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Ethan’s birthday party blog, finally

Well, it happened. There was no stopping it. Ethan turned 2 on Saturday. Definitely no longer a baby, according to any definition of the word, but still my baby. He had no idea what was going on, for the most part. We didnt’ have a big party just for that reason. My sister came down with her two girls and my Mom. It was a great support to have them there for Ethan’s day, and for the Poker Tournament. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Saturday was a beautiful day. It really reminded me of the day we brought Ethan home from the hospital….the sun was shining, there was a slight breeze, and those big puffy clouds in the sky. After Grace’s ballet class and some running around, E’s party began. We just let the kids play. No games, no structure….just eat your lunch and play. It was great for them, and easier for me. He absolutely loved opening his gifts. Nemo was a common theme, but that’s because everyone in our family and circle of friends knows that Nemo rocks in Ethan’s world. But the big boy toys have started to arrive as well. His first pair of roller skates, and a big boy tricycle completed the new toy round. Awesome. And he got the cutest Nemo lounge chair from my sister. It’ll really come in handy this summer at the beach, and will match all the Nemo swim trunks he got in preparation for our Hawaii trip. He was so excited with every gift he opened. “oh, oh, oh!!! Nemo!!!!” he would say. You should have seen the look on his face when I brought the balloons in from the car, Nemo of course. And same thing when he saw his cake. He’s been practicing blowing candles out, but still needed help. He totally dug all the candy that came flying out of the Nemo pinata. All in all, it was a good party. I held it together, I think only because I was so stressed about having another party later in the day. No tears were shed on Saturday. I’ve come close since. I think if I had 10 babies, I would still feel this sadness over the last one growing up, and outgrowing babyhood.

Oh, I took him in yesterday for his 2 yr old well baby. Long and lean, just like his Dad. The doctor actually told me, “He’s an active one…..you’re going to really have to babyproof and watch him.” DUH!!!! Like I haven’t been doing that with him for the past year!!!!! Then she asked if he was starting to put 2 and 3 word sentences together. HAH! I don’t mean to brag…wait, yes I do…..but this kid has been using 4, 5, and 6 word sentences for the past three months. Anyways, she was really pleased with him. So am I…..I am one proud Momma of my baby boy!

So, here are some birthday pics. I WISH I could attach a video I took, but I’ve tried before and it’s too big. But he got himself tied up somehow in the balloon bouquet (bad Momma, letting her baby play with balloons!), and he looked like the grape from Fruit of the Loom!!! We laughed until the tears rolled. I’ll put a picture of that in though…I swear, it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen!




9 thoughts on “Ethan’s birthday party blog, finally

  1. Happy birthday Ethan! What a happy, smiley guy – I love it. It looks nice and sunny there – it’s rainy and cold here. I suppose that’s the difference between northern and southern Cali? Send us some sun please! My fave pic is the birthday cake – too cute. Hugs,

  2. Happy Birthday Ethan! I love the photos. I haven’t shed any tears yet, with Katelyn turning 5 but I’m feeling down about it! Hugs!!! Amy

  3. Oh my goodness! He is so cute, Donna. And I can’t believe he’s two! Good for you for not shedding tears. 2 was hard for me with Logan.
    He looks like he had a great time. What a cute Nemo scrapbook page this will be… I can already imagine it!
    Happy birthday, Ethan!

  4. What a great party!! Sounds like he had a blast and Nemo was a hit!! What kid doesn’t like Nemo, anyways!!! Love the balloon photo…hilarious!! Such an Ethan thing to do….such a ham!! Glad to hear he’s shockin’ the doctor…that’s always a good thing!! HUGS!!

  5. What an awesome party… I bet Ethan was just in heaven. It’s so hard when they grow up… I wish there was a way to stop it. He will always be your baby (My Mom still calls me her baby). Hugs

  6. OHHHHH, Donna! What a cutie! Emma turned 2 in January and she’s about 1/2 his size! He looks so amazing and happy! I refuse to believe Emma is a toddler – SHE IS MY BABY! and thats that! What an awesome day it sounds like Ethan had! Happy Birthday big/little guy! Hugs, Donna

  7. Donna –
    How adorable he is! It looks like he had such a great time.
    So glad he had such a great Nemo filled day! Denise

  8. Donna, That balloon picture is hysterical!!! Glad the party went well… and Ethan had fun. Happy Birthday Ethan!! Nemo hugs and kisses for the birthday boy!! And don’t worry, he’ll always be your baby!! HUGS!

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