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Isn’t it funny…..

My perspective on life has changed. My perspective on day to day happenings with my children and husband is completely different. I have lightbulb moments……AHA! That would be GREAT to blog!! LOL!

Today, I’m wondering what happened to my little angel of a baby boy………A terror has come into my house and taken over Ethan’s body and mind!!! My precious baby boy now has two distinct personalities……angel and devil (I call it “heathen” but Michael doesn’t like it…..Maybe I’ll steal from Darcy and just call him the boybarian he is!!! Okay with you, Darcy?). Where I used to have a compliant, wel-behaved, independent baby boy, I have a defiant, loud, into-everything, clingy toddler. The other night, I was cutting up chicken for dinner, and he was all over the island in our kitchen…….coloring on the no-longer-white tile grout, turning the water on in the sink, throwing whatever he could get his hands on, and finally breaking a bud vase full of water. I was helpless….chicken yuck all over my hands so I couldn’t just grab him. “NO Ethan”‘s had no effect whatsoever. He just said “NO MOMMA” back at me. “Ethan, get back on the chair or you’re on timeout!” “No timeout Mommy!” and a big smile back from Ethan. When the vase broke and I was afraid of him getting in the glass, I yelled……Then he cried like his little world was coming to an end. And I felt awful!!! The carseat struggles have begun as well. I get my workouts just trying to get him into his seat three times a day! And throwing things……he’s either going to be a shotputter, an NFL quarterback, or Cy Young pitcher with that arm……the other day, I got a sippy cup in the back of the head while driving down the road. Now why would I give him a sippy cup in the car, knowing of this propensity to throw it? I don’t know….Not one of my more stellar mom moments….I paid for it! Timeout is ineffective because he just gets up, kicking and throwing whatever is in his reach. And I’m seriously considering going to Home Depot and buying him a bunch of keys for him…..he is always taking my keys, or screaming if I won’t give them to him (makes the five minute ride from daycare to preschool seem like hours!). He’ll be two in a month……For some reason, I don’t remember this point with Ryley very well, but then again, we were moving and living with my in-laws (yeah for two extra adults to help with two toddlers!) when he was this age…..Three was so much harder than two with him. I feel like I’m in a play where I don’t know my lines. All of the sudden, I don’t know how to deal with a toddler. I’ve done this twice before. Maybe it’s such a shock to my system because up until now, Ethan has by far been my easiest baby…..I don’t know. I just know it’s gonna be a long road, and this kid is going to give me a run for my money…..all with a big smile on his face, and a “tank-tu Mommy”!


7 thoughts on “Isn’t it funny…..

  1. Ohhh, I dunno Donna…. I totally believed ya that he’s hit the terrible twos until I saw that cute little pile of boyness in the crib. Hard to believe something that cute can be such a momentary terror. Sounds like he is testing his boundaries – another development (albeit it frustrating) in his progress to independance. Can he really be old enough to test your will already? Seems like yesterday that he was taking his first steps. I don’t think your baby is a baby anymore. I think I just start sobbing right now.

  2. Oh Donna…he’s so darn cute all cuddled up with Nemo….we were all set to give you the *terrible two* momendum….but seeing him…oh my….it makes all those *rough* moments all drift away, and that crazy hair…ohhhhh, I just wanna squeeze him!!! I agree with Darcy, he’s testing you…to see what he can get away with & what he can’t…hold strong…don’t give up or give in…and do what you say you’re gonna do in return of his albeit monster moments!!! Hugs and lots of Starbucks to pull you through!!

  3. What a cutie pie!!!! When Jake was that age he was the KING of testing his limits …He would get into things he shouldn’t, and touch things he knew he was not supposed to. And without fail every time he would say out loud as he was doing something he shouldn’t have been “No No Jacob, No No”… then do it anyway… There were actually times Jake would smack his own hand when he seen me coming …That kid was all boy… I know what you are going through… I promise it gets better, I promise there will be a day they are no longer defiant.. Believe it or not, I miss those days…. When our kids were small, we would tell people they were not sleeping… They were recharging… Hugs to you!!!!

  4. Donna –
    I look at that picture…and find it hard to believe that THAT boy could be so “boyish”! But people say that about Leighton, too. And I tell them that they just can’t see her horns!!!! Hang in there…as you know, it gets better. Maybe a bit worse, first….but then better. Hang in there!

  5. Oh Donna! Such a sweet baby boy. Such a doll baby. I love to watch litte ones sleep. They look so peaceful …. so darling … and you wonder why you were so upset just hours earlier. Then you remember. Oh yes! My 2 year old took his magic purple crayon and drew a rainforest on my dining room wall….Yep, I remember now. This little guy soaked me during bathtime, as well as causing a small flood on the bathroom floor….It really isn’t hard to remember why we were angry just hours before….no matter how cute they are when asleep. I have kids much like this. No means nothing. Corners are just to pitch fits in…..Throwing things is what they do best. They are just testing us. Making sure we are being consistent. Feeling out whether we mean what we say….or if were slushy….Kids are smart. And they *Love* loopholes too. It will get better. And gosh! He is so sweet while cuddled up asleep next to nemo. Hugs! Melissa

  6. Donna,
    I can sooo relate. William is 3 and still testing sometimes. It is getting better and I think that preschool is helping but can still be frustrating. I remember saying the same things when Rachel was 2 and 3 and now she is a lot easier to handle. So, it does get better as they get older as long as we stick to our guns and don’t let them run the household all the time. He is so adorable all cuddled up with Nemo. Aren’t they just so precious and adorable when they are sleeping? Reading your blog, I kept saying, “I have been there”, “William has done that”, and “I know what she is going through.” It always seems like William is a boybarian at home and a perfect angel other places. Hang in there, he will start growing out of it soon. God Bless,

  7. Donna, Aren’t they just so sweet when they are sleeping…but when they wake up…look out!!! Hopefully the terrible 2’s won’t last for 2 years…but you never can tell. Like you said…he is going to give you a run for your money. Just remember…we are all here when you need to regain your sanity. Christi

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