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March madness

It’s definitely March. Wanna know how I can tell? My television has been taken over by college basketball, and activities revolve around when the games are on…….

Michael and I have been together for 10 years…..We had just started dating when March rolled around that first year, so the impact of March Madness didn’t really hit. The following year, I was inducted and learned what it really meant…….You see, Michael is an Arizona alum (not State, mind you…heavens, NEVER mention ASU in his presence!). Our kids have full U of A regalia, and Ryley can even sing the fight song. The second March Madness of our relationship, Arizona did really well in the tourney. Seems they’ve been there, or been close quite a few times in the past ten years. Since we moved down here and got satellite tv, we’ve had the March Madness package two out of four times. ESPN, the tv channel and the website, are frequently surfed for bracket info and the latest updates. My beloved Survivor show is put off for three weeks since the games are on that channel……I am a sports fan, but this goes above and beyond. If I’m being honest, I get this crazy during baseball playoffs and the World Series so I guess it’s only fair Michael get his turn during March.

Arizona won yesterday. Great day for Michael. They were expected to get tossed in the first round. Now they play the #1 seed tomorrow…it’s not looking good for them. Could be yet another sad day in the Schweitzer household. So the kids will be wearing their Wildcat gear. Michael will have on one of his 20 or so U of A t-shirts…….I’ll even pay homage on his behalf and put on something red and blue. Bear Down, Arizona…..or I’ll have to put up with the bad mood!!!!

U of A kids

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