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Why i hate mornings

I really dread mornings. I mean DREAD them….I hate the alarm, even though I almost never have to wait for it to wake me up….Usually, I have been awoken long before my alarm has a chance to sound. Quite seriously, 7AM would be “sleeping in” at my house…….The reason why? My beautiful, wonderful children and their wonderful father.

First, Michael usually gets up at around 4 or so to go to the gym and into work for a bit (he works 5 minutes from our house). He does came back home to shower, get Ryley and Grace dressed, and give the kids breakfast. But he wakes me up….Lights on, banging drawers as he gets his gym clothes out and puts them on…UGH!

Next is Ethan….He has been waking up between 4:30 and 4:45 almost every morning. Yesterday, he blessedly went back to sleep until six after fussing for a few minutes. Not so this morning. So today, I have been awake since 4:50am, unwillingly awake. We put him to bed at 7 each night, which is actually pushing it because he’s tired by 6. I’d put him to bed later, but it has proven ineffective at getting him to sleep later in the morning. I’ve tried EVERYTHING…warmer jammies, cooler jammies, socks/no socks, letting him fuss, giving him a cup of water…NOTHING WORKS! This morning, I tried, really tried, to go back to sleep after Ethan finally ended up in our room with his milkies, but he started talking and didn’t stop, chasing the cat around the bed and then the room saying “babadee” (his word for cat?!!!) and then “uh-oh, I sorry” when he stepped on the cat’s tail. This went on for fifteen minutes, until the next “issue” walked in.

Somewhere in all the morning disaster already described above, Grace and Ryley come into our room. How I wish I could just lock my door sometimes! But then Drama Queen Grace would just sit in the hallway outside my door screaming and kicking the door (been there, done that when the door accidentally got locked one night!). Michael used to let them in our bed…..Not anymore….I’ve had enough! So now they drag their blankets and pillows in and lay down on the floor, but then want to play. By this time, the alarm I so prayerfully set the night before has been going off for 5 minutes and I haven’t even noticed it over the din of my three children and my husband.

I hate mornings!! And yes, this happens even on Saturdays and Sundays………..

7 thoughts on “Why i hate mornings

  1. Such an absurd hour. I would hate it too! You really need a latte’. I’m sending empathy because those hours are ones my family dares not “wake the monster”. Gavin will even ask gingerly for something in the morning, then add, “…or should I ask again after you’ve had your coffee?” To which I sleepily nod and drag myself to the espresso machine.
    You must be kinder than I in the AM, because I think my kids fear me before coffee. *sends you a virtual quad-shot*

  2. 3 more days! 3 more days! Just keep saying that over & over again until it sinks in!! But like I said before, you will not get *rest* in NY…but peace & quiet from your restless children & your hubby! <hands Donna a gingerbread latte>….there…now drink up & don’t think about those kids!! Can’t wait to get you in NY away from your hectic mornings!! LOL!! Like NY won’t be hectic…but no little ones to drag around or to sleep on your floor (unless I fall outta bed)!! HUGS to get you through this tiresome day!!

  3. I’m not actually that nice, which I why I end up yelling at them when they’re not listening, not getting their shoes on, fighting, not getting in the car, etc, in the morning. Then I feel like the evil mother!

  4. Donna! I would be in a panic if my hubby or kids *dared* wake me every morning at *that* ungodly hour. What are they *thinking*? There are days I want to bury my head when Donovan starts crying for no obvious reason at 4 AM. I am sooooo stingy with my sleep, I have a hard fast rule…I’ll go to your room to check on you….You do not come into my bed unless it is a dire emergency…And if my husband starts sobbing in the middle of the night asking for milk – the same rule would apply to him! lol HUGS! Melissa

  5. Melissa, I think I’m going to adopt your rule. Michael’s just such a pushover with them, and he’s up anyways, so just assumes it’s okay. UGH! And he knows that I am NOT NICE in the mornings, can’t even converse until I’ve had my shower…so ruin that and it’s going to be an UGLY day in the Schweitzer household! He still doesn’t get it after almost 10 years!! Thanks for the giggle Melissa! I needed it! And thanks Sharlene for the latte….That’s #3 for the day! HUGS!

  6. OH you POOR WOMAN!!!! 4a.m. That’s the middle of the night!!! How about a sleepover at my house… for you!! I promise I will not let any one wake you before the alarm, set to any hour you wish!!! We have a rule at our house… not allowed out of your bed before 7a.m., unless you are sick… and that’s the ONLY time you’re allowed in our bed!!! I get no sleep if there are any extra bodies in my bed!! If its still dark, then it is still the middle of the night!! I have faith that, eventually, he’ll outgrow this!!! HUGS and sweet DREAMS!!

  7. I pray EVERY NIGHT that my kids will learn that dark outside = don’t go into Mommy and Daddy’s room! But I’ve been praying that EVERY NIGHT for the past four years! I agree with you, if it’s still dark, it’s the middle of the night. Not even the stickers for ice cream and other treats are keeping them in their beds in the morning!

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