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Moty moments this month

No, you’re not imagining things….I am on SHARE today!! And I’m updating my blog! Most of you know I’ve lost access to SHARE at work, which has pretty much cut out all of my time here. It has literally been so depressing and upsetting for me, along with alot of other things going on in the Schweitzer household…..

What is it with five year old boys? Or is it just mine? For the past two weeks, I have dreaded pickup time at preschool, and it’s not due to the horrid plastic bag when Ryley has had a potty accident. A couple of weeks ago, the afternoon teacher, Jamie, said she needed to talk to me. Ryley’s morning teacher’s had brought it to her attention that Ryley had become pretty aggressive, and was getting frequent timeouts. They, and we, hadn’t seen this behavior from him before. He was not being vicious about it, but, in play, would get overly aggressive and hit or scratch. He’d get on timeout, and as soon as he was off timeout, would go right back to the behavior. WHAT?!!!! Now my kid is “that mean Schweitzer kid” at school!!! It’s thankfully gotten better after conversations and punishments at home, and continued timeouts and conversations at school. We know that whenever Ryley is on the rescue inhalers, he has behavioral issues. He just gets pumped up and out of control, but the behavior continued a week after being off of the rescue inhalers. To top it off, I picked him up yesterday and was at his cubby gathering things when I saw Jamie coming with “that” kind of look on her face. Uh-oh……….My stomach tightened and my heart started beating faster. Jamie let me know that yesterday, during outside play, Ryley and another little boy were overheard repeatedly saying the F-word!!!!!!!!! Ryley is adamant it was entirely the other boy, but Ryley is also going through a self-preservation lying period, so who knows……..I’m not going to say that our house ALWAYS has pristine language, but we are very careful that that word is never overheard by our children. I was speechless. My son saying the f-word? So now I have “that mean Schweitzer kid that swears” at our Christian preschool!!!!

Ethan and I spent the late afternoon at the doctor’s office today. Because dealing with a hitting, scratching, swearing 5 year old hasn’t been enough, Ethan’s right fingers got smashed in our coffee table’s lid (our table has storage inside of it, with a hinged lid on top). His tiny fingers are so swollen you can’t even see the knuckle lines, and he has a wonderful bruise forming on his middle finger. GREAT! He has been using that hand, and has motility in those fingers, but to be on the safe side, I took him in to have it checked. The fingers are blessedly not broken. I’m almost afraid to ask what else might happen this month! Mom of The Year for December over here

As for everything else, my sister Debby continues her battle against cancer. We found out last week that the spot on her lung has increased in size. She went to the oncologist today. I don’t have any updates from that. She battles lung and liver cancer now. I haven’t gotten through a day without crying in the past week. I’ll see her Saturday at our family Christmas.

Hope you all are well. I have missed you all, and SHARE, dreadfully. Honestly, if anyone wants my IT guy’s email address, I’ll happily send it to you. He’s taken to ignoring my latest pleas to get SHARE back at work. They haven’t blocked it, but our server is having issues with some sites, some links, and this is one of them. Not a priority for him to fix, but it’s coming at the worst time!!!


11 thoughts on “Moty moments this month

  1. Donnnnaaaa, <running to give you a great BIG giant HUG> I’m so sorry that you are struggling with all of this, and no SHARE to vent!! I’m so, so sorry. I believe that kids behavior can be cyclic, maybe it follows the moon, I don’t know. Any way… they are good for several weeks, and then WHAM… this other being comes out in them…. kinda like… Michele, and Michelle…. hehehehehe!!
    Keep doing what you’re doing.. Ryley will get the message, loud and clear, when its consistent on all grounds!! As for the swearing….. we just had an incident, in the car, similar to that while driving home from sledding. Rachel was in her seat, chattering away about who knows what… and out of the blue we hear…. “Damn lady, Damn lady”… and then back to whatever she was talking about. Kirk and I just looked at one another, as if to say.. Did you just hear what I heard? Poor E… the poor baby!! Glad to hear no broken bones… but that can’t feel very good. Give him some extra smooches from Auntie Karri!! As for Debby, I’m so sorry for all of this. I know you are scared, feel helpless, and powerless to all of this. Please don’t carry this alone… Please call me when you are upset, and crying again. I know you want to be strong.. but sometimes you just can be strong any more. That’s what we are all here for!! I continue to pray for Debby, daily. Enjoy your weekend with her, and your family. Laugh, and smile, until it hurts!! HUGS!!

  2. GIANT HUGS BACK!!! Keep the prayers coming, please! She needs them, I need them, my family needs them. HAHAHAHAHAAHA….Damn lady!! HAHAHAHAH!!! That’s a good one! Ryley’s on a swearing tear…..last week, he was watching tv and all of the sudden he said, “what the hell?!” Oooopppsss!! Yes, I am a terrible mother! HUGS!

  3. Maybe when you figure out how to eliminate the F word with your 5 year old, you can give me advice for my nearly 21 year old. Mamma mia. I continue to send beams to Debby for healing. As to the IT guy, I’m sending him “get off your seat, man” beams! At least he’s figured out what the problem is. That’s a step in the right direction!

  4. Thanks, Nancy. I’ll let you know on the swearing thing…OI!!! A swift kick in IT guy’s pants might do the trick! I’m tired of this!!!

  5. Donna –
    So glad you came back….if even just for a brief moment. We miss you so much! I am praying for your sister with all I have in me. We had Leighton add it to her prayer list, too (although she thinks she is praying for her Aunt Debbie…but that’s ok). I lost my brother when he was 29, I was 21. I am praying that your sister heals, and you have her in your life for many years to come. As far as the swearing….hmmm…I wish I could help. I was just telling Sharlene how we’re at dinner, with my in-laws, and Leighton said “Son of a Bitch” when she dropped her fork. Needless to say, I dropped mine, too. I may have slipped and cussed a few times with them, but I’m guessing this language came straight out of her Dad’s mouth. And, when she was going up the stairs with my mom the other day, she told her “my daddy said to keep your damn hands off the wall”. I’m stumped. So if you figure out how to stop it, let me know! I wish things were much smoother for you right now. And I hope you have a magnifcant weekend with your family. Minus cuss words with all healed up fingers, and a special time with your sister. Hugs to you,

  6. Donna…. <runs to join Karri in that gigantious hug>…..it is so nice to see you!! You are so very missed & so very loved, I just hope you know that!! What a terrible time for you!! Keeping Debby in my continued prayers, as well as you & the rest of your family!! Enjoy your family Christmas with her & the rest this weekend, that will be nice!! Don’t know what to say about Mr. Ryley….geesh…kids!!! Taylor’s had her mouth washed out with soap a few times for saying bad words, so she’s kinda calmed down on that bit! As far as the behavior, iyiyi…..why is it kids are great one day & little hellions the next? My 10 year old is that way, with attitude that’ll knock you on your feet!! Like Karri said, stick to your guns, make it consistent, and he’ll learn!! I have a friend who told her son the other day *if you don’t stop…I’m gonna pop ya*…he looked at me & said…*ya…but she never does ‘pop’ us*…….hence the problem!! If you say you’re going to do something when he acts up…follow through so he knows you’re serious & not playing any games!!! Give Ethan big hugs & some treats for being such a brave little boy!! Poor baby!!! So good to see you again…as for your IT guy….why do they not care that you need us to help you work better?……give him a swift kick in the bootey from your Share gals!! Big hugs & lotsa love,

  7. I can’t believe you were online for 2 whole hours and I missed it! I am in such Donna withdrawal it isn’t even funny. I totally took for granted that I’d just log in and see you during the week. *sigh* As for Ryley – it’s not just him. Gavin has taken to stealing toys, roughing up his brothers and making sure he gets his way. At first, I thought this was typical bossy first-child stuff. But it’s not – he is a regular bully at times. I keep telling him that someday he’s going to try and pull this with a child his own size and he is going to be quite upset at what happens. The good things is, he is 5. He still has lots of time to learn what is and isn’t appropriate before those ‘tween and teen hormones kick in and these outbursts are paired with testosterone. If you’re not afraid of that, yet – I can tell you that I AM!!! You’re a great mom. He’ll get out of this. I think the excitement of the holidays can lend itself to crazy behavior. Kids have no idea how to harness this extra excitement into something positive. Hopefully it’s warm enough there that he can still go outside everyday and burn off energy. Until then, if you learn any secrets to making it go away, do tell! I’m all ears for that info. Prayers, as always, for Debby.

  8. Hi! Sorry you have had so much going on lately. I was just thinking I had not seen your blog updated for awhile and was wondering how you guys were. Jaden has had some cuss words come out of his mouth also. It gives me some relief that my kid is not the only one. He told his grandma the other day that she had a big and needed a new one for Christmas!!! -Where did that come from??? Kids!!

  9. Hey, Donna!!! Sorry so much has been happening lately and you haven’t been been able to tell us about it! Looks like you’re getting make-up hugs though. Sorry to hear about Ethan and Ryley! Oh my goodness. It’s so easy for me to say at ONE that my kids, of course, will never do anything terrible. Heck, it’s hard enough to say that they *already* don’t misbehave!!! I hope you and Debby have a good time this weekend and can Share some hugs and memories. HUGS, DONNA!!!!! Kara

  10. Donna, I don’t know how I missed this post! Sorry! Wow. What a load has been dropped in your lap! I hope that by now Ethan’s fingers have healed. My prayers are going up for your sister. As for Ryley…well, I don’t have any words of wisdom. It appears that Luke has been somewhat of an “Enforcer” at school. He’ll go to great lengths to make sure the rules are being followed. (including snatching toys and pushing, hitting, etc. which of course, is against the rules!) Must just be that age…*sigh*. Great big hugs to you. Have a wonderful Christmas! Page

  11. Donna, I can totally relate to you on so many levels. First, I can no longer access SHARE at work either. It happened about 3 weeks ago and I am very upset about it. Not that I spent a lot of time on SHARE, but it was nice to go on during the day and just help me put things in perspective. Next, the issues you are having with Ryley. Although not exactly the same, my 4 1/2 year old good little boy is missing right now. I think most of his issues are because he is jealous of his little sister. I expected the jealousy to come out when she was born, but it is now appearing, as she approaches 1 year old. It started when she began crawling and required more of my time. I will say an extra prayer for your sister…I can only imagine how difficult this must be for her and your family. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! CHristi

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