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Bragging blog

Do you ever think your kid is brilliant? Sometimes, I feel like I act like Ethan’s my first instead of my last. Maybe I was so overwhelmed with Ryley’s birth, and then Grace’s arrival a mere 12 months later, that I don’t remember what they did and when they did it, developmentally. I can tell you when they walked, I can tell you approximately when they started talking, when they got their first teeth, etc. But those other things….when they knew their body parts, when they started imaginary play, when they started singing songs, when they knew their animal sounds……ask me and I’m stumped for the most part. But with Ethan, not so.

He knows most of his body parts. Cracks me up when he grabs his toes and yells “PIGGIES!!”. And he knows bunches of animal sounds, even some we made up like fish and giraffe. And he’s just two! I honestly don’t remember Ryley and Grace being able to do that at two years old. Maybe at 2 1/2, almost 3, but not 2. And I know I shouldn’t compare them, but then I start to wonder, what did I do differently. Is it because I was home with Ethan for much longer than I was home with Ry and Grace? Is it because he’ll actually sit and listen to me read to him every night when the other two were maniacs, running around the room and I never knew if they ever heard what I was reading? Am I more patient with Ethan? Do I give him more attention than I was able to give the other two at this stage of their lives? When Ryley was 2, I also had a 1 year old to contend with. When Grace was 2, I was pregnant with Ethan. In turns, I feel guilty for what I feel I didn’t give to them, and blessed that I am able to give this time and focus to Ethan.

I know I’ve been blogging about Ethan a lot. Comes with the territory of his birthday I guess. Ryley has actually gone 2 1/2 weeks without a potty accident. I’m afraid to even type that. Everytime I say something about him doing well with this, or write about him doing well with it, the accidents start again! Ah well……Here’s hoping he ISN’T the first kid to go off to college still wearing pull-ups at night!

4 thoughts on “Bragging blog

  1. I don’t think that he wil go off to college with pull ups. LOL!!!! As you know that every kids is different and deep down I know that you don’t treat them different. It is the birth order thing. Angi “Phoenix’s Mom”

  2. I think I noticed a lot more of when Logan did what than the older boys, too. Sometimes, I can look up some of it in their albums. I think, in my case, I was much more concerned about Logan hitting those brilliant milestone so I paid closer attention.
    You’re right, Ethan is a very bright little boy, especially for just turning 2. And I say, brag away!!!

  3. Donna, Oh this blog speaks to me like you wouldn’t believe. I look at Taylors baby book and just cringe….due to lack of information in there. I think I was so consumed with surviving when she was a baby, I didn’t pay close enough attention to her milestones. It wasn’t until after we lost George Daniel I realized how important every milestone was!! Yah Ryley! Keep up the great work!!! Ethan is your baby, and I think knowing it’s your last…you pay closer attention because he is your last. I don’t think it has anything to do with anything else!! Ryley & Grace are great…and very well rounded kiddos!! All three are blessed to have such a great, loving, and supportive mom!! Brag away…he’s doing great…only being 2 & doing so much!! Kudos to you!!! HUGS!!

  4. Dearest Donna, I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night much less what Emma did last week, so I give you lots of credit! I try to write stuff down as it happens in her book though. I agree with Sharlene, knowing Ethan is your last, you naturally are watching more! Don’t beat yourself up about it though! You are the best mommie those kidos could ask for and they love you no matter what! Brag as much as you want! Your kids are amazing and you have the right to share it with the world! Big Hugs,

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