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Friends, vegas, and bunco

Well, I’m back safe and somewhat sound from my girls’ weekend in Vegas. What a great getaway!! We got there Friday night, checked in to the Tournament, and got our purple goodie bags, then it was off to a nice dinner that DID NOT involve cutting up anyone else’s food, grabbing sippy cups off the floor, or telling someone to stop burping “excuse me” at the table!!! WHEW!! Our “heat” was Saturday afternoon and beach party was the theme. Didn’t know they were filming the first bunco world championship to be on tv!!! The group of 12 we were in to play included a group that had been one of three focused on for the show, so we inadvertantly got a lot of camera time (Diva D back in the house! – just kidding…..the LAST thing I wanted was to be anywhere near a camera on this trip!!!). I was out after our heat, but Jen and Mary got to move on to the semi’s Sunday. They were out after the semis. I thought a) it was HILARIOUS that we were in a Bunco tournament of all things and b) I never knew so many women were SO SERIOUS about Bunco…THEY HAD MATCHING SHIRTS!!!! and hats, and boas, and shoes, and necklaces, and earrings………..There was even a ring boy (you know how they have a ring girl in boxing to carry around the big card with the number of the round?) named Rocky (you can find him in the Cafe now!!!). There was a lot of excitement, a lot of fun, a lot of buncos, and a lot of feathers! Most of all, it was a good weekend away with friends. We were able to relax…….gotta love a late Saturday afternoon nap, uninterrupted by screaming children banging on the bedroom door to let them in…….and enjoy….And since we lost, we felt the need for retail therapy, and hit a great outlet mall on the way home!! I’m exhausted, but so glad I went!!

4 thoughts on “Friends, vegas, and bunco

  1. “DIVA D ROCKS!!!” So glad you had a blast. Regardless of wether you won the $50k pot.. you had uninterrupted, warm food, tasty drinks, and great company!! YAY for YOU!! Now reality hits… very loudly… to the tune of “EXCUSE ME”. HUGS!

  2. This is just fantastic! I am living vicariously through you! What a great get-away. Love, love, love that my Diva D buddy was on TV yet again!!!! Sure wish I got the Oxygen channel!
    Sounds like just the recipe for a fun weekend.

  3. Donna –
    Sounds like you had a blast! I’m so jealous!!! The women in my neighborhood do bunco…and I’ve never gone. Been invited – never did it. Maybe i should try???
    And retail therapy? That’s the best kind! Hugs!

  4. Donna, Sounds like you had a fantastic, uninterrupted weekend!! So glad for you, you so needed it!! Now…even though your exhausted, don’t you feel relaxed & ready to conquer the world…or at least the local mall? Hugs to Diva D…on the tube again!!!

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