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Ten years of love

My husband and I met ten years ago today. I find that so hard to believe……ten years……nearly a third of my life spent with one person….amazing! And I love him more deeply every day.

Ten years ago, two girlfriends and I drove an hour to get to this country bar we’d heard about, the Saddlerack (no longer in existence, but at that point in time, it was one of the largest country bars in the country!) for a girls’ night out……Two of us had recently broken off relationships, and we were out to have fun. We walked in, and went to the back of the bar to get beverages…of course we were scoping things out along the way….and we saw this group of three boys, just standing there, checking out all the females walking by. One of them was really cute, the other two decently so. We didn’t talk to them then….we were there to hang out and just have fun, not hook up. We wandered around, watched people dance, watched the crazies ride the mechanical bull, and ended up near the shots bar. That same group of three boys walked by, then walked by again, and then again. On the fourth go-round, one of them came up to me and said if he didn’t talk to me then, he would be po’d at himself in the morning……..His name was Michael. We danced a couple of times, and talked the rest of the time we were there. And we exchanged phone numbers. From that day on, we talked everyday on the phone (I lived an hour away at the time). We saw each other on weekends. I remained adamant that I did NOT want a relationship. I told him what I did on my time was not his business, and that I would not make a commitment to him. He kept hanging out. I don’t know why. We never said the L-word. I refused to admit he was that important to me. We were a couple, did all the couple things, but I would not call him my boyfriend. This continued for six months. One weekend he was at my house, and he was asking me about some plans for another weekend or something. I told him I didn’t want to make plans like that, etc, etc, etc…..still sticking to not wanting a “relationship”…….he finally was fed up enough to stand up for himself. He put it all on the line…..said he’d been laying it out there, investing himself in our whatever relationship, and I had to make a decision or he was bailing……..That did it for me. I made a decision that weekend, and made a commitment finally.

It wasn’t simply “happily ever after” following that weekend. We still lived an hour away from each other, and only saw each other on weekends. We’d been together for about a year when Michael broke up with me. He said it was too hard to live far away from each other and have just a weekend relationship. I fell apart completely. I could not stop crying. I had finally figured out that this was the man I wanted to be with. I had taken out the list I’d made the year before (after MANY failed, idiotic relationships) of qualities I wanted in the man I would marry, and realized that Michael was every one of those 18 things. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I put in for a transfer at work the very next morning, without knowing what was going to happen between me and Michael. He called later that day, and came up to see me that night. He said it just stressed him out to be far away, was afraid we would never get anywhere with a long distance relationship, etc. Three months later, I moved in with him. Five months after that, he proposed. In Dec, 1998, we got married in the wedding of my dreams.

Michael is a special man. He makes me laugh. He loves me for me, not some ideal he has in his head, he takes care of me, he makes me want to be a better person, he’s an amazing father, he’s an attentive husband. I knew I loved him and knew I had someone special before we got married, but when all the fertility issues started, and then when Ryley was born so early, I realized what an amazing person I really had as my husband. I have been truly blessed.

I can’t help but think how God worked everything out in my life to bring me to Michael. What if my girlfriends and I had gone somewhere else that night? What if Michael never came up and talked to me? I’m sure that somehow, we still would have been brought together. We are meant to be with each other. We have our rough times…every marriage does…but I wouldn’t trade him for anything or anyone else in the world.

I love you, Michael, more today than yesterday. Happy 10 years together!!!


8 thoughts on “Ten years of love

  1. What a special tribute to your hubby…. Aren’t you glad he finally got the courage up to talk to you. What a special story.

  2. Donna, This is just what I need today… with all the heavy emotions of sick kiddos, fires, and undiagnosed ailments!! True Love.. at its best. Not the movie, Hallmark kind of love, but real, dedicated, time-tested Love!! I’m so happy Michael introduced himself to you.. I’m so happy you’ve had each other all these years! Congratulations on 10 incredible years!

  3. Donna, What an awesome thing for me to read today, of all days!! You married Michael the year I lost my George Daniel, when I was grieving…and here we are, 8 years later, friends…whodathunk?! From the way you describe Michael, he sounds amazing, and a perfect match for you, sweetie!! I am so very happy that you found your true love, and that he is so very good to you, you so deserve it!! It takes a great man to stand beside his preemie & his preemies mommy & hold his head up high & help her through!! Happy 10-year anniversary!! So very happy for both of you! Make sure you print this for him as part of a present to him…he’ll enjoy reading what you wrote about him!! Hugs & wishes for a lifetime of love for both of you!!

  4. What a GREAT post! What a beautiful love story….And a great example of how often times the best things are right beneath our nose….We just don’t recognize it as exactly the thing we need. I’ve met your dear husband…and his is a keeper. Hugs to you Diva D…I’m glad the two of you found each other. Hugs! Melissa

  5. Donna, Sounds like you have a wonderful husband. Happy 10 years together. It is funny how things fall into place as they are supposed to…not necessarily how we try to ‘plan’ them. My husband and I have also been together for 10 years. When we met each other, we were both engaged to other people. Funny…isn’t it??? I hope that you have many more 10 year anniversaries together. Christi

  6. Donna….
    Thanks for sharing that story today….
    I needed to read a blog that would make me smile…
    That is funny, Jason and I will be together 10 years in May…. Your children will love to hear this story some day…it is a true love story that deserves to spread down through the generations… Happy Anniversary!

  7. Oh, Donna, how sweet!! I had a feeling that somehow that boy at the boy was named “Michael”… What a great relationship it sounds like you have and he sounds great! Ten years is something to be proud of. Kara

  8. Donna –
    I just love this story (and truly love the picture you posted….)
    What an awesome love story.
    I needed this today! Denise

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