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Grace’s new name

Remember I blogged awhile back about nicknames and that Grace didn’t really have one? Well, she’s earned one in the past few weeks. Actually, it’s been going on for about a year, but has really come to the front recently. Her new name, her nickname, is Pokey and/or Lolly (short for lollygagger)…….

Quite literally, it is driving me insane!!! This girl cannot simply do a task or get from point A to point B. For her, it is a process, a long and frustrating (for me) process……. She gets distracted along the way, lost in daydreams sometimes, or is just plain slow to accomplish whatever it is you’ve asked her to do. Sometimes, she just starts talking, completely ignoring whatever it is she set out to do. I am not the most patient person in the world, especially when we’re on a tight schedule, which is pretty much every morning. And, she has the princess complex. She’ll frequently decide she no longer “knows” how to do something and will throw a complete fit until you either do it for her or ignore her long enough for her to decide to just go ahead and do it. Just getting her in and out of the car is a process. We now have a new saying when we’re walking out the door in the mornings…..”get into the car, get into your seat and strap in….NO LOLLYGAGGING!!!!!!” And it gets repeated, in reverse, when we get to school. Sometimes, I wonder if there isn’t something wrong with her…….she just gets “lost” for a better way to describe it. I’m such a hurry up and go, high energy, high maintenance, type A……She is not…..She is like me in many ways…very emotional, high strung, sometimes shy……..but this slow poke style is out of my realm. I can relate to the daydreaming….I remember doing a lot of that as a child, and getting so caught up in whatever I was reading that I didn’t want to do anything and couldn’t hear anyone or anything else.

She is who she is…..It’s fun watching their personalities evolve and develop. She just might end up more type A than me, but for now, she’s pokey and lolly. I just might have to scream.

Forgot to add……She can’t see her nose in front of her face!!!!! She will literally spin herself in circles looking for something that is at her feet!!!! Blind Pokey Lolly is more suitable!!! LOL!


6 thoughts on “Grace’s new name

  1. Lolly & Roo!! What a great combination under one roof!! Love the t-ball pictures!! Love the *princess* picture!! She is a princess in her own making…doing as she pleases, at her pace, KNOWING how frigid it makes you as you try to rush out of the house!! Count to 10…and start over!! All I can say is….it gets easier….when they move out!! Hugs & easy mornings!!

  2. My niece Hailee is the same way. I always say that she’s listening to the voices or singing in her head instead of us (we sing the smurfette song la la la la la la la la la la la). We’ll say something like “Go get your shoes out of the kitchen and put them by the front door”. She will go to the front door and then forget what we told her (she was supposed to go to the kitchen)… lol. I think it’s just a little girl thing (day dreaming) and I know patience is not easy but I think the only thing we’ve done to help the situation is to have her repeat what we tell her so that she starts listening better. That has worked wonders. LOL. Good luck to you.

  3. Donna…. I *have* to laugh…you *just* decribed me and Brett. Hehehehehehe and our children are each more like one of us. I am high energy….go … go …. go “don’t you know what time it is?” and Brett is … well…he takes his time. He is very laid back. He rarely gets very upset about anything. I love him to pieces…. but it *does* annoy me. However, our differences is probably *why* we are still married. Benjamin is very much like Brett. Donovan is very much like me. And Callie is somewhat in the middle. Lolly! heheeheheheh too cute!!! Though it reminds me of a lollypop and then I’m thinking candy land. :>) Melissa

  4. I get the lack of patience thing. When I’ve got somewhere to go, I just want to “get”. And my Aleks is your Grace to a T. Can’t find his shoes, crying because he can’t untie them, whose coat is this? (darn me for buying everything matching!), then I catch him coloring. And I’m like… What?! Coloring??? Really?? NOW??
    Hopefully just time is the solution. But I’m with you – I’m just glad we rarely have anywhere to go, or I’d probably be a mad woman! *hugs*

  5. Donna –
    I hate to chime in with everyone else….and I know we’ve discussed this already – but we are *so* alike! I am 10 minutes early – and everyone else in my house is 10 minutes late! I *do* think Leighton is high strung and will certainly be Type A – but it doesn’t translate to her moving any quicker. (And she has the princess complex, too! We call her “your highness” sometimes…..) Good luck with this! I think I have little to no patience….so I feel for you! Hang in there!

  6. Donna, I think everyone has a “Lolly”!! That is Rachel for sure in our house… and in the mornings… when we have a strict schedule to follow… her distractions are unnerving. Having said that.. I wish I could be that laid back, and carefree about life. I’m constantly worrying about what I should be doing… if I have an idol moment… I *must* fill it with something to do!! As the saying goes… we should all stop and smell the roses sometimes!! And until Grace steps things up a bit… I grant you infinite patience… You’re gonna need them!! Just an aside.. I have a niece who still goes by her nickname (she’s 22yrs)… she became known as Murt…. as in Murtle the Turtle… because she’s always lolling about her day!! HUGS!

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