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Aaaahhhhh!!! need help!

First, let me say thank you….Yesterday was a hideous day. I was really so down about everything. It may sound cliche or superficial, but it’s not…I honestly don’t know what I would do without my SHARE family. I have good friends nearby that I see all the time, but sometimes they don’t even reach the levels you all do of support and care, laughter and hugs. I have cried those happy tears so many times as things you guys have written or said or done……just so amazing. We are so lucky to have this place where all these incredible people have joined together.

Now, my problem….Tomorrow is Michael’s birthday. Staying true to my procrastinating personality, I haven’t bought a gift for him yet. I have no clue what to get him. NONE!!! ZERO!!! ZIP! NADA!!!!! He is so difficult to buy for. I buy him clothes….he doesn’t wear them. I buy him gadgets….they end up in the drawer. About the only thing he got really excited about was the golf gift certificate I got him a couple of years ago, the tie rack that rotates for his closet, and the itty bitty book light I got him for his stocking this past Christmas. I bought him three books for Christmas too..he already had two of them…..I don’t even know what cd’s he has in his car and would probably end up duplicating those as well. And I don’t want to get him a gift certificate, although that may be my last resort. HELP!!!!!!!!!!! He loves to read, he loves to golf, he plays some XBox games (usually the war games and sports games, but of course, he already has all those!), and he loves gadgets (well, I used to think he loved gadgets, but as I said above, the last few have ended up in a drawer somewhere). Oh, and he likes to be in the yard. He has the veggie garden, not me. Anyone have any clues? Any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Aaaahhhhh!!! need help!

  1. oh geez Donna! I don’t know! What about a portable DVD player. I’m sorry, I’m of no help. How about gift certificate for a day at the spa or something… along those lines. Good Luck!

  2. Oh Donna!! You’re for real my sister in spirit here!! I always do this…when it comes to Will’s birthday!! I’d say get him a goody basket made up of all kinds of different things….with the receipt held close to you…that way if you duplicate, he can return & get something he doesn’t already have. Gift certificates are good…and then take him somewhere nice…just the two of you….and make it special. Let me know what you come up with…I’m always SOO bad at this…I take my nephew with me (he knows what Will does & doesn’t have…crazy, eh? He’s 14!!).. HUGS!!

  3. Hi Donna, I had the same idea as Amy. Gift certificate for a massage! Matt always loves that. Do you have a mall nearby? Sometimes they have the keyosks (sp?) in there where they will put a picture on something like a mug, mousepad, etc. Or a t-shirt store nearby where they can put a picture on a shirt or have a baseball hat personalized? Good luck. Men are alwayas so hard to buy for. Hugs,

  4. I think plowandhearth.com has some great last minute gift ideas. You’d be stuck with a gift certificate at this point, but maybe you can go take a peek and get inspired?
    Randy is all about garretwade.com – check out the outdoor products. They have more than just woodworking.
    I usually end up buying something lame or certificates too. He hates when I buy him stuff. Hope this helps! Eeeek!

  5. Sorry Donna … I’m not much help with this one. I have a husband like that …. terribly hard to buy for …. *sigh* …. but the other gals gave GREAT suggestions that I too may steal We love ya ! And I’m always happy to see you online or your post in my e-mail box! Hugs! Melissa

  6. I have a hard time too buying gifts for Jamie… when he had his motorcycle it was easy… but now he gets alot of clothes which he does need and watches… he goes through alot of watches… lol. Maybe get him a gift certificate to a bed and breakfast for the both of you…. that’s romantic and really a gift for both of you but I bet he’d love the little getaway with you. Jamie also loves jewelry…. maybe a ring, watch or something along those lines. Good luck to you.

  7. I am reading this pretty late so you have probably have already shopped. …But just in case.. Since he likes Golf. ..A friend of mine’s Hubby LOVES Golf and she put together a gift basket of golf things for him..(a certificate for a round of Golf, 3 pk golf balls slightly more expensive than he would have ever bought himself, tee’s, a golf towel, Etc.)..He loved it.. I am pretty lucky Pap likes computer gadgets ..He has 4 cordless mouse’s (Why?? Not Sure)..He has one that came with 5 different snap on covers in different colors ..He switches them out all the time ..He says the color he uses depends on his mood… he too has 2 different cordless keyboards…(He is such a baby)…lol…
    He took up interest in computers when the TV remote kept disappearing when I shopped…

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