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Another monday…

Another Monday, another night of softball…..sick…..in the “heavy mist” (which in San Diego equals rain, but not enough rain to cancel the game)…..with only 10 players. I had to play the ENTIRE game. Usually, I switch off with another girl playing in right field. Nope, not last night. She wasn’t there. So I was out there all game. That doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that with only ten players, I got up to bat FOUR times. Yep, four. Just a quick reminder…..I HATE HITTING!!!!!!

So, our first inning….I’m the absolute last person in the batting order. The pitcher was walking people left and right, and one of our guys hit a home run! YAHOO!! This is gonna be great! Maybe I’ll just get a walk without looking like a complete loser. The guy before me struck out. Uh-oh. This could be trouble. But, at least I can’t make the last out of the inning like I usually do. First pitch, strick. Okay, now I’ve seen one, I can hit it. Second pitch, ball far outside the plate. Third pitch, ball in front of the plate. Fourth pitch..I swing…..and miss. STRIKE OUT number uno. UGH!! I hate hitting! We scored a couple more runs then we were out in the field. We did pretty well….better than we’ve ever played before. Their girls were better than their guys at the plate. Three outs, now it’s our turn to hit again. Maybe I won’t get up this time…..maybe we’ll get three outs before it’s my turn to hit…..Did I mention that my brother is in town with his two boys, and was at the game? My brother the softball king, that usually plays on two or three teams a year, and four tournaments each year? Well, no such luck for me and I come up to the plate with two, count em, two outs. The fear of God is in me, and I tell myself as I walk to the plate, I am not going to strike out…….I am not going to strike out!!!!!! I walked! YAY!!! Then the next hitter got an out. DARN! I didn’t get a chance to really test out my new cleats! I struck out and walked one more time each in the game. My talented hubby hit two triples, walked, and got a single as well. We Won!! We’re on a winning streak now, with two wins in a row! YAHOO! And I began to think that maybe this softball thing wasn’t so bad……except for the hitting part….Can someone hit for me? I’ll just play defense. I have some really cute cleats now and it would be such a waste for them to sit in the closet for the rest of my life!

3 thoughts on “Another monday…

  1. You are such a hoot!! Maybe if you fake a hand injury someone can bat for you….lol!! Hang in there!! Hope the rain kept you from being hot!! HUGS TO GET YOU THROUGH!! At least your brother didn’t make fun of you!! HUGS!! I’m so proud of you for sticking it out!!

  2. I live for these blogs…..it reminds me so much of my best friend and I. I played well. And well, she just played! Hated it. But she stuck it out! And you know what? A cute pair of shoes never hurt anyone. Might as well look good – that’s my motto!!!

  3. Donna! I *just* love your ball stories. Cute cleats…well….now they can stay cute…no grime and ick on them….isn’t that better anyways? LOL You *so* crack me up! Hugs! Melissa

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