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Baby speak

From the time I found out I was pregnant with #3, I wondered what Ethan would look like and what his personality would be. After he arrived, I wondered what he would sound like when he started to talk. In the past few months, his speech has really taken off. I love to hear him talk. Sometimes, as any parent of a learning-to-speak-toddler knows, it’s a frustrating process, for him and for me. He knows exactly what he’s saying, and wil repeat it over and over in an effort to make me understand. There are times it takes me weeks to figure out what a certain word means for him. (this is when I wish we’d learned and taught more signs with him!). His vocabulary is rapidly expanding, and putting together two and occasionally three words is common. It just blows my mind how quickly they can learn. He repeats every sound we make, and he’s talking from the minute he gets up, to the time I shut his door to put him to sleep at night. Nearly every night, I hear him say “ni-ni momma” over and over again, even after I close his door. It makes me want to run back into his room, and pick him up for just one more squeeze.

He talks non-stop, often carrying on conversations with himself. I have no idea what language it is he’s speaking. It sounds nothing like English much of the time, but there’s inflection there and it cracks me up to hear it. I’ll ask him about his day when I pick him up from daycare and get a running monolog until we get to preschool to pick up Ryley and Grace. He has a lot to say, and is in a hurry to get it all out before he has to compete with his brother and sister. The words no, mine, up-peez (up please), shoo (juice), baba (for milk), and peez (please) are commonly heard. He defiinitely knows what he wants, and will tell you all about it.

I have been so blessed with him. Sometimes, before and during my pregnancy with him, I wondered if we were tempting fate one too many times by trying for a third. But we have been blessed, and he is so precious to me. They all are, and each of the three have their own special place in their heart for when they came, how they came, and who they are.

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6 thoughts on “Baby speak

  1. Donna, I love this blog! And, I love this stage, too! I think Ethan and Logan sound like they’d have a blast babbling eachother’s ears off! Your blog could have been written by me; Logan seems to be in this stage, too. And I knew just what you’re talking about with the wanting to run back in for an extra squeeze hearing them saying “ni nite momma” over and over. Oh! My heart just could explode with joy, and I knew exactly the feeling you’re talking about. My favorite is hearing Gavin or Aleks say something, then Logan will repeat the last word or two with the same inflection. For example, Gavin asked, ” Hey Mommy, can we got outside and play?” and Logan parrots. ” ‘side ‘n’ pay?” I just want to scoop him up and kiss him, he’s so cute! I wish we closer, our kids would have such fun on a playdate… they are all at the same ages and stages!
    Happy speaking to Ethan!

  2. Donna –
    I just love this post! I’m past this stage with Leighton…and am eagerly awaiting it with Emerson. It’s the best time! Denise

  3. Donna,
    I so remember this stage with Taylor…and running back in every now and again just to hug her once more!! It is what I refer to as *baby-nese*….so cute…so adorable…so fun to see the look on their faces when they discover a new word & see the look on your face!! Thanks for bringing me back to this place…Taylor just loves hearing about those days when she spoke *baby-nses*!! My twin nieces are sort of in this stage…just beginning…and I just pick them up & squeeze them with delight when they say funny & adorable things!! I feel the pure joy in your words over how blessed you are with Ethan & all your children!!

  4. Donna,
    Isn’t it a wonderful stage. William is a little past this stage but still a talker. He is saying small sentences that are pretty clear but talks all day long. It is so cute to just listen to them and try to get a glimpse of what they are thinking about. What a wonderful time. I love the picture. What a beautiful family you have. Thanks for sharing it. God Bless,

  5. Go Ethan!!! Oh, I can’t wait for the boys to talk more. The only one we get now is “bah-bah” (bottle). My little piggies, first word isn’t Mama or Dada is “FOOD!” Keep talkin’, Ethan!! Kara

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