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Standing at the door

I was putting Ryley to bed last night, and just had to laugh…..this kid!!! He is, at 5 years old, the champ of delaying bedtime. He cannot simply go to sleep……Since he started talking (3-odd years ago), he has talked himself to sleep. He talks in his sleep. He talks non-stop throughout the day. From speech-delayed, to a kid who will not stay quiet! Anyways, back to the point at hand….bedtime, schmedtime in Ryley’s world. He will do anything and everything to delay you walking out and closing the door to his bedroom. There are the classics of wanting water and subsequent having to go peeps, but Ryley, my Ryley, takes it to a level I’ve never seen before. I could never aspire to these heights when I was a kid……

Last night, I got the questions…….questions that will freeze any parent in their tracks. Questions I feared from the time I even started thinking about parenthood. “Mommy, why is Jacob a different color than me?”, “Mommy, why does God make some people girls and some people boys?”, “Mommy, where is Heaven and am I going there?” (not at this rate!!!), “Mommy, why do you have two mommies and daddy only has one?”,”Mommy, why do the fish die?”…..At this point, I’m about to pull my hair out, but I’m also completely laughing inside. He is so dead serious when he’s asking these questions…..as if it’s vital to his sleeping well for him to know the answers….all the answers….to ALL of life’s questions…….I try to be as patient as possible. I answer as best as any brain-fried, exhausted parent can answer….And just when I think he’s done, he’s not…..I’m saying I love you and closing the door, and I hear a quiet “Mommy, don’t you want to hear about my day? And can you rub my back while I tell you about it?” Ryley, I say, it is now about 30 minutes past your bedtime. Grace and Ethan are FAST asleep…….But give me the short version and I’ll rub your back for 10 seconds……..Ten minutes later, he’s still going on about each individual Valentine he got yesterday at their first Valentine party of two this week….”Mommy, now will you rub my knees? then my elbows? and my head now Mommy, please?” So rubs and the story of the day continue….slowly winding down….I’m afraid to breathe. I get up from the bed and am closing the door once again. I love you Ryley, sleep tight…..

And as I gently close the door, I hear softly from the other side, “Mommy, why do you love me?”………..

7 thoughts on “Standing at the door

  1. Kids are so darn smart…they know the right questions…and the right time to ask them!! Gotta love ’em cause they are so darn cute!! That Ryley is so cute, so darn smart, and such a character!! Extra big hugs to him today, for being such a sweetheart, even at bedtime!! Taylor has been known, since the day she could jabber, to fight sleep by talking…so once she’d stop talking…she’d fall right asleep…she STILL does this..*mom, wait, just one more question…*…as I close the door!! Kids are awesome, they take us on such highs…and bring us to such lows!! HUGS!!

  2. Awwwww and he asks the most precious question with the most beautiful answer….last….so quiet….you can barely hear him…except you *knew* he’d ask another…and so you *did* hear it. Such a smart and sweet boy. And though he is delaying bedtime….he asks some pretty good questions! Smarty! And also…I could not help but giggle through your post….too funny….too sweet! Hugs! Melissa

  3. I know after a long days work, and caring for children how tired you are at the end of the day…
    Been there, done that!!.. But I will say this post is awesome!!!!!…How totally adorable is that!!!!…Very Very sweet!!!!! The innocents of a child always searching for the answers to the world, from their most trusted source… Their Mommy!!!!! Happy Valentines Day!!!

  4. Oh man, Donna – Ryley’s got one on Leighton! I thought Leighton could chatter her bedtime away…but Ryley’s much better at it! What a wonderful story. And very “Valentines Day” appropriate. Denise

  5. Donna!!! Sounds like Ryley is going to take Kindergarten by storm and many many questions!!! I must say, he has you wrapped around all those questions…..especially the last one….makes a mother’s heart smile. Maybe he’s going to be an attorney!!! All those questions…..he’ll get a confession out of someone! I really enjoyed this blog and can appreciate the great wisdom our children are born with. And look at who they get to test it out on!!! Big hugs to all……and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Hugs,

  6. The kid comes off with some of the hardest questions. I think that Riley knows that it will take awhile to answer some of those questions. Smart kid. Angi “Phoenix’s Mom”

  7. Oh that is so funny! He is a smart little fellow. I too am going through the questions stage of life with Devin. His question is the ‘why’ question. “why everything?” It can drive you nuts!
    You are a patient mommy, I can only take a few before I am bolting for the door.

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