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My children are creative. Am I allowed to say that about my own children? I’m serious though……they come up with things I never did when I was a kid, have never thougth of, and never would have imagined in all my wildest nightmares.

Ryley and Grace are 12 1/2 months apart……they’ve been called Irish Twins by their half Irish grandparents. I guess it fits. They are absolute trouble together. And they are ever so creative in the trouble they make and/or get into. I don’t know how many times I have just stood there, jaw on the floor in utter shock at the new form of “play” they have come up with……….They have done the usual coloring on whateve surface is handy……We had most of our house repainted last summer as a result of this “artwork” (not before taking photos to document!!). Two Christmases ago, I lost almost an entire porcelain nativity set. They had grabbed one of the larger pieces and chucked it over the baby gate as far as they could into Ryley’s room. Then they used that piece for target practice with all the other pieces they could get their hands on. Should have known I was in BIG trouble when I heard their hysterical laughter from downstairs in the kitchen. I caught them when Mary, the donkey and one cow were left. Tragedy. Then there was the day I was “working from home”, and it suddenly was too quiet, then again with the hysterical laughter. They were in my bathroom, had stopped the tub, filled it with water and then threw everything in they could get their hands on, including the scale, 12 rolls of toilet paper, my make-up bag, and a few other odds an ends. The carpets in their rooms have been trashed more than once by them dumping and then “finger-painting” with shampoo, bubble bath, and shower gel. Still haven’t gotten that completely out of Ethan’s and Ryley’s rooms. We won’t even mention the TWO haircuts Ryley has given Grace. We stopped gymnastics after I caught them hanging on the closet bar and swinging like on the bars in gymnastics. There was the mud day almost two years ago……we finally just stripped them to diapers/underwear and let them go at it in the mud in the backyard. It was easier than fighting them on it any further. Now, if I’m walking into a room they might be in and I hear the word “HIDE!” I know I’m in trouble…….We have covers on the knobs to the bathroom downstairs and the pantry….they learned how to open them. When Ryley was three, i caught him trying to “cook” his own waffles in the toaster, just a couple of days after they got in trouble for sitting under the dining room table, eating the entire package of frozen waffles. Guess I wasn’t fast enough on the breakfast trigger! Now they get breakfast as soon as they are up and dressed! Let’s see…what else? They have cleaned out my entire linen closet a few times of ALL the sheets and towels to build “forts” in Ryley’s room. Michael built a cat tower and put it in Ry’s room for the cats to play in. Ryley and Grace use it to climb up and launch stuff off of. I can’t count the many different places I have found playdough.

They are not in the same class at preschool. We had a long discussion with the director last summer about this. She completely agreed when I requested Grace NOT be moved up to pre-k where Ryley would still be this year. She said when they’re in their own classes, they’re great listeners, etc, but put them together and that all goes out the window! I’m glad they are so close…..it’s making for some knockdown dragout battles now, but then they work together to create a new disaster and all is well. Creativity….let’s just hope they put it to better use when they grow up!!!

Graces mud bath

kid pics 036


10 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. oh no….they do sound like quite the “dynamic duo”….My sister has a pair just like them… they are 15 months apart but are also like twins (even in the same grade at school now). I just have to ask though…… have you ever been awakened by the police at 6am in the morning with him asking “Maam do you know where your children are?”…. aparently my nephew at 5 decided to take his 4 year old sister out of the house and for a walk to the park (which was only 2 blocks away BUT… still very scary) and they snuck out of the front door so quietly that Mommy didn’t hear them… you better believe that there are more locks on their doors now. They are fearless together but not so much apart… another reason why they are not in the same classroom as each other. Your Irish Twins are just cute as can be… I love the pics (especially the one of them rolling around in the mud like piggies.. lol). Hugs

  2. I have had a “scare”…..I was nursing Ethan in the family room, and looked up to see my front door standing wide open, no Ryley and Grace in sight. I have never been so afraid in my life, except when Ryley was born and in the NICU. They were 2 and 3 at the time. My neighbor found them down the street, around the corner and in the next cul-de-sac. They were “looking for more friends”……AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  3. Donna, You had me laughing so hard. And you thought it was just boys that are so *creative* in their play…oh no…put two together like Ryley & Grace…and you’ve got *creativity*!! HILARIOUS!! I’m sorry…I can’t stop laughing. That last picture you posted Ryley this look on his face *who? me? what’d I do?*….priceless!! Love the mud bath…every princess…and prince for that matter…needs one every now & then!! Cheers to creativitivity…and geniuses in the making!! Hugs & lotsa soap to you!!

  4. Donna –
    Oh man…..now I’m wondering if I’d be better off with Leighton and Emerson *not* being close? I’ve been praying for them to be good friends….but maybe not?
    That mud would have given me a heart attack. I’m not sure theres enough cleaner in the world for me to be ok with this???? Wow – you have your work cut out for you! But look on the bright side….creativity is good!!! Denise

  5. I’m just so afraid they’re going to teach Ethan their tricks and then I’ll have to go through it ALL again!! At least Ethan doesn’t have a helper!! Oh, and Denise, we hosed them off in the backyard before they even came close to the house to have a bath! LOL!

  6. Oh thank goodness my children aren’t the only ones whose creative play means destroying everything of value to mom and dad. My boys have a serious list of property they’ve destroyed, too. I thinks it’s the close in age, “partner in crime”. Mine are 16 months apart and we often call them “kit & kaboodle”, always together and usually trouble if left to their own devices!
    Not sure when it ends….

  7. OH MY GOSH!!! I have to say… I think I’m glad my children are lacking in the creativity department…… The closest thing I have to compare this too is when we tried to put the girls into big girl beds… and out of their cribs. They would spend the first hour of bedtime emptying the dresser, and the closet, of all clothing. And once Hanna took off her diaper, pooed on the floor and walked through it. After those incidences… the dresser got turned around backwards… the closet got tied shut, and Hanna’s diaper got duct taped on!!! HUGS…. and man you’re a Saint!!

  8. Well I guess we don’t have the only escapees…. lol. They watched too much Dora the Explorer we think… she got to go on ADVENTURES (which is what they said they were doing) and Dora of course NEVER has to tell her Mommy or Daddy when she wants to leave the house. My sister’s biggest fear bringing Madalynn home was that her partners in crime were going to take Madalynn on their next adventure (another reason Madalynn slept very close to Mommy each night). Now Madalynn would follow them out the door and scream if Mommy denied her of it… lol. Sounds like your Irish Twins have lots of creativity.

  9. Cute pics and funny stories!! Cole and Tanner are very destructive. I know that when they are quiet I better see what they are up to!

  10. Donna…lol, my sister and I are only 10 and a half months apart and my mom always says what one of us didn’t think of, the other one did…her favorite story to tell was when the youngest one was born she was hanging wallpaper in the room and she went into the kitchen to get a drink and came back to us ripping the paper down…we were 2 and 3, haha…but it makes for great stories for years to come…your children are absolutely adorable…and they look like thye are having a ball…Lisa

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