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Quick update

My dad called tonight. Seems the x-rays were WAY off on the size of the aneurism…..The scan today showed it to be exactly the same size it was in September. NO SURGERY!!!!! At least not for now….YIPPEEEEE!! He sounded SO happy, and his mood was infectious. What a relief. They will keep a close eye on him for the next six months, then do another scan, unless something happens before then that indicates they need to take immediate action. I just can’t get over what a difference a day can make in my emotions.

Another kid down…..Got the call from preschool this afternoon to come pick up Grace. She wasn’t feeling well….still dealing with boo-boo tummy, and was running a low grade fever. Can this really be happening? It’s my turn to stay home tomorrow with her. Ethan’s finally back on his feet, and Ryley’s holding his own. Doc said to put Grace on a liquid diet for a day or so, then slowly reintroduce food, starting with the blands and working our way back up. Yeah right. Oh, and no milk, cheese or dairy for at least 48 hours. HAH!! They don’t know Grace very well…….that’s like stopping a roaring freight train with a feather. She’d live on milk and yogurt alone if I let her! Poor kid. This should be interesting.

On a decent note, my boss is letting get access to our work server from home. How is that good you might ask? Well, it will let me get some work done when and if I have to stay home with sick kids. My kids have given me a run for the past year since I started this job…I think I’ve taken 6 or 7 full days and a couple partial days here and there for one kid or another being sick. UGH! Now I can stay home, and get some work done. Less guilt that way.

Hoping and praying everyone’s sick kiddos are on the mend soon. What is up with this winter and illnesses?

7 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Wonderful news from your Dad!! Donna, I’m so happy to hear that things are better than believed!! I will keep him on that prayer list for now. Sorry to hear that Grace is not feeling well. Hopefully by morning things will turn around.. and she will lick this thing quickly. Great news from your boss too! I’m sure that’s a big stress relief for you and Michael. Your boss knows he must keep his assets happy… and productive. HUGS!

  2. I’m so happy about your dad! That is wonderful news! So sorry Grace still isn’t feeling well. I don’t know what’s up – but this IS a bad winter!
    Hang in there! Denise

  3. Oh phooey! I’m hoping all are soon well in your house!!!!!!!! Very soon!!!!! No excuses from your kidlets. They *must* get better NOW! Hugs! So glad you dad is in high spirits and the news was good. Hugs! Melissa

  4. Donna, GREAT NEWS!!!! YAH!! Isn’t it amazing how news, good or bad, can turn our days upside down or flip it right side up?! Glad today is right side up!!! HUGS to Grace! Hope she’s feeling better SOON!! Glad your boss is being understanding…with three kids, there’s always something going on with one, then the other, then the third, at least they’re understanding…….now do you get paid to work from home? HUGS!!!!!!

  5. Donna,
    Glad to hear that your dad doesn’t need to have surgery at the present. It is so true how one day can make such a difference. Sorry to hear that Grace is not feeling well. Nice to know that you have a very understanding boss. Hope that Grace gets to feeling better soon. It has been a weird and sick filled winter this year. God Bless,

  6. Fantastic news about your dad! Yay! I’m so sorry Grace still isn’t feeling well. But it’s good that you may be able to get some stuff done for work anyway. Here’s wishing and praying for fast healing for lil Grace! Page

  7. Donna, I am happy about the good news on your father. I have been through that. Its not fun. I hope that everyone in your house gets better soon. I wish that I could work from home. I am jealous.

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