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Dat bunnee momma

I know….it’s been a LONG time since I blogged twice in one day!!! But this was just so blog-worthy, at least for me!

I rarely got good quality bedtime time with Ryley and Grace when they were babies, especially after Grace arrived on the scene. Before that, Ryley got 30-45 minutes a night, one on one with me. But life changes. I have missed that. For about a year now, Ethan has been my kid to put to bed, while Michael takes most of the job with Ryley and Grace. I really treasure this time. It’s just so precious. We have a system down: jammies on, teeth brushed, night-nights to siblings and Daddy, then upstairs to his room, where we read a few books, snuggle a little bit, I turn on his aquarium and we rock through the first round of the song, then I lay him down, cover him up, turn off the light and close the door. He goes to bed so easily most of the time.

Ethan talks, so much. He repeats EVERYTHING you say, picking up quickly on words. I was reading one of our favorite books, Counting Kisses. Usually, I do the kisses just where the book does (ten kisses on toes, nine kisses on feet, etc). Tonight, I was asking him where his body parts were that were being kissed in the book. We got to nose, and when he touched his nose, I “honk-honked”……giggles….hysterical giggles….And he kept doing it over and over. Honk-honk….giggle, giggle….honk-honk…..giggle, giggle…..Finally he says “dat bunnee Momma”….translation: that’s funny, Momma. My heart just melted.

At the end of the book, he leaned his head in to get his customary kiss on the head. We walked to his bed, turned on the aquarium….”wader Momma?” “Yes, Ethan, it’s in your bed” “ta-tu Momma” “You’re welcome baby” “ni-night Momma” “night-night baby….I love you” “yuv you Momma”….I turned out the light, and closed the door.

7 thoughts on “Dat bunnee momma

  1. Oh my heart just melted!! Just so sweet… don’t you wish you could just hold that moment for ever!! I always cherished every moment with Ian and the girls… but moments like this with Will… I truely, and deeply appreciate… because I know they are the last!! Right there with ya…. our babies are growing up…BOO HOO!! HUGS!!

  2. My heart melted too… oh what a sweet moment between you and Ethan. Thank you for sharing it. He’s just too cute. Hugs

  3. That is too sweet!!!!! I know that it made your heart melt because it made mine melt. Angi “Phoenix’s Mom”

  4. I have goose bumps! Those are truly the best moments…when you walk out of their room smiling. Truly the best. I sing to Emerson at night…and she has started making “humming” noises while I’m singing to her. I just do a few verses….and very softly…but she knows when I’m going to start…and she starts humming. It’s priceless. Great story. I’m gonna have to get that book…..

  5. Oh Donna! My heart melted reading that!! I know those moments so well. I remember those with Taylor…and still, at 10, treasure moments like this when she *requests* a certain song…that i used to sing to her all the time when she was little….it makes me realize how bonded we’ve gotten…through bedtime rituals!! Oh Donna…I just wanna squeeze little Ethan….so tight!! I’m still smiling…for you..for the treasure you’ve received in the form of a little boy with a heart of gold!!! Hugs & lotsa love!!

  6. I LOVE IT….
    That was the perfect story to end my night. Thanks for sharing and IT was definitely blog-worthy.

  7. Awwwwwww. What a sweet, sweet boy! I can just picture the night time routine. I too love the nights and cuddling with my “baby” before bed.
    Too sweet. Time flies too fast for my liking. I want this for at least another 5 years. I doubt 8-year old Logan will agree.

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