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My grace

My Grace – my daughter, my middle child, my Princess – is a miracle in her own right. Technically speaking, she’s not supposed to be here. If Ryley had come when he was supposed to, instead of 14 weeks early, then I wouldn’t have Grace. If my hormone levels hadn’t been “just right” instead of going back to wacked out (PCOS), I wouldn’t have Grace. When you hear about all the things that have to go right in order to get pregnant, it is amazing to me that anyone ever gets pregnant at all. When you add in factors like endometriosis, PCOS, high stress levels of dealing with a micro-preemie who had JUST come home from the hospital, nursing said preemie, and literally one (hmmmmmm……how do I say this?) “marital interaction” with my husband, there shouldn’t be a pregnancy? This is why I say God has a sense of humor. Ryley came home December 25, 2000. We conceived Grace on January 4th. Yep, it blew my mind too. I was terrified. I was horrified. This didn’t happen. This couldn’t happen. Our family gave my sister grief when she had her two daughters 19 months apart. How was I supposed to tell them that my second baby was due to arrive a mere 12 1/2 months after my son? God knew what He was doing. If I’d had time to really think about what we’d been through with Ryley, if I’d had time to consider all that might happen again, I might not have had anymore children.

I won’t bore you with the details….Suffice it to say, Grace was blessedly a full-term baby. She had to be forced out by induction at 41 weeks and 1 day. I went from 14 weeks early to 8 days late, all the course of a year. She came out with a pout on her face, literally. I have pictures of the pout. She was a relatively easy baby. She was extremely independent. She was not as cuddly as I was used to with Ryley. She did not want to be held all the time. But she definitely let you know when she wanted something. She had everything pink. Her closet looked like Pepto Bismol exploded in it….pink EVERYWHERE. And I lost part of my husband’s heart to her. I didn’t regret that one bit….I was and am a Daddy’s girl….I so wanted that for my hubby and daughter.

It was a blessing and also a challenge…..Two babies so close together. Now, I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are the best of friends. They have almost always had each other.

Funny, when we were pregnant with her, and found out we were having a girl, we already had the name Grace picked out. Michael was adamant he did not want ANYONE to call her Gracie. HAH!!! How can you have a Grace and not call her Gracie? At school, no one calls her Grace. All her papers, all her artwork, even her cubby, are labelled Gracie. The only time we call her Grace at home is when she’s in trouble and she gets the middle name along with it. Funny that.

Grace is NOT graceful. You’ve heard about all the black eyes, the broken arm, etc. This weekend alone she tripped during ballet (no damage done!), and then fell and hit her mouth on a bed, which resulted in yet another bruise and a fat lip. I’m praying she outgrows this clumsiness, and grows into her name. With her big blue eyes, little round face, and halo of curls (thank goodness her hair is growing back and still curly after Ryley attacked it TWICE with the scissors!), she lights up the room with her smile.
Grace is a miracle, she is my healing gift of a child.

8 thoughts on “My grace

  1. Oh Donna! She truly is your miracle!! After all you described, she is God’s grace sent to you, in the form of Grace!! After all you went through with Ryley, He figured you needed some Grace to see you through!! And you are right, you cannot have a Grace & not call her Gracie….just doesn’t happen!! I am glad she is a daddy’s girl & your pretty, pretty princess!! Those brothers with those scissors *scowl*….hmmmmmmmm!!!! Glad her curls are growing back!! Thanks for sharing your *miracle* with us!! Hugs!!

  2. Donna –
    My best friend has PCOS, and her firstborn, Kelena, got here via in vitro fertilization. Low and behold, she was pregnant (on her own) with Bryson a mere 5 months after Kelena’s birth. While Kelena wasn’t a preemie – they are still close in age! I think that almost puts you in “mulitple” range! I call her a semi-multiple mom! 2 kids in diapers, etc. Grace sounds perfectly “graceful”, albeit clumsy. She grabs your heart (and her daddy’s) and that is exactly what daughters are meant to do. Be just enough girl….and just enough tough. Perfection. Denise

  3. Donna, What an incredible little girl….who comes from a most incredible family! Wow! I cannot imagine how mystified and terrified you felt when Gracie raised a positive pg score! After all of your trying….*unrelentlessly* trying to get pregnant….BAM-O you get the princess of your dreams. You are *such* a super mom….super gal…and I am *so* glad you have your sweet girl to go do those girly girl things with….What a blessing! I love my boys- but I would not trade my girl…Oh no! She can be trying … exhuasting…and a pouty face too…but my family would be totally different without her sweet self touching our lives and stealing our hearts. Thank you for sharing Grace….um-hm- Gracie with us! She has completely warmed my heart today! HUGS! Melissa

  4. Donna, What a beautiful entry for your daughter to one day read! It is filled with so much love and gratitude. I’m sure she will cherish it always. I especially loved, (and burst out laughing), the “Pepto Bismo” line! Having 2 son’s and 1 “girlie”, my daughter, Andrea’s room, everything in it, and on her , was pink, pink, and MORE pink!..well maybe a little white thrown in there, lol..Grace sounds like she is a reflection of a wonderful, loving family! Thank you for sharing it! Blessing’s & hug’s, Mary Jo

  5. Grace is such a cherished middle child surrounded by boys… of course pink! If I ever had a little girl it would pink, toile, lavender and flowers all the way! I am so glad God knew what he was doing when he sent you Grace. How healing it must have been to reach every week beyond 26. And when 40 hit I bet you were elated! You should print this and put it in “Gracie’s” scrapbook. *hugs*

  6. Donna,
    She sounds like my girls, steal your heart and go out to play. She sounds like a sweetheart. My niece had her boys 9 months and 3 weeks apart and they were both full term. Little girls are usually daddy’s girls and boy’s are usually momma’s boys, that is how it is at my house. Don’t you just love it when they decide to be their own barber? Frankie and Rachel have both done it, and Rachel did her friends hair. Glad to hear that her hair is growing back just as pretty as before. Susan

  7. Sweet, sweet Grace!! One of our top girl names! We’ll never get to use it. We were only going to have two. I can’t imagine which of these boys wouldn’t be here! Thankfully, through the miracle of infertility (and treatment!) we ended up with three!! Yay!! So one of ours wasn’t “supposed” to be here either.

  8. Donna! What a blessing to be given GRACE!!!! She has definitely endured the war wounds from her brothers and the furniture that gets in her way!! What an amazing family……all because of a little marital interaction……hmmmmmmmmm! You are truly blessed with wonderful children and I am so happy that you share them with us. Hugs to you! Brenda

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