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T-ball, ballet and everything else

This was an eventful weekend in our household. Grace had her usual ballet class on Saturday morning (Goodness, but I can’t wait until second year ballet when we don’t have to be there until 9am instead of 8!!), and was measured for her first recital costume! The recital isn’t actually until the June 25th, but I’m already anticipating it. I can’t wait to see her and the other little girls in her class, all dressed up in their fancy leotards complete with tutus and ruffs! They are dancing to a song called “I’m a ballerina doll” and they all will look like little dolls! We’ve already been warned not to expect much more than them standing there on stage with blank looks on their face for the duration, but it will be precious.

Saturday, we also signed Ryley up for his first year of T-Ball. Didn’t Brenda just go through this with Benjamin? I remember the weekly updates of Benjamin and his team. Be prepared, I am a baseball-loving person, and have been waiting for this day from the moment we brought Ryley home from the hospital. So be prepared for many t-ball stories and pictures (did I mention I got a new digital camera for Christmas?). Michael even signed up to coach, which should be REALLY INTERESTING!!!! I can’t wait to see that either! I love my husband dearly, but I’m not sure he was cut out to coach his son’s t-ball team!

Where can the time have gone? Just yesterday, I was picking out baby names, nursery gear, and the ideal labor and delivery. How is it that we are entertaining ideas of team flags and what color tights are going to go best with recital costumes? One minute, I’m wondering if my son is ever going to come off of CPAP, and the next minute, he’s running the bases like a champ. God bless them, they are precious to us, and the adventure is just beginning!

6 thoughts on “T-ball, ballet and everything else

  1. Oh, I can’t wait to see t-ball pictures! I started off in t-ball, and then played softball all the way through highschool. I can’t wait for the girls to be old enough to play! My mom told me that kids grow in the blink of an eye…and I believe it. Like you said – one minute they are on CPAP..the next running bases…. Amazing. Hugs,

  2. Ack! You’re going to make me cry, Donna. I am thinking the same thoughts lately as I pack away the kidlets old baby toys…and prepare for a massive All Baby Garage Sell. It is sad and exciting …. all balled up into another great adventure. I cannot wait to hear all about ballet and ball games. Your ball games were *so* entertaining….I want to see you beat your Pink Cleat memories. HUGS! Melissa

  3. Donna, Ballet recitals & t-ball games, isn’t this what being a mom is made up of…watching our children do things they love & see the looks on their faces when they succeed!! I can’t wait to see the pictures of your darling little ones in their tutus & uniforms…how bittersweet it will be for you!! Taylor was in ballet & I loved her recitals…they were so tearfilled & memory staken…she was a cute little ballerina…as I am so sure Gracie is!! Hopefully she follows her name & is full of grace & poise!! Hugs to you as you watch your little ones go from youngsters to children you watch with amazement as they venture new & exciting things!! Can’t wait to hear all about them all!!! HUGS!!

  4. Ballet class and t-ball games..it’s great, isn’t it. My little girl started dance class a couple months ago for preschoolers 2-4 yrs. She’s the only 2 year old, but she loves it and I just love watching her. And I can’t wait until Brandon is big enough for sports, although I’m more of a soocer fan myself and daddy likes hockey so who knows what he’ll be playing. Start using the new camera and send us some pictures of your ballerina and little slugger.

  5. I loved t-ball! I was one of those moms, cheering, clapping and “hooray”ing from the sidelines. Gavin was so distracted and could barely hit the ball to where the pitcher stood, but it was so much fun to go and do “normal” boy things. Randy also coached the team… which actually means pulling all the boys off the huddle at the end of each hit because they all run after the ball – ragardless of what position they play. I would laugh until my belly hurt at the piles of kids like a fumble in a football game.
    Can’t wait to see pics of Ryley in his gear.
    And pricess Grace will be in a recital??? I so wish I lived closer, I would love to be there to see her performance. There is nothing sweeter than the music rolling and the girls standing there looking at eachother, while the teacher “whisper-shouts” the counts and moves. LOL! Bring the camcorder! Sounds like exciting thigs to come, can’t wait to see the pics.

  6. Donna, I’ve been having the same types of thoughts this week. Between Will starting his class, and the girls 5th birthday coming up !!! You are going to ABSOLUTELY LOVE T-ball! Its so entertaining… great comic relief!! Miss Gracie, the ballerina!! I can’t wait to see the pictures of the tutu, and the recital. I know its a long way off. I’m even more anxious for June to get her now!! As my Christmas letter said… they grow WAY to fast!! HUGS!

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