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Now where did that come from

Well, it happened…..One of the things I swore would never ever happen in my life……I was doing laundry and looked down, and low and behold, there was my mother’s arm where my arm used to be!!!!!! AAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! In my rush to run away from the image, I turned around and caught my backside in the mirror above my bathroom vanity. ACK!! Not only do I have her arm, I have her tushy too!!!!!!!!! This is awful. How did this happen? Where did MY body go?

Things are not the same after three kids and gravity have taken effect. I’ve tried watching what I eat (yep, that was another See’s candy going straight from the box into my mouth…yep, I see that french fry on the plate that has somehow made its way to my face, etc, etc, etc), but it’s apparently not enough. Working full time with three young children at home, working out and eating healthy are luxuries that time doesn’t often afford. Horrible, horrible, horrible!!! And now my mother’s body is taking mine over. This just isn’t right. I want my body back!!!!

I have made this promise to myself many times over the past two years…I WOULD make the time to exercise, I WOULD eat healthier….it just doesn’t seem to play out for any extended period of time. This time, I HAVE to do it. Yes, it would be easier to sit on the couch watching the tv after the kids have gone to bed; yes, it is easier to throw hot dogs or chicken nuggets into the microwave than really cook after a long day at work; yes, it is easier to hit a drive-through than fix and eat a salad or whatever for lunch…..You get the picture. I just can’t take it any longer though…..I love my mother, but I DON’t WANT HER BODY!!!!

9 thoughts on “Now where did that come from

  1. I too have seen my Mother and Aunt’s bodies creeping into mine here and there. The thing I’ve found that makes things easier… I hate preparing salads so I go to McDonald’s or Wendy’s and buy like 5 of their side salads and they are the perfect size to fit in my lunch box for work. For $1 a piece I get salad, croutons, and salad dressing (heck even the utensils to eat them with). I don’t buy more than that though because I don’t want them to go bad before I use them up.

  2. Donna –
    I feel your pain…believe me. I was heavy (very) as a teenager, and went to Weight Watchers and lost 80 pounds by the time I was 25. Keeping that off was honestly easy – BEFORE I had kids. 3 pregnacies later (and a total of 150 pounds gained between the 3) and it’s very difficult. I do work out at least 3 days a week – but that clearly isn’t enough. And I find myself eating what’s left of Leighton’s lunch and/or dinner. Not good. I have 5 pounds left from Emerson – which may not sound like much – but I’m short, and that translates to a whole size for me. Trust me – I think we all feel your pain! Or most of us do, anyway! I’ve started bringing my lunch to work. It’s boring, but at least I know it’s not fattening. My work is literally right next door to a Panera. THAT’S hard to pass up! Take care –

  3. Good idea…..I just wish I really liked salad….during the summer when it’s hot, I Love them. During the winter, I want nothing to do with them!!! UGH!!!!!

  4. Denise, I am exactly where you are. I’ve got four pounds left over from Ethan that I keep taking off and putting back on, but it’s all in different places than it used to be, and I’m vertically challenged myself, so it’s harder to hide! UGH! I need to force myself to bring my lunch to work…It’s just so much more fun to go to Boll Weevil or the deli, or the mexican place down the street, etc, etc, etc!!! Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone! HUGs!

  5. I wish there was an easy solution for this! I wish snickers tasted like brussel sprouts, and celery made my mouth water like the smell of hot brownies.
    And then there is the number of hours in a day… If only we had, maybe 30 or so, we could all find time to work out every day.
    Sending you motivational wishes and good luck to stick to it!

  6. Donna, First off….you are a beautiful lady who should not at all worry about her figure or gravity. Honestly….when the rest of us compare ourselves to your trim figure…Well…Umph! <sticks out tongue….wiggles fingers in ears> But….I have enjoyed my time to go to the gym and get fit. For myself. Not for Brett. Not for the kidlets. For me. Taking care of me. I like that. It doesn’t only sound good … it *feels* good too. And my family benefits…I have more energy with the kids…And Brett likes to see a more fit me too (though he would NEVER admit it…hehehehehe) Hugs! Melissa

  7. Donna, Ha!! I laugh as I read….I just assume you skinny people don’t have these issues….but I guess we all struggle with what we consider to be excess!! I bring my lunch to work….when we have leftovers…or I bring some soup, cause I’m with you, salad in the winter is no good…but soup in the winter is yummy….and not bad!! There are days I don’t want to look like my mother…well…she looks good for her age, don’t get me wrong, but she’s much older than I & I don’t want to look like that…but I’d trade size with her at this point…. Hugs to you & your lifestyle change endeavor!!

  8. I hear you on the salads I get sick of them too after awhile and I start bringing my lunch like Denise. It is better than eating out of the machine or WOW I don’t think I could handle working right next to a Panera…. I would be in a carb coma… lol. Another good tip I’ve heard is parking far away… getting those few extra steps in just to help out. We have a long walk from our parking lot to my desk… instead of taking the first available spot I usually end up at the end of the lot… at the end of the day it sucks because I’m usually one of the last people to leave but… I get more steps in during the day. I work out when I can.. lately it’s been rough with my bad spine but I do what I can. Good luck to you. If you need encouragement I’m here for you… we could all help each other out… Share is a great place

  9. Donna,
    I soooo sympathize with you. I have always been thin and trim and after 4 children I am not so trim and thin. I have went up one pants size and can’t seem to get it off. I also can’t seem to find the time to go to the gym and work out. I am going to start going over to the mall (it is 2 1/2 blocks away) daily and walking around the building. I have started eating better and a little less at meal time. In the warmer weather I will start walking around the lake. I am hoping that by my birthday in August I can get back into the dress that my mom bought for me and I have only wore once. So here’s to us getting our own bodies back. God Bless,

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