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Being the mom

The weather was really interesting here over the weekend…..T-ball pratice on Friday was not only rained out, it was hailed out…….It has been in the 40’s during the day, which is FREEZING for us beach-bound people, and constant, pouring rain. We had THREE, yep, three hailstorms over the weekend….our patio and courtyard were covered in ice. The kids were fascinated. And the thunder…..oh my!

Sometime during the night Friday night, I realized, once again, that life is not as it was, pre-kids. The thunder was booming, lightning was lighting up the room, rain was pounding against the windows and doors. Somewhere around 2am, the biggest boom hit. Shortly after that, I heard my bedroom door squeek open (I thought about getting rid of the squeek on the door many times, but this is my early warning system that a kid is out of his or her bedroom!)………Michael was away for the night……..The bed dipped a little bit, then a small warm body, shaking and quivering, snuggled up against me. “I’m afraid Momma”…….Ryley said as he burrowed under my covers. Another BOOM and one of the dogs jumped up onto the bed on my other side…….The cat was already in her place at my feet. The four of us hunkered (is that even a word anymore?) down, listening to the rain, Ryley and the dog, Jeep, jumping at every boom, me automatically counting as soon as I would see the lightning.

I have always been fascinated by thunder and lightning, never really afraid. The noise does get to you at 2am, though, especially when it seems your windows are going to blow out, and when your hubby is away for the night. So I was a little freaked. But when your child crawls into your bed, terrified of the weather outside, you have to be the Mom, put your fear away, and give comfort to your quaking baby (and your dog, and your cat). And I was reminded that life is not the same as it was, pre-kids.

I was sure the thunder was going to wake up Grace and Ethan as well. I mentall prepared to get no sleep (not that that’s really unusual, even when it isn’t storming outside!), and have all three kids, the cat and one dog in bed with me. Thankfully (in a way), Lady is losing her hearing, otherwise she would have been in the bed too! But Grace was completely knocked out, and Ethan made one little cry, but that was it. The thunder stopped. Ryley, Jeep, and I fell back asleep, and that was that.

PS……I didn’t yell all weekend!

8 thoughts on “Being the mom

  1. That storm was a nasty one wasn’t it… I’m glad that your family made it though it. Great job at the no yelling weekend. Good for you!

  2. The storms were nasty here too. It is still storming. I can just picture all of you in the bed together and I don’t blame you for doing it all weekend. Angi “Phoenix’s Mom”

  3. It stormed here, too. I had 2 kids – plus Charlie – plus the dog in bed. And you have me beat! I yelled all weekend long. I think that’s all I did! And I was doing so good…..
    But I *do* plan on using Darcy’s strategy and putting the toys in a trash bag. I think that might work! Denise

  4. Yay for not yelling! Storms. I really hate them. I used to love them. Even after the tornado that slammed into our house …. in central louisiana….when I was 8 … But the ice storm a few years ago … It totally cured me. I am not a lover of storms. They make me shake and quiver like Ryley. Glad you were there to protect him.. and your dogs. What a great mom you are….. HUGS! Melissa

  5. Wow… our blogs are going to sound eerily similar.. just like the storms!! I too was convinced the windows were going to break for sure!! And YAY for no yelling!! Nice work!!

  6. Donna, Glad you survived the storm….and I am sure the snuggling was the best part of it!!! Hugs,

  7. Donna,
    Yay for not yelling! Wish I could say the same. We had a heck of a storm here, too. Glad we all made it! I’m sure snuggling with Ryley was secretly pretty cool. Kara

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