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Princess, times 8

We survived the Princess Party!!!!! The bummer of it all….the camera was broken, so no photos!!

There were 8 princesses in my house, a Batman, a Power Ranger, and to non-costumed boy, in addition to three babies. For three hours. It turned out so well.

The girls were of course all very excited to be able to wear their princess costumes. Grace got the Cinderella Bride costume and the light-up glass slippers for the occasion. It was my joy to have a girly-girl party just for her. She’s shared her birthday party with Ryley since the beginning. This was her first party of her own. We had champagne glasses full of sparkling cider, pink and purple and blue decorations everywhere, sparkly confetti on the table, and a “Kiss the Prince” game complete with lipstick for the girls to play. The topper was the princess cake with all the Disney Princesses on it, and balloons EVERYWHERE!!!! The game was really funny. The girls LOVED getting lipstick put on them, but they are starting to realize what boys are, so getting them to kiss the paper prince was another story! I really wish the camera had been working. It was one of those priceless moments!

All the gift-givers went along with the princess theme. We now have enough princess stuff to last a long while: princess costumes and accessories (yep, a boa in the bunch!), princess chair, princess camera, tiaras, earrings, princess monopoly, princess books……..I’m still cleaning feathers and confetti off of my kitchen floor!

Gracie was so happy, and loved her party. She was definitely NOT SHY at this party! But boy am I glad the birthday parties are over for awhile…I’M DONE! My body finally gave in and I spent all day in my room yesterday, sicker than I’ve been in a long time. A little better today, but not quite all there yet. Now I have to start thinking about next year! UGH!

9 thoughts on “Princess, times 8

  1. I love it! I wish you would’ve bought a disposable digital to record it, but it’s okay, you paint a good *mental* image!! So, the girls are just starting to realize that boys have *cooties*……..oh no!!!!!!!! Sounds like the girly mom got to host the girly-girl party of her daughters dreams!! Kudos to you!! <princess wave> Glad Gracie got to be a Princess for a Day, all by herself!! Hugs to you & I hope you feel better!! You done good, momma!! Sharlene

  2. How completely creative and adorable is that!!!..It sounds like everyone had the time of their life, and you thought of everything all the way down to the fairy dust..aka: boa & confetti That is too bad that your camera was broke, and you were unable to capture pictures.. I am sorry you had such a phuney day yesterday, I hope you continue to feel better.. God Bless

  3. So glad the party was a success, so sorry you’re now sick! Hopefully the sickness leaves soon, but the memories of the party last a lifetime. Denise

  4. Donna, What a beautiful party for Grace! How wonderful. You put *so* much time and effort into giving her a perfect princess party. The same great heart you put into everything you do…Years down the road…Grace will look at you and remember how you always paid attention to the big and small details….HUGS! Melissa

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…EVERY girl deserves to be a princess!!! Donna, sorry you are sick. Feel better, ok?!!! Hugs!

  6. Donna! Honorary Princess Wave your way!!!! Ask Gracie if we can borrow some of her tiaras and the boa for our bus ride in NYC!!! It must be such a treat to have a girly girl party…..I’m into the Super hero party theme LOL! Hope you feel better too! Hugs,

  7. Donna, Sounds like Grace enjoyed being Princess for the day!! I can just imagine the volume in your house!! LOL I’m sorry to hear you’re sick now… YUCK!! Rest up Momma, we got a bus ride coming up soon!! Sleep well, and I hope you feel better soon!
    WARM HUGS and lemon tea!!

  8. Donna- That is a lot of work, you absolutely win Mother of the Year! Rest up, next year will be here before you know it. Feel better. Hugs

  9. Thanks, ladies!! It was a fun time. It is awesome for me to have a girly girl to do all this stuff with/for. I didn’t get all this when I was a kid, so I’m living vicariously through my daughter!!! Is that bad? Nope? GREAT! Let the girly girl life rock on!

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