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4 thoughts on “Some more pics of our "adventures"

  1. Hooray for an end… of sorts. Thanks for including the picture of the toilet and sink, crack me up! The good news is it is almost over. And the end product is BEAUTIFUL!!! Kara

  2. I love the pic’s. Nice house, despite all the mess I’m sure it is gorgeous under normal conditions! The end is in sight…. yeah!!!!! Love,

  3. I have to say…. I can see the humor with the toilet in the courtyard… hehehehe!! I LOVE the tile.. it looks great.. despite all the dust!! Keep your eye on the goal… it’s going to be gorgeous!! HUGS!

  4. The end is near… I can feel it. And it will be so worth it. I love the big tile. So worth it in the end. In the midst of chaos you held it together pretty well! I’m impressed.
    Can’t wait to see the end results.

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