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Yankees and red sox, the rivaly continues!

Yes, the Yankees played the Red Sox yesterday, but not in Florida (at least to my knowledge!!)…….They played in rainy California, on a little field with no infield grass, and a very short “porch”. There were no salary holdouts (juice and crackers were all that was needed to satisfy these players!), no hotdogging, no fights with fans or the media. There also weren’t any homeruns, and the game ended in a tie……

How could this happen, you may be wondering if you’re a major league baseball fan…….Simple…..It was Ryley’s first t-ball game!!! It was just about the cutest, funniest thing I have ever seen……..Ryley plays on the dreaded Yankees team, and their first opponent was the Red Sox. Our team looked pretty ragtag compared to the Red Sox who all had matching shirts and pants (they must have a better, more coordinated team mom than we do!), but the boys had fun. For a baseball lover, it was pretty frustrating at times to watch, but then you just find the joy in watching your 26 weeker run the bases, and the frustration ends!
“Run, Ryley, Run!” were the words most frequently out of my mouth. Five year old attention spans are not very long, especially when he is standing on base, waiting for the next batter to actually get his helmet on, get a bat, get in the batter’s box, and hit the ball off the tee. So after all that time passes, it’s hard to remember that you’re supposed to RUN to the next base when the ball is hit!!! We ended up with two, sometimes three, players on a base more than a few times during the two-inning game that finally was called by rain. Our second baseman was more interested in digging in the dirt than in playing baseball, and paid the price by being run over by a player from the other team on his way to second base!! Ryley was more interested in catching rain drops in his mouth than where the ball was going. “Go Home” literally meant running home to a couple of kids instead of throwing the ball to the catcher. All the boys wanted to slide into home plate, but most of the slid about 10 feet before the base, and ended up stuck in the mud instead of at home plate…………Again, it was the cutest and funniest thing I think I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait for next week!!!!!!

Pictures to come…..I didn’t have a chance to upload them last night, and the camera cable is at home……..We even got some video of him running to home, with his helmet in his hand instead of on his head, and then he decided to run to Michael instead of home plate. The game did end in a tie….there are no “wins and losses” in t-ball. I love baseball. There are just so many memories for me from my childhood of watcing my brother play little league. I am so delighted to have two boys, and I hope that both of them enjoy playing. Who knows…..maybe my tiny 2 lb’er will be a real Yankee (oh, did I really just say that? Scratch that, make it an A’s player….I’ll even let him play for the Red Sox, just NOT the Yankees!!!!!!!) someday………..They all have to start somewhere, right?

5 thoughts on “Yankees and red sox, the rivaly continues!

  1. Oh, this blog made me smile! I love Gavin’s first t-bal season too… for all the reasons you named. When I was toying with the idea of staying Italy, one of my *for real* reason on my list not to was that no future son of mine would get the joy of playing Little League – a staple of American boyhood to me.
    So glad Ryley had a good time… this is the stuff childhood is made of.

  2. Oh Donna, you painted such a vivid picture of five year olds being typical five year olds…even in the middle of a t-ball game!! I can’t wait to see these pictures!!!!!! Such a fun day…I could just tell by your enthusiasm!!!! 5 years ago….you wondered what was in store for this little guy…now he’s running bases, and catching rain drops!!!! What a kid!!! Hugs!!!!

  3. Indeed they do… It sounds like fun was had by all!!!! Look at sweet little Ryley growing all up … Precious!!!! Ball player!!!! I know he is a class A act …. all the way …. How FUN!!!! See….spring is *so* totally in the air! Let’s Play Ball! Melissa

  4. Hi Donna, What a joy it must have been for you to see your little one playing ball! We’re Mets fans over here and my husband cannot wait for Emma to be old enough for t-ball and she’s only 2. We’re are anxiously awaiting the games as well! But you’ve got the best seat in the house, don’t you! I’m so jealous! Donna – Emma’s Mom

  5. Love it, love it, love it…and I can’t wait to see pictures…it’s blogs like this that give me hope for the future…Lisa

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