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Seeing it coming

Ryley woke up yesterday morning, and there it was……that funky yellow stuff coming out of his nose. I should have seen it coming….rain all weekend, dust all over from the tile demo…..but I came face to face with it yesterday morning. I just felt my heart and my mind switch gears. Check his peak flow, check; check his meds to make sure we don’t need to refill anything in the near future, check; listen for increased coughing, check. He was really whiney yesterday morning too, which just isn’t him. So I ended up calling school mid-day just to check on him. Now, we just medicate, watch, listen, and wait…….And clean up as much of the dust as possible that’s still laying around and being added to with the new tile install…….

I had an ah-ha moment the other day too……Ryley had fallen at school, and his face connected with the tire of one of the bikes on the playground. He had a bloody nose, which his teachers cleaned up. He seemed okay, and we got our “ouch report” completed. But his nose kind of bled off an on for three days. I nearly took him to the doctor on Friday…it wasn’t a lot of blood, but it was just there. Then I realized…..his asthma and allergy meds affect clotting, don’t they? That was the only thing that made sense. He didn’t have the bruising under his eyes that might indicate a broken nose, and it wasn’t painful to him, just kind of bleeding. Still no bruising, no yellowness, but there was a little bit more blood this morning. I know I can count on one of you to tell me if I’m wrong, I’m an idiot and need to take him in…….but don’t the steroids and/or allergy meds make it harder for blood to clot? Sorry if I’ve grossed you all out. Just life with a five year old boy! Honestly, Ethan’s nose, which slid across the concrete the other morning when he fell over his fire truck, looks worse than Ryley’s nose!!!

My house is STILL torn apart…..we’ll be like this for at least three more weeks. The tile will be finished this week. The wood will go in the first week in April, then baseboards after that. The toilet in the courtyard has a new neighbor…the sink from the same bathroom has also taken up residence outside until the bathroom is finished. Quite funny, everytime I see it. I finally talked with the housecleaner last night….told her to plan on a whole day instead of the half day it usually takes her. She just laughed. Apparently, she’s been through this before. I keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the end, but when your kitchen table is in the family room, and the fridge is in the hallway, things get a little challenging, especially for someone who thrives on order and everything being in it’s place! What’s three or four weeks in the grand scheme of things? I’m still working on that.

4 thoughts on “Seeing it coming

  1. I feel for you, sister. I know how it is having your house torn apart and your trying to function for everyday life. I don’t know about the asthma meds and clotting. That is a hard question. i hope that he gets better. Angi “Phoenix’s Mom”

  2. Donna…I think 3 or 4 weeks is AWESOME! My basement started getting finished last November (04). I was on bedrest with Emerson. Then she was born – and I started working out downstairs…amid the chaos. We moved Leighton’s pottery barn table and chairs down there – and she colored while I worked out. Then I’d lug Emerson in her ultra saucer….then we just wisened up and moved the eliptical UPSTAIRS in the middle of my bedroom. Sheesh. It is a gigantic mess. (We’re guessing it will be done in May.) Not nearly the same mess as you are dealing with – given that it involves your kitchen….but I’d LIVE for a 3-4 week mess! I hope Ryley is feeling better…or no worse…I don’t know about the clotting thing…but someone will chime in! Hang in there!

  3. Donna,
    Hoping Mr. Ryley is feeling better soon! Don’t have any insights on the clotting thing… poor little guy! Hope the next month passes QUICKLY and you’re bragging about your new kitchen soon! Kara

  4. I hope that Ryley’s nose isn’t broken… it’s hard to say what’s going on… could just be irritated from his falling. You might try using some saline (just straight nasal saline) in it a couple of time a day. It will keep the insides of his nose moist and hopefully eliminate the irritation. I’m not sure on the clotting thing. I know that after 2 sinus surgeries my nose was a mess (still can be) and saline is a miracle worker… it’s also something I use if I feel a cold coming on (most of the time I won’t get much sicker and I can use saline as much as needed too). Ryley sounds like my nephew… always hurting himself… boys will be boys… lol. Hugs

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