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Beaters into blades

I am not a perfect mom, and I definitely do not have perfect children. When you have people over, or people working on your house, you would love for them to believe that you and your children are perfect, or that you at least have some measure of control. HAH!

We’ve had Ted the tile guy in our house for the past four days, with one more to go. Ryley has been faithfully following Ted around, plagueing him with questions about what he’s doing, how this or that works, and such….Thankfully, Ted has children of his own, and understands how the mind of a male child works. Thankfully, he patiently answers Ryley’s questions. Thankfully…….

I think my patience runs out long before Ted’s does, especially when the kids are all running around screaming, throwing toys all over the new tile where Ted is working, walking/running on the newly-installed tile that should not be walked on quite yet, bouncing from the kitchen table that’s taken up residence in the family room to the couch in the family room, and just generally being my children. I have a drawer in my kitchen that is my gadget drawer, kidsafe, and often ransacked by my three for new “toys”. Last night was no exception……..Ethan got the mixer beaters first and took great delight in banging them on anything within reach. Then Ryley got one of the beaters, and a “sword” fight broke out in my kitchen……..At first, I was horrified. What would Ted the tile man think about my parenting capabilities? My sons were using beaters as toys?!!!!! My sons were bounding around most of the downstairs, battling each other to the “death” with their beater blades……Then I just started to giggle….This was one of the reasons I had kids…..one of the reasons I love having two boys…..My sons were playing as brothers should, Ryley showing Ethan how to hold his “sword”, Ethan taking up his little stance…..precious. Grace and I just started cheering them on. Ted even got a laugh (except when the sword fight took the boys over the newly laid tile once again!)……Just another one of those moments when I remember what is wonderful about being a mom.

On another note, I got an email from my sister Debby. She finished her first round of chemo, and had her follow up CT scan. The lesions on her liver have shrunk!!!!! One of the lesions on the lungs has grown a little bit, but that may have happened between the time of the December scan and the start of chemo in late January. The other lung lesions haven’t changed. She’ll be starting another round of six “cocktails” next week, then another CT scan in 8 or 9 weeks. THANK YOU so much for your prayers for her and our family as we battle through this particular fight. Debby’s amazing attitude continues, and it inspires me.

7 thoughts on “Beaters into blades

  1. I am glad that you got some good news from your sister!!! Just remeber in you daily adventures, boys will be boys. Do I need to say more? Angi “Phoenix’s Mom”

  2. OH man, today the oxygen guy comes, and each time I think, “Please God, let them act human while he is here!”. For the same fear you expressed. Mostly they are very good… but sometimes I swear visitors think I am raising zoo animals. ha!

  3. Gotta love them boys…. Very imaginative little guys you have. It is wonderful to see where their little imaginations take them. I bet having them around actually made Ted’s day…. probably felt like he was at home with his own little ones. I will continue to say more prayers for your sister….

  4. Glad you decided to surrender the magic of boys…and of brothers!! It sure helps the stress level to just *sit back & laugh*!! I’m sure Ted the tile guy thought your kids were hilarious…and just being kids!! Praying for your sister still!! Extra hugs to her when you see her!! Monkey hugs & angel patience,

  5. Donna, First, and foremost… I’m so happy to hear the results of Debby’s scan after this first round of Chemo!!! That is simply wonderful news!!!!! HUGS to you and to Debby!! The prayers will continue… thanks for the update. Secondly, I’m so glad to hear that my boys (and girls in my house) aren’t the only ones battling….. Will has learned, from Ian.. the appropriate sound, stance, and handling of all necessary weapons in a boys long list of defense weapons. HUGS!!!

  6. BOYS WILL BE BOYS!!! I know exactly what you mean…..I dont know how many times I just hold my breath hoping Jacob wont say or do anything to completely embarass me!!!!!
    I am SO HAPPY to hear that your sister had some good news!! YYYAAAYYYY!!!!

  7. Donna –
    So glad you got some good news from your sister. I’m praying for even better news after her next “cocktail”. And man – it does my heart good to hear that *those* things…beater fights….go on in someone elses house too! With Leighton – it’s wooden spoons!!! Denise

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