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Little ducks

Warning for husbands: DO NOT HIT THE REDIAL BUTTON on your phone when your wife doesn’t answer the first time you call, especially when you know she’s grocery shopping with all three kids in tow, right around dinner time!!!!!

Yes, I braved it. I’d hoped I wouldn’t have to, but Michael had a meeting, and we needed food! So, AFTER a long day of working, I picked up all three kids and headed to the grocery store. Drat, they’re out of the “car” carts….The kind that Ryley and Grace can sit in and “drive” around the store, while Ethan sits in the cart part behind the car. It keeps them occupied and contained. Now what? Then I remembered…..this store has the Little Tyke grocery carts for the kids to push around the store. A set of twin boys was returning theirs just as we walked up. BONUS! Two carts….one each for Ryley and Grace. And away we go. Me in front with the big cart, and Ethan riding along with me, then Ryley with his yellow cart, and lastly Grace with her yellow cart. We were like ducks in a row. I had to laugh. We did get some funny looks. Amazingly enough, they followed right along, stopped when I stopped, went when I went. They were very proud of the items I put in their carts to carry up to check-out, and stayed in line for about 2/3rds of the shopping excursion. They lost it at the worst moment. I was in an aisle looking for something, they started yammering about cookies (which were just up ahead), Ethan had figured out how to turn around and then climb out of the strap so he was STANDING up in the cart. And then my cell phone rang. I let it go, knowing I would be able to check in a few minutes and call that person back when I wasn’t in the middle of chaos. No such luck. The phone had no sooner stopped ringing, when it started again!!!!!! Exasperated, I grabbed the phone while trying to hold onto Ethan. It was my husband. He had the NERVE to get angry when I had a little attitude about him hitting redial!!!!!!!!!!! I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GROCERY STORE WITH ALL THREE OF YOUR KIDS, ONE OF WHOM IS READY TO FALL OUT OF THE CART AND PROBABLY BREAK SOMETHING ON THE WAY DOWN, AND TWO OF WHOM ARE YELLING AT ME ABOUT STUPID COOKIES (OOOPS, I SAID “STUPID”…..I MEANT SUPER DUPER…STUPID IS A BAD WORD IN OUR HOUSE)!!!!! Stop calling me, I’ll call you back when I’m ready!! UGH!!!!!!!!

We survived the rest of the trip, barely. Ethan decided he’d had enough of riding in the cart and wanted to push one of the kids’ carts, right when we were checking out. He took off across the front of the store. ACK!!!!! Then threw himself down on the floor when Ryley brought him back and took the cart away to return it. The children ate chicken nuggets for dinner because I didn’t have it in me to cook once we finally made it home.

We’re home today. Ryley decided that he wasn’t going to get rid of the cough, and started a fever last night. So did Grace. No school for them today. At least we’ll get some snuggle time, and I can catch up on my laundry and dishes!!!

9 thoughts on “Little ducks

  1. Donna,
    Are you sure your last name isn’t Rock? And perhaps your husband is Charlie? I swear, he will call me at work, and my voice mail will pick up (which means I”m on the phone….)so he calls my cell phone. So, I’m on the phone with work, and I’m what…supposed to set that phone down to answer the cell phone he’s blowing up? They’re idiots. Every last one of them!!
    All I can say is THANK GOD FOR CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!!
    (In our house, shut up is the bad word….Leighton is forever saying “you must say be quiet, not shut up…mommy doesn’t like that word”.) Here’s to everyone feeling better and clean laundry and dishes! Denise

  2. I had to laugh, and shriek, at every given opportunity! I can imagine the chaos of 3 kids in the grocery store! YOU SURVIVED!! Extra snuggles for you today!! Hugs & chocolate kisses to make all your worries go away & all your kids healthy!!

  3. Whew, what a trip!! I have taken all three boys to Costco before, in their stroller, pushing them and pulling the cart. They did *great*. They are such good boys, sat in the stroller for over an hour while I was shopping. Of course, DH calls when I in the parking lot and asks if I could get him some granola bars. I told him, sorry, honey, I’m already loading the boys into the car, I’ll put it on my list for next time. HE SERIOUSLY ASKED IF I COULD GO BACK IN AND GET THEM!!!! Ahhh… the men we love. Sorry Ryley and Grace don’t feel well. Here’s to some snuggle time and feeling better.

  4. omgoodness! Your husband does that, too? Mine will alternative between the home phone and cell phone and the walkie talkie (which does NOT STOP ringing until you’ve answered it… it will go and go and go and….). Hope many times have I answered the phone with, “Doncha think I’d answer the darn phone if I could?!?!?!?!?”
     aaaaaaaaahhhehehehahahahhaehehahahahahehhhaaaaaaaaahhhh so glad I’m not alone on this one! I’ll never understand that. Poor little Ryley and now Grace! Hopefully this one will blow over quickly… not that it makes you feel any better in the meantime, but I’m thinking of you! Sending you a latte and your kidlets some chicken soup with stars. You were very brave to take all three. I’ve only done that a couple times, maybe 3?? I strapped both Aleks and Logan in the stroller and still ended up calling Randy to get to Target for reinforcement the 1st time! LOL. My only consulation is that Target has a Starbucks. AND they sell kids’ hot cocoa for $1. So, for a mere $3 my kids are content for at least 10 minutes, and I run like a madwoman in those 10. LOL Hope today is a little relaxing…. *hugs*

  5. Donna! Here is some asprin…some coffee…and a stool to put your feet up! Yikes! Taking my 3 to Easter Seals has become the bane of my existence…if *someone* does not take 1…then I may refuse to go any longer! LOL I totally understand your pain! Hope your sweet babies feel better soon. Snuggle…drink chocolate…watch the Wiggles…it always makes me feel better! Hugs! Melissa

  6. Donna, You are a BRAVE woman!!! I can picture the parade down the aisle and then the chaos! Oooooh and the S-T-U-P-I-D work, along with many others is a bad word in our house too. Benjamin would have put you in time out!!! Glad you made it home after the adventure….next time put the cell on vibrate until you get back in the CAR!!!! Hugs,

  7. Hey Donna…what I would do for chicken nuggets right now. Marathon training and thus eating right is killing me. Anyway, this post made me smile. We have three phones in my apartment with three different numbers. don’t ask. When my wife doesn’t answer one I usually try the next two in succession. If she doesn’t answer either of those either. I will wait ten minutes and start the whole process over. As you know…my wife is an emergency medicine physician and works ridiculous hours. I can’t wait to make all of these calls after the baby is born! Oy. I don’t know how she puts up with me.

  8. All I can say James is watch out!!!!!! Michael got the brunt of my frustration at that particular moment because he was the “last straw” that just about drove me over the edge!! You have an excuse right now with her pregnant!! I’d be calling all the phones too if I were you!! Hugs! Can’t wait to see you in NYC with the rest of the gang!

  9. I give you tons of credit for taking all 3 to the grocery store. I did it once when the twins were still in their infant seats. I put them in one cart and jaden sat in another. I pushed one cart and pulled the other behind me. I was exhausted when we got home. I hardly take all 3 of them by myself in public-tooo hard to hold on to all 3 at once.

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