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T-ball pictures!!

Just adding the t-ball pictures…They aren’t the best…..I was afraid to get too far out onto the field, but then one mom ended up right beside the baseline during the game, just to get a good picture! She must be a fellow scrapbooker!!!!

Michael and I are enjoying a much-needed quiet night at home WITHOUT the kids!! YIPPEE!!!!! My babies are spending the night at my in-laws. Gotta love having them live 20 minutes away!

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well…..I actually got a nap in this afternoon, up until the screaming started in the backyard, and then the playing in the mud and subsequent tongue lashing from Daddy….Yay, more laundry for me to do…….




5 thoughts on “T-ball pictures!!

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the injury documentation.. is he now on the injured list? A nap this afternoon, and no kids this evening?! You’ve scored BIG this weekend!! WAHOO!! HUGS!

  2. No IR for skinned knees, and Daddy needs to teach him better how to slide (actually onto the base intead of 5 feet before it!)……

  3. How cute..and his first T-ball injury, he seems to be taking it like a man. I just saw your video in the previous post and it is so beautiful. I love it. I want to try to make one now, too.

  4. So darn cute, Donna! What a doll baby! Okay … a big boy who is batting …. But look at his boo-boo … I know … I know … He’s a tough guy. Oh my! I am zooming into the future and see Donovan with a bat … Yikes! GREAT pictures! Melissa

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