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Warning: whining blog

Okay, what is up with this week? Is everyone having one of the weirdest weeks of their lives? Mine has been so bad it’s almost comical. Monday…..spent at home with all three kids sick; the second Monday in a row spent at home. Tuesday…two kids back at school, the baby still at home (with hubby since it was his turn!) with cough, runny nose, fever. Tuesday afternoon……get a call from preschool….Grace is running a fever and says she doesn’t feel well…hubby goes to pick her up. Wednesday……Ryley’s in school, Ethan’s at daycare, I have Grace…..no fever, but coughing and still not doing well. By afternoon, her fever is up, coughing, lethargic, not eating…Will this week end already? Thursday….Ryley’s at school, Grace and Ethan are at daycare. Grace seems on the mend, no fever, eating normally, etc. Late morning, I get a call from daycare that Ethan is running a high fever again, not himself…..falling asleep in his highchair, not playing, not eating, not drinking…..UNBELIEVABLE!! Oh, and I had to take my older dog Lady to the vet for an all-day blood test due to some elevated liver enzymes found in her old dog pre-op bloodwork. Thursday afternoon…..pick up Grace and Ethan; E is not himself at all…….go to pick up Ryley who has had his second potty accident of the week!!!!! At this point, I’m almost laughing this has gotten so ridiculous. Inform Ryley that he will not be going to a classmates’ birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese Friday night as that was his reward if he had gone five days without any accidents. Head home to drop off the kids and then head out again to go pick up Lady at the vet. On the way home from the vet, I get a call from hubby asking if Jeep, our younger dog, had been at home when I dropped of the kids…Nope, didn’t see her as I assumed she was in the backyard and the kids hadn’t let her in yet. No dog to be found, ANYWHERE! Get home to three kids spitting water at each other all over upstairs, kitchen is a disaster, Ethan is whining and asking to be put to bed. YIPPEEE! Walked and drove the neighborhood twice, Michael went out five times, and then to work to print out signs to post today in the neighborhood looking for our dog. I didn’t sleep well at all last night…..Jeep did not make it back home before I went to bed, and then Grace was in our room three times between 1:30 and 2:30am. Friday……signs are posted all around the neighborhood, at all three gates going in and going out, tears are falling wanting Jeep back home and imagining the worst has happened to her. Ryley and Grace are back at school, however, due to all the other chaos, I forgot it was crazy hair day and Ryley is in tears that his hair is not crazy like his teacher and the other kids. Lord save me!!!! Drop E off at daycare, still not himself but he did have a little bit to eat and drink this morning…..Get to work, still in tears….call the Humane Society and leave a message there asking if anyone had brought in our dog and to report her missing. Michael calls an hour later….Jeep has been found. She spent the night at a house down the street. AMEN!! Now there are tears of joy! Ethan gets to go to the dr later this morning….I’m freaked out after all these SHARE kids have been so sick and don’t want to take any chances! Thank goodness it’s Friday!!! I’m ready for the weekend and a new week!!!!!!!


9 thoughts on “Warning: whining blog

  1. Donna, I’m exhausted after reading all you’ve been through this week!! Geesh!! Hoping & praying that this weekend puts all your kids in good health & it continues that way!! Thank goodness you found Jeep!! GOOD NEWS to end your horrific week!!! Come relax with us in Cafe…..you need it!! Remember the Friday rules…maybe that’ll help ease some of this stress!! You know it’s bad when you can’t help but laugh cause it can’t possibly get any worse!!!!!! HUGS & HEALING sent your way!!!!!!

  2. Oh Honey! You *deserve* a good weekend…and a MUCH better week! Wow-ZEEEE I am amazed you can even keep track of so much happening all at once. I’m sorry you’ve had such a difficult week…You need some rest and relaxation. PS. You might tell hubby that another dozen roses delivered to your door….with a promise of a romantic dinner away from the kids…would be heaven!!!! HUGS! Melissa

  3. DONNA!!!!! Oh, hope you have a better weekend. You have to it seems!! I am sorry this week was so terrible. The next one HAS to be better! HUGS Kara

  4. I have had a weird week too. It must be the weather. You wore me out with your blog. it seems like when it rains it pours. But son’t give up, it will get better. Angi “Phoenix’s Mom”

  5. DONNA!!! OH MY PICKLES (the girls latest statement)!!! That is just not funny… but the way you talk about it.. just makes me chuckle!! I’m glad you found the dog.. and E’s been to the docs!! Hang in there… the weekend is here.. and next week will start anew!! HUGS!

  6. You guys always know how to make me feel so much better. I’d LOVE to say the weekend was better, and it was, a little bit, but we started out with Ethan SCREAMING ALL NIGHT Friday night. I was nearly in tears when he finally exhausted himself at 3:30am. Monday’s off to a good start! HUGS!

  7. Oh my what a week you had. I would have to say it was in the air…. I had a strange week as well. Hope all is well now in your household. Have a terrific week… It’s got to be better than the last. Hugs to you. Krystal

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