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It’s amazing how quickly one’s blog gets booted to the second page (or 3rd, or 4th….) anymore around here!!! WOW!! We have a lot of great bloggers, and I just love hearing how all these precious babies are doing, what everyone’s up to, and those insights you all give. We are truly blessed to have SHARE to come to.

I was thinking the other day about nicknames. When we got pregnant with Ryley, I wondered what we would end up calling him. Not his name, which was one of the all-important decisions, but what would we *call* him……..My brother, sister, and I each had our nicknames from our Dad, which stick with us to this day. They are just part of who we are. Do nicknames get chosen as our personalities develop? Come from how we look? Or are they just endearments that pop out of our parents’ mouths and just stick? Then when you have one for one child, are you forced to find one for another child?

Within days of Ryley’s birth, probably the first morning I got to go see him in the NICU, “good morning Sunshine” came out of my mouth…….I started singing the Sunshine song to him, and he was called sunshine. He was, and is, the light of my life. My mother in law, however, gave him the nickname that has really stuck with him. My in-laws had just moved to San Diego right before Ryley was born. They called often after his birth to see how he was each day. She would ask how her Ryley-Roo was that day. And Roo stuck. He has been Roo ever since. I finally found him a stuffed Roo when I was in NYC in November. He is old enough now to understand the significance. I’m sure as he gets older, he won’t want to be called Roo anymore than I wanted to be called by my nickname (I’m not giving THAT away!), but it’s part of him. Somewhere in my heart/head, he will always be Ryley-Roo, or just Roo. Gracie never calls Ryley by his name. To her, he is “Brother”. Even at school, you can hear her call out to him…..”Brother, where are you?” It cracks me up. I will be sad if he ever becomes “Ryley” to her instead of “brother”.

We don’t really have a nickname for Grace. She is mostly called Gracie, and sometimes called Princess, but those aren’t really nicknames. I wonder if she’ll get one as she grows older. About the only other thing I’ve called her is curly-girl, but that was before the haircuts! Ethan calls Grace “sister”. I don’t know how this is easier for his toddler mouth to wrap around, but that’s what he calls her. He does not, however, call Ryley brother. Funny.

Ethan has somewhat of a nickname…He is “E” most of the time, or Ethan-E (his middle name starts with an E). My father in law started calling him E-squared after he was born, but that didn’t really fly with me, and he stopped calling him that. I don’t know why it bothered me, but it did.

Nicknames are strange. I think they show a certain affection, a certain acknowledgement of personality and attachment. Friends give us nicknames, our parents give us nicknames. They become who we are, or do we become what our nicknames name us?

9 thoughts on “Nicknames

  1. Love this! I was actually thinking about this lately because I was thinking Lorne probably hardly knows his name. He is “Chomps”. Even his grandparents have relented and it cracks me up to hear them call him that! When he was in the NICU, when he would eat (back when he ATE!) he would “chomp” on the nipple instead of really sucking. You know those preemies and you have to give them lots of chin support. That was sooo Lorne. I have been making an effort lately to use his name more b/c I’m afraid he won’t recognize it and will only respond to Chomps!! Of course, sometimes it’s Chomps, Chompers, Chompies, Chompified, Chompy-town, Chompilicious… I could go on…. The other two don’t really have one. My step-brother started to call Sullivan “Sully Mac” or “Sully McB” but I put an end to THAT quickly!! Mine, of course, (I’m sure this is obvious…) was Kare-bear.

  2. Donna, I’m not telling you my nickname either….Nope…Not even you! But, it was all in the name of affection…And not by my parents….by my friends. Though I HATED it …even then. :>) I love nicknames….I really do….they bring so much character into how we call out our loved ones….And they are such fun. Ryley will feel special…even if he doesn’t want to be calle Roo always…That he has a nickname. He’ll cherish it always..and smile when he recalls it. Not just anyone can be honored with a nickname! So…psssst….what was yours? Just blog it…I promise I won’t tell anyone! :>) Tehehehehehe Melissa

  3. My husband is the king of the nicknames. He gave me one when we started dating, the kids, my parents, everyone. Kendra is K-Boog (as in Kendra boogie…because she is a dancer), Kobe is Bam Bam because he is small but strong. I think nicknames are endearing. Kobe calls Kendra Mimi, I’m not sure where it came from, there was a time when he called her Mimi goo boo…now it’s just Mimi. I truly believe they will be old and gray and he will still call her that. Hugs,

  4. Donna –
    You know we’re all about nicknames! And I sooo swore we wouldn’t be. I’ve been Dee or DeDe my whole life. Hardly ever Denise. I’m Aunt DeDe. Dee mostly to my siblings and parents. Leighton is Weetie. Charlie started calling her Sweetie, and it got shortened to Weetie. She is still Weetie. Emerson is Ember or Nic. So we’re a nicname family! I love them – and I think they “become” their nicknames. Don’t know what that says for little Lorne “chomps” McBurney …….but I love nicknames!

  5. your babies all have the cutest nicknames. Gracie calling Rylie “Brother” as well as Ethan calling Gracie “Sister” is just too cute… no one calls him brother though… We have a courier named Ernie and we call him “Lil E” because he’s a little person. He is so funny and loves it. We even made him a Tshirt and mug with his nickname on it. We’ve given all but one of our kiddos nicknames and she is really concerned that she doesn’t have a nickname so she gave herself one “Princess Sayble”. We call Madalynn “Maddy”, Mom calls her “Maddy Paddy” (which I dislike) I call her “Bay-Bay” She calls me “Key” in her girliest voice. Malachi is “Kai”, Hailee is “Jade” (her middle name) or “Doodle” as in the song I used to sing to her “Hailee Doodle” and my sister calls her “Noodle” cause she’s skinny and wiggles alot. Kandice’s nickname is probably the best… we call her “Lifesaver” because she the Kandee with the hole (ha ha). My best friend in school and I had secret nicknames we gave each other. I was BE FRIE and she was ST NDS… we got each other those funny little best friends lockets when we were young and I had the side with Be Frie and she had the St Nds. I too love nicknames… My Grandma didn’t have nicknames for us… she would ramble off all of our names until she finally called out the right one… it was too funny. “Hey…. Robert… Roberta… Richard…. Ranee…. Angela…. Austin… John… Monica…. Kandice…. Krystal….. can you please go and do ______ for me” …. LOL. My nickname….. is usually just Krys, babe(by Jamie), honey(also by Jamie)…. “Sis” by my Mom…. or I answer to Kandice too as well as “Hey Twin”. You might have to start a discussion on cute nicknames… I’m sure we’d hear some great ones… lol

  6. Nicknames are strange. Sometime I will have to tell you mine. i have several and the lastest one coming last Tuesday. They seem to stick and I don’t know why. Phoenix had one from day one and it was AJ (it was from my father in law). We both hated it and he was the only one to call him that. He is from the old school and don’t like different names. he thinks that baby’s should be names after someone in the family. That is his belief and he is entitled to that. Somtimes nicknames are so funny. We will tak about mine later. Angi “Phoenix’s Mom”

  7. Donna, I really enjoyed this blog, and all the comments, too! I really like nick names, and all of my children have several…different names for different occasions. Funny, when Grace was first starting to talk, she always called Bethany “Sissy”. (sounded like seesee.) Then, when Luke started talking he called Grace Sissy…but not Bethany. She was always Betny. He calls Grace Grace now, but still calls Bethany Betny. I don’t understand, but it’s so CUTE! Thanks for opening this can of worms! Hugs!

  8. Donna, Oh how I love nicknames…my family STILL calls me my nickname when I go home to visit…and it’s always brought up at family gatherings the ones I *wanted* to be called…cause I really HATED the other one!! Taylor is Tator-Tot (which she loathes) or my favorite since she was a baby was Munchie…not sure why, just started calling her my little munchie…and still do sometimes…she doesn’t mind that!! Other than that she has no nicknames. George Daniel had many nicknames in his short life, Curious George, Peanut, Baby George (probably the most famous, that’s what Taylor called him)… Funny thing, my husbands name is WIlliam…his family all call him Bill….he is known to me & my family as Will (which his family HATES)…but his friends call him Spikole…(the guy from Fast Times at Ridgemont High)….so he is a man of many nicknames….and goes by them all…. Krystal, funny thing…my best friend in high school did that…had the necklace….she was be frie & I was st nds…..it was pretty funny!! My nicknames CANNOT be disclosed…sorry friends….they reveal SOOOO much about me it’s uncanny!! But Donna, since you’ve roomed with me & we’ve had this discussion, I may reveal it to you over an IM!!! Hugs to a great subject!!

  9. Ha Ha… Sharlene… I get you… There are a few of my nicknames that my sisters have leaked to my nephews and nieces… they call me those here and there and my blood boils… lol. Funny that you had the same nickname with your friend as I did… my friend has a little girl named Taylor too and her nickname is also Tater Tot… she hates it but we still call her that. She calls my niece Sayble “SideTable”… it’s cute.

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