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Wanting to reach out

It’s been a rough morning……….It was another one of “those” mornings where we fight just to get the kids out the door. Listening was not high on their list of priorities this morning. Needless to say, this Mommy was not in the greatest of moods when she got to work.

Then I signed onto SHARE. And I started reading…….blogs, SHARE Cafe, blog responses……..Can I just say that you are all amazing to me? I wish I could just jump right through my computer into your living rooms or kitchens or wherever (no, I am not a weirdo or a stalker!!!), and give you all HUGE HUGS!!!! Your stories, your words of your everyday life, your encouragement of each other, your words that reach out to those in need fill my heart to overflowing. Your willingness to come to the SHARE table and let it all hang out……sharing your concerns, your fears, your heartaches, your pity parties, your joys, your triumphs, your hearts………gives me confidence again in the human race. Often, I shed tears. Often, I laugh out loud. Often, my prayers all day are filled with requests for babies, mommas and daddys on SHARE.

My life has changed because of SHARE and MOD. Before SHARE, we were lost in our own world of dealing with our preemie. I knew there were other parents of preemies, other parents that had spent time in the NICU with sick babies, but they weren’t in my world. Now you all are.

I wish you all could come to NYC for Prematurity Awareness Day and the SHARE Union. I would so love to meet you in person. I know it’s not possible for everyone to come…..but whether there or no, you will be in my heart, there right beside me in spirit, fighting this battle against prematurity, fighting to raise awareness, and spreading the mission of MOD.

Wow…..this is pretty scattered isn’t it? So many thoughts are just running around in my brain. Essentially, you all have affected my life so much, and changed it for the better in so many ways. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Wanting to reach out

  1. Donna….ohhhh…let me be first! You do all of the very same things for me *every single day*! I adore my SHARE friends. Never in my past life…would I ever have considered that some of my most precious friends would be off the web. But here you are….so many of you….and you have become like my cup of coffee in the mornings. Many times my head is twisted on straight because of something you or another SHARE member has said…Before SHARE…I felt *very* isolated…bitter…angry…all of the things Michele mentioned in her response to Darcy…and I was becoming *consumed* by it. Honestly, it took a few months *after* I was on SHARE to heal from the isolation of my experience. HUGS to you! We love you right back. Melissa

  2. Thanks Melissa. I knew you all would “get it”. Funny thing is, I didn’t know what I needed, until I found “it”! Now, I can’t live without it….. Hugs!

  3. Im sorry you had one of those mornings. I hate when my day starts out that way. I too found that SHARE has really helped me. I love all my SHARE friends. It helps me sooo much to get on SHARE and vent or just reply to others! I enjoy reading everyones day to day events. I love it because I can relate to people on here, and they relate to me. I too am so happy I found SHARE!!!

  4. Like you, I didn’t realize I was searching for SHARE until I found it. This site has helped and healed so many NICU families. I am so glad it has helped you the way it has helped me. Without all these warm comfort words from my beloved SHARE friends I would still be floundering with displaced emotions.
    You are among the gems on this site. So often you offer just the right compassion, understanding and empathy. I am so lucky to get to call you a friend. *hugs*

  5. Donna, You have taken the words right out of my mouth. You are all those things to me, and to so many here on SHARE. You support, encourage, hug, and console all of us, every day. When I posted my first story on SHARE I had no idea what it would become. If someone had asked me 15 months ago where I would be today, I would have never guessed it would be here. I would have never guessed I would have some of my deepest, most heartfelt, friendships through an online community. I have a connection with all of you, that can’t be summed up very easily (you mentioned scattered in your blog… LOL). Thank you for your praise, but I must Thank you for that very same thing!! You are an incredible friend, and I’m so thankful you came into my life!! Thank you for all your support and understanding, all your hugs, and your shoulder to cry on!! In the words of Darcy, “I’m Lucky to get to call you my friend”. HUGS!

  6. Ahhhhhhh…..You guys have made me cry…HAPPY TEARS!! I promise! I never thought I would make friends over computer lines….Never imagined that some of my deepest friendships would be formed via the internet. My ordeal with Ryley was the worst time of my life, but it brought me you all, and gave my life purpose, and it gave me a mission. I love you!!! And I’m lucky to call you all my friends too!! Hugs!

  7. I can’t say it any better than anyone already has…But I’m with you. I didn’t know I needed Share until I found it. I was so alone when Leighton was born. I had family, but noone who’d been THERE with me! What a ride we are all on. So glad I have you, and all my friends here, to take this ride with me! You give me inspiration.

  8. Donna, You summed up for all of us what Share means to us. To quote Melissa “you have become like my cup of coffee in the mornings”….I do not wake up & become human again for the day until I have visited (or on the weekends just think about) Share. I carry the words spoken here with me & they comfort me, and they heal. I have made some friendships here that I never thought possible. I am going to be able to really *meet* some of you next month & I am so excited, it’s like finally being able to give you all of those *hugs* we send on a daily basis!! You are so inspiring to all of us here at Share!! THANK YOU for all that you pour out to us & offer us with compassion, heart, and unending encouragement! You are a Share Gem (wonder what color that is….pink & blue?) Hugs to one of the gems here at Share!!

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