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A schweitzer halloween

And great fun was had by all!! Had to start at the end instead of the beginning, just to be different!

Our night was great. Dropped the older two off at the neighbor’s to start eating dinner while I ran home to gather costumes, dump the candy into the candy bucket, and light the candles in the pumpkins. Then time for pizza!! The kids were so excited, I’m surprised they ate at all!! Finally, it was time for costumes and trick or treating!!!!!! Daylight savings has really made a difference….it was COMPLETELY dark before we got outside to start on our merry way. We got smart this year, and took the wagon for the babies. Ryley, Grace and Nathan took off down the street, anxious and excited to fill their bags and buckets with candy. We actually remembered the camera this year, so here are some pics of our night…..Sorry about the red eye. My digital is ANCIENT in the world of technology!

Hope everyone had a GREAT and safe Halloween!!!!!

ps…..Buzz Lightyear is Nathan and Tinkerbell is Kaitlyn, the two little kids who live across the street and whom we spend just about everyday playing with!




6 thoughts on “A schweitzer halloween

  1. Happy halloween! Now this is what childhood memories are made of! Looks like a great evening. So… how much candy have mom and dad stolen??? LOL!

  2. We had to “check” a few pieces out, just to be on the safe side and make sure everything was okay for the kids, you know!!!!! LOL!

  3. OMGosh!! They are SOOOO cute!! Those Schweitzer kids, I am telling you what!! They are ADORABLE!!! Yoda….how CUTE!! Thanks, Donna, that’s what I needed today!! CUTE!! CUTE!! CUTE!!! P.S….it’s our job to *check* it out & make sure it’s *safe*….teeheehee!!

  4. I absolutely LOVED the Yoda costume! We went through a lot to get it, and it was worth every minute! I couldn’t believe Ethan left the hat on the entire time, and actually fussed when I took it off of him last night! He was just so darn cute in it!

  5. Oh, I missed this set of pictures! Donna! How precious…scrumptious….Oh your bunch is sweeter than candy! Thanks for sharing your adorable pictures! Monster Hugs! Melissa

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