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Friends, snow, sickness

We’re back, safe and sound, from our snow weekend. It was a great time….CROWDED in the cabin with three other families, but we all had so much fun! The kids especially got a kick out of playing together 24/7. Thank goodness the cabin had a HUGE backyard for the kids to play in!

When we moved to San Diego, I had a really hard time transitioning. I had quit my job of 10 years, moved away from most of my family, left my church home of 23 years, etc, etc, etc. I really struggled to adjust. Then we moved into our house and met David and Jennifer. They live across the street. They had this large group of friends much like us…young, married, kids, yuppies basically……..We were introduced and over the course of a few months, our socia life really picked up. I HAD FRIENDS!! I had things to do to keep me busy and think less about missing home. We started doing family things too……Last year was our first year going up to Big Bear, renting a cabin with a few families. What a blast! We were already planning this year’s trip by the time we were headed home. I love that we have a group of families to hang out with, travel with, do fun stuff with like this. The cabin was great….just what you’d picture when you think of mountain cabin in the snow! (except there wasn’t much snow up there this time!). Ryley and Grace went to Little Bear Ski Camp on Friday and Saturday. They both did great. I was a little worried about Grace….she could have gone either way with it. I figured she was either going to love it, or I would get a call to come pick her up off the side of the bunny slope as she sat there screaming! She loved it! YAY!!! They both looked so cute all bundled up and on their tiny skis. My favorite comment came from Ryley when we picked them up Saturday afternoon…..”Mommy, I got to go on the flying chairs!” I couldn’t help but laugh…..Once they reach a certain level, the instructors teach them how to get on and off the chair lift. That was Ryley’s favorite part! The rest of the weekend, we ate, drank, played games, and got horrible sleep!

We got home yesterday, and within an hour, Grace started throwing up. It continued til midnight last night. Poor kid. She’s home with me from school today…….doing better, but still not quite herself. Ryley’s coughing, AGAIN, and Ethan is right behind him. I woke up with something going on in my sinuses…YECK!! So Ryley’s back on ALL his meds, Ethan is in a bad mood, and Grace is sleeping the day away. I wish I could, but since I’m home, I decided I might as well use my time wisely and get some stuff done (ie spend all day on SHARE!) around the house.

Here are a few pics of our weekend…..Oh, forgot…..we went tubing on Saturday. The babies were able to go this time (okay, so we fudged and said they were 2 already so they could go!), and Ethan LOVED IT!! He kept saying “weeeeeeeeee” all the way down the hill! Too cute!




6 thoughts on “Friends, snow, sickness

  1. I LOVE TO SKI!!! I have the arthritis in the knees to prove it! Looking at the photos makes me want to send you postcard that says, “Wish I was there!” We’ve hardly had any snow over here Love the Photos!!!

  2. I have never been a lover of snow – so I’m not sure I would love the outside part – but the rest sounds like a blast! I would be the one inside getting food and drinks ready – and making sure the place was all cleaned up! Hope everyone is feeling much better very soon! Denise

  3. Well, outside of the tubing, I was that person inside eating and drinking, reading and playing games!!! And VACCUUMING!!!!!! 8 adults and 10 kids can make a real mess of a place!

  4. Donna, Looks & sounds like everyone had a great time!! Good for you!! Sorry it ended in everyone gettin’ the *yucks*!!! Love the pictures of the kids on the slopes!! Well, of course I love the one with you in it too… :pbbt: Hugs & chicken noodle soup to make it all better!!

  5. Donna, Love the pictures!! Glad you had such a blast with Michael, the kids, and your friends!! Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend! We gotta book a trip… to somewhere!! We’d have a blast.. and the kids would too! Good to hear Gracie is feeling better. Sorry to hear that Ry, and E.. are hacking!! Saying some extra prayers tonight! HUGS!

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