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Don’t have the words

I watched another video yesterday of a journey of two preemies…I was moved yet again to tears, and struck by the wonder of it…..How do these teeny, tiny, unbelievably small survivors get to where they are? I was so moved, and I have been so moved by these video journeys and video remembrances of our SHARE angels…….Our survivors are fighters, our Angels are their guardians watching over them with tender care.

But I was just so completely amazed at the transformation from day one, to wherever these babies are now……..I am not expressing myself very well, I know, and I apologize….I guess I just don’t have the words to say what I was feeling……..

This is not a battle I would wish on anyone. I am changed because of my son’s birth……I have learned that you cannot take life for granted, that there is no guarantee of getting a full nine months when you get pregnant, that ANYTHING can happen in life, and that parents are all too often faced with a horrific decision of letting their precious child go.

As I see these videos, so generously and lovingly put together, I refocus on the purpose of our mission. These children are the reason we are here…….the reason we push on, the reason we support and love each other, the reason we Walk…….

With that, here is our video of Ryley. Thank you again Amy for creating what I had only imagined before this……..


9 thoughts on “Don’t have the words

  1. Yes! I get that same sense of… wow… look at that amazing transformation. I mean… I love preemies but they are not cute. Wrinkly, underdeveloped, birdlike-bag-of-bones… then wait a moment… cheeks fill in… and all of the sudden these little ugle ducklings have transformed into elegant swans.
    I, too, have watched these videos with awe and wonder. It really is like watching a complete metamorphosis.
    Ryley’s video is stunning. Darcy

  2. I’m with all of you….seeing these videos…they are silly looking NICU cocoons….transformed into these beautiful butterlies/dragonflies….and the journey they’ve traveled is by far….amazing!! Watching Ryley’s video is stunning…to see the transformation of a sickly preemie, into this amazing creature known and loved as Ryley!! He is an amazing little boy…and your video is AWESOME!!!!!! Hugs!!

  3. Oh Donna… To put together these videos, has been in a sense a healing transformation for me. I have had the chance to get to know these babies from a perspective that has permanantly changed my view of pregnancies and child birth. It has been more than a pleasure to do them and to know that I’ve made a difference in someone’s day. Isn’t it truly amazing how these children transform? How they go from one extreme to the next? The videos tell a short version of such a long journey and I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to do this! Thank You! Amy

  4. You’d probably never think that *I* would be speechless, but I have been, just in amazement at these tiny precious beings……just in complete and utter awe….

  5. Donna,
    I tried to watch the video and about half way through I got an error message that the file was corrupted. It you could please try and sent it directly to my e-mail box I would really appreciate it. My e-mail is susanlkoen@yahoo.com. Thanks. God Bless,

  6. Donna, That is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! What an unbelievable keepsake! There are no words can describe what the NICU and prematurity does to us is there? Hugs,
    Donna Schmidt

  7. HI!! I got to watch the 1st half and then got an error message. I would love to see the entire video. Could you e-mail it?

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