how *scary* respiratory problems are in our kidlets….No fun! We went through all if it last year with Callie (thank goodness the other two *only* had respiratory infections, and not all of the other stuff). Hugs and Prayers that Ryley soon feels better…and stays well! How fun the vineyards seem! Oh, wow…a harvest weekend…that sounds like a blast! Bet the pictures are wonderful! Hugs, Melissa

  6. Praying that Ryley fights this one and it doesn’t develop into anything bigger. While perspective is everything, I hope we can both soon have a season that doesn’t include ER trips and more meds. *hugs* to Ryley and you!

  7. Oh, those darn phone calls! So sorry to hear Ryley is still struggling with this. I know how you feel, as you know, Luke still struggles with his lung issues, too. It really isn’t fair at all. I hope Ryley starts to feel better soon, so he can get out there with the rest of the kids! On the bright side, sounds like everyone had a blast picking (and eating) grapes! What a wonderful heritage! Hugs to both of you!

  8. Donna, How I understand where you’re coming from. Yes, we will take what we’ve been given, considering what we could be dealing with, BUT, it can feel so unfair sometimes. Hang in there. I will say some extra prayers for Ryley to feel better soon! And for you to have some restful sleep. I was where you are, just last week!! The vineyard sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to see some pictures!! HUGS!

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