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Asthma appt and a cute moment

What do you want first? The asthma appt, or the Cute Moment? Okay, yucky stuff first….

Today was Ryley’s asthma appt. It went fine. We’re still in the “yellow zone” on the peak flow meter. Almost made it to green the other day. I’m wondering if we just need to practice with it, or if he’s really struggling that much? It seems like he’s really blowing hard when he does it, but who knows…..We’ll just keep trying. But we got our “Asthma Action Plan” with directions to take this and take that and if that happens then take more of this and more of that and then if that doesn’t work, call the doctor’s office. HELP!!! How do I keep track of all of this? It feels like the days when we first came home from the NICU. I used to set timers to remind me when to dose him. I can’t always do that now that I’m at work all day and he’s at school. Thankfully, his preschool director is really good at helping out and making sure he gets his inhaler on time, but good grief! Any suggestions? We have nose spray, we have two inhalers, Singulair and Claritin, along with the peak flow meter to see how everything is working. The doctor said today, let’s try all this and see how we do through this winter. Thank goodness she wrote EVERYTHING down on the plan…I was a little overwhelmed. How can one little word, one little description, change everything so much? I’m just afraid of forgetting something, forgetting one dose of something, and we all go to yuck again…..

Now the Cute Moment…..In our house, in our car, wherever we are, music is usually playing. And I’m usually singing along. The kids have developed the same habit, which I just find adorable! I have been playing the Mamma Mia soundtrack in the car alot lately after going last week to see it again. They love it…….Yesterday on the way home from school, I had it on again. They love “Thank You For The Music”, and will specifically ask for it, which they did. So I put it on. Usually, I’m singing so loudly I can’t hear them, but yesterday, I jsut stopped singing, and let them take it away. Ryley and Grace know all the words, and they just sang their little hearts out. It was so cute!! I just had to share. I don’t know if either of them is going to be able to carry a tune in a bucket, but just to hear them go at it with all they’ve got made me smile!

7 thoughts on “Asthma appt and a cute moment

  1. Donna, I don’t have any advice for you on the asthma, but am so glad that you got an *action plan* to tackle this thing head on!! Karri, I am sure, will have loads of advice for you!! As far as the cute moment – I LOVE IT!! Isn’t it great when we listen to music so much our kids can bello it out as loud as the rest of us….we don’t care what they sound like, just love the fact that they are enjoying it & singing!! What a great moment!! Whenever I am singing in the car, Taylor is singing. When I am practicing a new song for church or wherever, she is singing & then when I am singing it for real at church, she is in her seat just singing along. They are so cute!! HUGS!!

  2. OH Donna! Imagining your beautiful children’s faces lit up with the sound of music….that makes me smile too! How wonderful! I’m glad you had that moment…keep it close to your heart…and this afternoon when they start fighting over some goofy (add whatever you like here) you will remember how *sweet* they were yesterday! Sorry to hear about Ryley…again…it sounds like *so* much…but soon you will learn …memorize…all of this *new* stuff….and pretty soon, it will become habit. HUGS! Melissa

  3. That mental picture just makes me smile. There is nothing more jubilant and carefree than belting out songs in the car. What a fun tradiation you’ve started. For my kids, the song of choice is “Mickey.” And to hear them shout “Oh Michey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind! Hey Mickey!” Just makes me giggle. As for the asthma… soon this will be ‘just another thing’ and you’ll forget why you thought it was so complex. I am so glad there is a plan. Ryley must feel so much better.

  4. Darcy, I love that song! So does Taylor, but she sings…Oh Mikey! I keep telling her it’s Mickey, but she doesn’t believe me…imagine that!!!

  5. What a cute “cute moment”. I love to hear kids sing. They have no cares in the world…and it shows. So glad you shared that – it made me smile today. I am glad there’s a “plan” with Ryley and his asthma. That has to help you feel a bit more “in control”. Denise

  6. Donna, I know the asthma stuff can be a bit confusing, but I’m glad you have the plan all worked out. I remember doing that the first time with Luke…minus the peak-flow. It can be a little frightening. Once I lost the sheet the doctor wrote everything down on, and I thought for sure I would end up giving him the wrong meds at the wrong time and something terrible would happen. But ya know? I remembered, and I knew the doc was just a phone call away. hehe! That was when Luke was around 2. His plan is pretty simple now. Singing kids are so precious! I love to listen to their little voices and the words that come out when they don’t understand the lyrics! Hugs!

  7. Thanks, all, for the reinforcements and support on the asthma thing…..We seem to be going okay at this point….Right now, I only have to give him meds and do peak flow in the morning (we hit the green zone Friday!), so I’m managing. I have the sheet taped inside our medicine cabinet door, practically with super glue, so we won’t lose it! And another copy in with his shot card. The singing continues. I love that they love to sing!

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