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Okay, so I had to make my five year old cry……

I picked him up at school, and went to get some lunch. I decided to call my brother one last time before heading to the airport and get a weather status. The weather website looked like they had copy and pasted…..53 degrees, 90% chance of thunderstorms….all over the next three days at least in the BayArea. So I called….and was informed it had not stopped raining since he got into his office three hours before. Not a good sign. Should I take the chance and fly up there? I decided against it. Even IF they don’t call the game for rain, it would not be a pleasant experience. Soggy, cold, wet, uncomfortable.

So I had to tell Ryley…..no airplane flight today, no big baseball game today. And those huge crocodile tears just started rolling down his little face as it crumpled in devastation. I wanted to cry too. I had been looking forward to today for months! And now we have to put it off for another day. Thankfully, I got full credit back on our flights, and can use that anytime up until next March, so I think we’ll be good. It’s just so sad. My day that normally seems like a holiday is crushed by rain. So sad……….

8 thoughts on “Update

  1. Nuh-uh! How disappointing. I know you’ve really been looking forward to this. heck you were talking about opening day in the middle of winter… so I know you had been waiting for this awhile. I’m sorry your big day was ruined.
    Why didn’t Mother Nature check her calendar and notice it was Opening Day?! Sheesh!

  2. Oh Donna!!! I’m so sorry YOU got “rained out”!!!! But baseball season is only beginning and there will be tons of games to go to although I know it just isn’t the same as opening day! Poor Ryley! He gets extra hugs today from all of his Share friends and Emma sends him big kisses too! Donna

  3. Donna, Sweetie, I am *so* sorry you are not going to on the big plane to the big baseball stadium today. So so so sorry. Poor Ryley. Hugs!

  4. Awwww, Donna! I’m so sorry you and Ryley didn’t get the day you had been planning! How heartbreaking! I hope it won’t be long before the next chance to go. Hugs,

  5. Huge crocodile tears? Poor Ryley!! Poor Donna!! I know how important this day was to the two of you!! Hoping make-up day comes REAL soon!!! HUGS!!

  6. My heartbroke when I read this. I feel so bad. I hope that you get to go soon. Angi “Phoenix’s Mom”

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